Top 10 Games for Pinoys in 2013

With the flurry of smartphones flooding the Philippine market came the inevitable: games, games and more games.

And thanks to the magic of touchscreen, gaming became ubiquitous; doing it in every conceivable nook and cranny became the norm – certainly more acceptable than sex-anywhere. Widening the floodgates to every Juan and to every developer of all sorts – Flappy Bird’s including.
Top 10 Games for Pinoys in 2013
As I’m writing this, 27th of March, Candy Crush company King just got I.P.O. today. Timely, don’t you think. For a second there, my mind got me thinking of Flappy Bird. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you please, the Top 10 Games to Visit the Philippines in 2013:

10. Wind-up Knight
Wind-up Knight
Not many are familiar with this 10th A-lister. And I would understand. But I bet you 50 bucks, you’d be hooked as sons as you get in on your device. Got one immediately when I unboxed my Samsung Galaxy Duos.

9. Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry Birds Star Wars
Yes, you know Angry Birds is nice. Try this one and get it even better. Same game, better set-up.

8. Where’s My Water

Well, well, well. Here’s to helping a famous enemy-turned-cutie. Swampy, the cute alligator, needs water to survive but plumbing’s been aggravated.

7. Cut the Rope
Cut the Rope
Another household word. You’d seem panicky with the title alone but we’re cool, this game’s tons of fun.

6. Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja
Ah, a most popular game. Even kids love. ‘Nough said.

5. Jetpack Joyride
Jetpack Joyride
You can’t be the most downloaded game in Play Store without causing a stir. And yes, Jetpack Joyride got that distinction, when it was introduced to the Philippine market.

4. Raging Thunder 2
Raging Thunder 2
Not only does the games rocks, it doesn’t eat much of your memory storage. Cool! Yet, you get top-notch graphics to boot. And you should master the gyro.

3. Temple Run
Temple Run
Yes, an import from iOS, now the Android universe is hooked too. A very popular running game indeed. Imagine getting 1 million downloads in just 3 days from launch. Wow!

2. Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird
Must be the most heart-wrenching game to hit town. Yes, for the fact that it had a short shelf-life even if it caught such wild frenzy. Will somebody give Dong Nguyen a bashing? Somebody already did. Some to the point of death threats. Creepy.

1. Candy Crush
Candy Crush
If you haven’t played this game, let’s ask one of its most vocal promoters: Kris Aquino and Vice Ganda. How graphic can you get!

For a closer look, please click here.

There you have it folks, another round of Top 10. Hope that hit the the bull in the dead center. Do drop us your 2 cents, if you please. Heck, we’d be happy if you castigate us. Just do it in the comments section. Just kidding.

And once again, I enjoin you to take part in our little dissemination campaign. Please share this Top 10. My “Walking Dead” expert’s blurting about Season 4 here, sharing some odd bits of info to catch my attention like a lesson on ‘claiming’, for instance. A good proof of how powerful sharing is.

Games on your smartphones, by the way, provide a good exercise of motor skills, and the mind too. Granting, you’ve finished your homework, esse.

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