Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines

You don’t need a high school diploma to earn millions. The thought sends chills down my spine. What a nation would we be if all our young people get the message.

But that may well be what our beloved lawmaker, the enigmatic Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has arrived at after poignantly and at the same time elaborately cross-examining the PDAF Queen. In her interpellation of the surprisingly calm-voiced Janet Lim Napoles, with fire and brimstone. Good thing Napoles has a selective memory. And even with all the ‘heat’ flowing out of the feisty senator’s mouth, she still managed to duck and come out alive. Albeit, hospitalized days after.

With malice to none, it’s with great pride and honor that I bring the Top 10 highest-paying jobs in the country today. Prepare to be floored.

10. Pilot
You may have seen the houses of the pilots under question in the much-nitpicked Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Beautiful, right? Pilots are top dogs. They not only get to travel everywhere, they’re paid premium. Of course, the risk comes with the terrain.

Industry: Aviation
Average Salary: Php 158,540.00/month

9. Biomedical Engineering Director
Biomedical Engineering Director
These are the people at the forefront of drug development. Not only do they make sure that quality drugs reach discerning customers, they optimize the drug-making process, handling teams and creating programs.

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Average Salary: Php 180,000.00/month

8. Security Manager
Security Manager
This is not the head of the security guards, for clarification purposes. This is the person who oversees that the whole system of computers and all the peripherals involved are secure from dangerous breaches (e.g., virus, hackers) and that data flow is functional for the whole company.

Industry: Information Technology
Average Salary: Php 183,333.00/month

7. Enterprise Infrastructure Manager
Enterprise Infrastructure Manager
This is a very technical position which handles the over-all strategy to have the information systems of an enterprise functional. Teams work for this manager to ensure services are delivered to the clientelle.

Industry: Information Technology
Average Salary: Php 200,000.00/month

6. Country Manager (Executive and Management)

Country manager are like your usual manager; they make sure their part of the enterprise is functioning as planned. The main difference is scope – they’re in charge of a nationwide operation.

Industry: Executive Management
Average Salary: Php 235,000.00/month

5. Market Segmentation Director (Marketing)

Market segmentation divides consumers to subsets to more effectively come out with better marketing results. Each subset has their own key marketing strategies. The director makes sure the right strategies are found and implemented.

Industry: Marketing
Average Salary: Php 250,000.00/month

4. Regional Manager
Regional Manager
Makes sure key banking competencies are filled and the financial institution gets the right people and delivers the right service.

Industry: Banking
Average Salary: Php 255,000.00/month

3. Assistant Director

Responsible for over-all curriculum enhancement, Assistant Directors make sure each and every student in the college or school or bodies of school get the education that is paid for.

Industry: Education
Average Salary: Php 260,000.00/month

2. Banking Operations Department Manager

Financial behemoths need a steady hand to look over the operations. Banking Operations streamline various processes and protocols of the department to make sure the services given to the clientele are optimal.

Industry: Banking
Average Salary: Php 285,000.00/month

1. Managing Director
Managing Director
For the top spot, it’s no surprise. These are the people who makes sure an enterprise goes to where it should be. Looking at the entity as a whole and making sure to pull the stops and fill the gaps when needed. Biggest salary, biggest responsibility. No industry is listed as big corporations can be of any.

Average Salary: Php 306,667.00/month

For more of the details, please click, salaryexplorer.com

There you have it folks. Hope that run gave you some useful bits and pieces. Though I personally I find this list a little generic. Well, it’s near impossible to print names of companies, you know. Still, I hope you drop your 2 cents in the comments section below. Please do.

And if you feel like it, join us in our little dissemination campaign. Funny how people equate Filipinos as deeply-religious but not as spiritual. As Martin Luther used to say, “Even if I knew tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

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