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Top 10 Politician Sex Scandals

Wohoho. There goes the rhetoric.

Well, what do you know? It seems sex always manages to show up even in places of the high and mighty. Good thing King Solomon had a thousand concubines. Mighty strong gonads, you got there Maestro. The pattern has not been broken, however. Perhaps it comes with the terrain: Political power attracts all the beautiful women. Or is it just because of the excessive overflowing of money. And every politician worth his salt should be humping and pumping. What a concept! For a greater Philippines!

Ladies and gentlemen of the hour, with malice to none and no prejudice to any, I bring you a spin doctor’s paradise, the top 10 sex scandals involving key politicians to hit town:

1. Death on the Act

This beautiful young actress was rumored to be making love to the mayor from Manila in a hotel suite. In the heat of all the humping and pumping the mayor allegedly had a heart attack and died.

Timeline: April 15, 1962
Involved: Charito Solis and Mayor Arsenio Lacson

2. The President and the Young American Actress

Allegedly, in the process of promoting his movie of his war exploits, Maharlika, this strongman president made advances on the American actress who was the leading lady of said film. He even sang Pamulinawen, the starlet said. Media pinged on it but the rumors died a natural death.

However, before leaving the country, she held a press conference delighting the press with a erotic recordings of herself with Marcos. With the outrage and students broadcasting copies of the tape, it may well be the reason why Martial Law was handed down.

Timeline: 1969
Involved: President Ferdinand Marcos, Dovie Beams

3. Town Mayor’s Lust: To Rape and Murder

This Caluan, Laguna town mayor was so consumed by his lust for the U.P. Los Baños student, he had her abducted and raped repeatedly. Her dead body was found along with her lover boyfriend’s days after. Mayor was apprehended and sentenced to seven life imprisonments. However, exacerbating matters, he was caught with 1 kilo of shabu in his cell hidden in a Virgin Mary statue.

Timeline: 1995
Involved: Mayor Antonio Sanchez, UPLB students Eileen Sarmenta and Allan Gomez

4. The Naughty Pedophile Congressman

This rich congressman was so “malibog” he served sentences for raping an 11-year old girl. For 2 counts of statutory rape and 6 counts of acts of lasciviousness, he was imprisoned for years. However, he was pardoned in 2009 with the condition that he could no longer ran for public office, not even in the barangay level.

Timeline: 1997
Involved: Zamboanga Del Norte Congressman Romeo Jalosjos

5. The “Hidden First Lady” of the Commander-in-Chief

They were rumored to have a “love child” but as it was with the highest-ranking official of the land, the rumors died eventually. The President when asked about his relationship with the beauty queen, only replied it was a “thing of the past” between 2 private persons.

Timeline: 1997
Involved: Then President Fidel V. Ramos and socialite Rosemarie “Baby” Arenas

6. The President’s Other Women

Nonchalantly, this commander-in-chief admitted having sired 3 other women aside from his wife. No problemo. His senator wife did not cry foul. The public did not clamor for anything related to it too, watching the little zarzuela with amusement.

Timeline: 1998
Involved: President Joseph “Erap” Estrada, Senator Loi Ejercito

7. On the Run Senator Caught Pants Down

This supposedly errant senator was on the run for allegedly spearheading the Oakwood Mutiny in November 15, 2006. He was caught in a Greenmeadows townhouse owned by a certain lady-friend named Ingrid Ramos where as rumor mills would have it a video captured him jumping down from the second floor with pants half-off.

Senator ran and won again.

Timeline: 2006
Involved: Senator Gringo Honasan

8. Fuming Governor in a Love Triangle

Furious that his common-law partner for 17 years was with another man, this governor had the lady whipped and her new lover tortured. The lady went to the courts but eventually withdrew the charges. Governor did not bat an eye and admitted what he did saying “I was even kind. I did not kill them.”

Governor ran and won again.

Timeline: September 2009
Involved: Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson

9. VP in Transgression

When he was campaigning to be the 2nd most powerful person in the land, photos of him and an unnamed woman surfaced. The official admitted the transgression saying he had an affair in the past but had asked for his wife’s forgiveness.

Cool! He became the VP of the Philippines.

Timeline: 2010
Involved: VP Jejomar Binay

10. Provincial Board Member in Rape Case

This hunk actor-turned-politician was in hot waters, being imprisoned after a 20-year old lass named “Roxanne” from his province cried foul saying she was raped by the PB member. To add injury to insult, lady confirmed she was bribed for Php 2.5 million as a settlement.

Sounds, something fishy? Friends of the lady says “no rape” transpired. Lady has since dropped the charges but not before the “Sinner or Saint” star do 5-months prison time in Quezon City jail.

Timeline: 2010
Involved: Patrick Dela Rosa

Custodio custodies? Was it Plato who said that (not plato the plate) or Socrates? But there is merit to the words which means: Who guard the guardians?

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