Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables in the Philippines

Let’s face it, eating vegetables may not be your cup of tea. Unless you’re a goat or for that matter a strict vegetarian. That’s totally understandable. However, science may tell you otherwise:It’s not what you want that matters, but what you need.
Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables in the Philippines
To a large extent, our palatesare to blame. Chances are, even the mere thought of eating “lechon” is going to make our saliva jump out of our mouths more than any serving of vegetable ever will. Even if we are well aware of the dangers the tasty roasted pig poses.Yes, just like that, you get pulled.Your head may say no, but your tongue will say go. No, offense to the pig. Certainly, the poor animal has been in the dedicated service to mankind since Noah built an ark. But and a big big but. With 1 out of every 5 Filipino deaths attributed to heart disease according to the latest NSO survey, perhaps a little redirection in our eating habits should be timely. Unless you’re on a suicide mission.

Certainly, keeping a regular supply of nutrients from the Kingdom of Veggies is most helpful. In the Philippines, here’s 10 of the best:

Don’t be fooled by the smell. Pungent-smelling and tear-inducing as these onions maybe, they are particularly helpful for people with bone-problems, especially those suffering from osteoporosis. Even those who are approaching the twilight of their lives (e.g., late 40’s) should benefit much from them. The reason: Peptides called GPCS which combat the body’s loss of calcium. Added to that, the big O is a good source of Vitamin A and folate, timely for people with diabetes and heart disease.

#9: Spinach
No need to bring Pop-eye the Sailorman in. Packed with chlorophyll, spinach contains almost every vitamin and nutrient your body needs. Top that! Leading scientists believe a spinach-heavy diet is a good deterrent for many, if not all, complications – from heart disease to colon cancer.

#8: Eggplant
Not only is the eggplant the perfect partner for your morning eggs, it is high in heart healthy nutrients and filled with antioxidants. An example of which is nasunin, a unique compoundbelieved to be protecting the brain cells from damage. And because your long “talong” is a good source of fiber and potassium, leading research point out it reduces the risk of dementia and stroke.
With all that, you should never underestimate the power of your eggplant ever again.

#7: Bell Peppers
Bell Peppers
Yes, these bell-shaped peppers look like Christmas with its variety of colors. But beneath these red, yellow, orange combination are a slew of heart-health nutrients such as lycopene and folic acid. And making them part of your daily eating regimen may not be a bad idea after all. Research indicate a daily intake of pepper can lower the risk of developing cancer (i.e., colon, lung, pancreatic).

#6: Squash
Packed with anti-inflammatory nutrients (e.g.,vitamin C, beta-carotene) squash, is a great help for people suffering from asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. And if that were not enough, the rotund fruit is rich resource of magnesium, potassium and fiber.

#5: Carrots
For the beautiful in you, you should take carrots for these veggies are filled with eye, skin, hair-enriching nutrients. Also, it’s hard not to say wow knowing these orange-wonders are your richest resource of powerful antioxidants like vitamin A. And because they’re loaded with vitamin C, they’re good protection for your cardiovascular system for untimely damage.

#4: Sweet Potato
For people who want to take on the fight against cancer, they should consider sweet potato as their regular stop. The root vegetable’s beaming with anti-cancer nutrients (e.g., manganese, vitamin A, C.) And best caretakers of your digestive system, being a good source of iron and fiber.

#3:Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts
If you’re expecting, these green veggies should be key to your diet as they’re packed with folic acid, a B-vitamin that prevents neural tube defects. Also, these sprouts are a good source of vitamin C and K and necessary fiber, potassium and those most helpful omega-3 fatty acids.

#2: Malunggay
High in calcium, even more than what milk contains, lactating mothers would do well to consume a healthy amount of the green leaves. Rich in protein, vitamin C, potassium and vitamin A, Malunggay contains more nutrients than many fruits combined. Added to this, enlisting the veggie in your fight against cancer is judicious enough as it is packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants.

If it were a boxing match, broccoli can be considered a heavyweight with its immense disease-fighting potential. To boot, the cruciferous veggie  is loaded with powerful antioxidants and it’s a good resource in the fight against cancer (e.g., rectal, lung, stomach). For your daily protection, broccoli is a powerful aid as it is rich in beta-carotene, folate and vitamin C, giving you a big boost to your immune system so you won’t get common colds and flu easily.

That’s about it folks. That should do it. Hope all the mentions of antioxidants and vitamins did not make your head to ache. If any of your favorite veggie has not made the list and you think I’ve fell short, drop me your 2 cents. Head to our comments section below and blast off! Yeah, blast off dude, no problem!

Again, allow me to enlist you in our little info drive. Show some love and respect and pass the this little info-tainment forward and I promise you you’d done a good deed already. As the case maybe, the saddest words in a sick patient’s bed is: “How I wish I knew…”
You could lose your health finding your wealth but once you have your wealth, you could lose it finding your health.

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  1. Bob says:

    Thank you for this helpful information. Good health to you, Bob.

  2. John Power says:

    The veg in No 9 photo is not spinach, it’s pechay. Brussel Sprouts ar not a Philippine vegetable. But good info!

  3. Von says:

    Hey John power the veggie you are mentioning is not pechay. It’s really a spinach. From what country you are and you mistook spinach as pechay. Brutus will fart laughing at you man!

  4. jen says:

    Can i ask? what year do you post it?

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