You Hate Traffic Right? Then Get Your Pen and List the Worst Streets in the Philippines and Avoid Them!

Don’t get me wrong. They’re the widest, perhaps even the most advanced roads in the whole Philippines – complete with the most uniformed traffic controllers. But that does not stop them from fast acquiring the stigma of a living hell: the worst street experience any commuter will have in his lifetime.

Top 10 Streets with the Worst Traffic in the Philippines

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If these streets were the barometer of our nation’s progress, then we are definitely out of luck. Manila is certainly the biggest, but in more ways than one it has also become the baddest of the bunch. For along with Manila’s rise to the top, are a myriad of problems that sadly, can be traced to one gross lapse of judgment on the city’s architects: myopia. And where the long reign of the conquering Romans put their amazing engineering works (e.g., aqueducts, bridges) for the whole world to see, we have built cities that cry for help, severely lacking the depth of vision. Ignoring the rise of population over time, for instance. Call in Palafox, the great Pinoy architect. Until then, we’re like the snails in that hit anime flick “Turbo”, painfully slow.

Friends, Pinoys, every Juan, lend me a minute or two of your time. Here are the most notorious: Top 10 Streets with the Worst Traffic in the Philippines. Devour!

Street-Knot #10: Roxas Boulevard

This long stretch may be paved better than most streets in the whole Philippines. But that does not stop it from becoming a major source of trauma and gazillion “kainis.” Thanks to those buses plying through the bend at Buendia/EDSA.

Short-term solution: Stay away during peak hours, those hours when you and everyone else 1.) want to go to work and 2.) go home.

Street-Knot #9: Katipunan AvenueQuezon City

Yes, this could be in the running for the widest road in the whole archipelago. But no, that does not stop this road from easily testing your patience. Everything starts to get ugly fast when rich kids with their chauffeured cars or what-not begin their exodus to and fro school and slow traffic. Add unrestricted U-turns and you’vve got yourself a bogey.

No, don’t get me wrong. We’re not against private vehicles. Our appeal is for a better solution – which should include everybody at stake, even Li KaShing’s daughter.

Street-Knot #8: Osmeña Highway, Makati/Manila

More often than not, this is an anti-climax of a road. When you’re so into your “Fast and Furious”-mode as you finish SLEX, the long stretch of cars in Osmeña Highway greet you and soon enough you’d be joining the fray of enraged drivers fighting their steering wheels inching their way to freedom. Welcome to the Philippines!

Street-Knot #7: C5


Circumferential Road 5 sounds like a techie endeavor. But no. This is a road that is littered with Megaworld’s creation, and has Andrew Tan’s signature all over it. Problem: all the newly-added intersections to bring in new high-rise projects are compounding traffic.

And before you knew it, you’d be blaming the traffic lights for your slow progress.

Street-Knot #6: Gil PuyatBuendia Road

Gil PuyatBuendia Road

When Makati cars meet Manila buses you’ve got yourself a helluva knot. Yes, those provincial buses from the Manila side vs the a long line of cars coming and going BGC, Taguig are going to get you. Before long you’d be wishing this road was not that long.

For a head-clearing solution explore Jupiter street and dip your seething head into the slew of yummy short-orders from the wide array of restos.

Street-Knot #5: Alabang-Zapote Road

This one’s such a mystery to me. How can this road be so congested when on a normal day you don’t usually get to see accidents or any car-crash-car incident? Yet, the bottleneck’s there to break your peace of mind.

Street-Knot #4: España Boulevard

Again, this road is a wonderful example of fine pavement. No problem there. And there are a number of lanes too. But things do get ugly pretty fast here. Owe it to the undisciplined drivers and a host of trikes and pedicabs who have grown the habit of making the situation worse. Patience, patience!

Street-Knot #3: Commonwealth

For a moment there, it seemed Commonwealth road is the jewel of QC. But no. The 10-lane road is a glorious example of how een the best streets in the land can become diminutive in no time.

Street-Knot #2: Recto-Quiapo


With U-Belt at its center, it’s a miracle if you’d find a work-day not to get stuck here. Throw in PUJ’s and “kotong” cops and you have yourself a feast of pollution both outside of man and inside that’s going to test your patience out to the last drop. Thank God if you come out alive!

Street-Knot #1: EDSA

And our most notorious of all: EDSA. Wow! How such a history-laden street with all lanes, all the MMDA and traffic aid you can get can go down in your daily life as the most exasperating and a most uncomfortable ride, is a paradox. But it is. Perhaps the road is awaiting the 2nd coming of Christ! Who knows? With the way we’re going (and politicking), I am inclined to think so.

There you have it, folks. In fairness, MMDA still manages to pull out some stunts every now and then. Take their new app for traffic for instance. Though largely for iOS.

And good thing most energetic Vice Mayor Isko and his big tandem, most capable ex-President mayor Estrada, are carrying a big stick putting things in order. At least putting all the trucks in one place and time seems a good start.

So, every Juan, hope that went down well. Please drop me a line or two in the comments below. Or better yet, share this little chitchat of ours. That would be nice of you. I am no fun of Ms. Maleficent but when it comes to travel sometimes having wings is a blessing. Minus the horns of course.

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  1. Mark says:

    I just want to know, what is your sources to the top ten worst streets in metro manila. I mean if there is any study about this.

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      Sorry Mark I am honestly unsure where the source of this was taken since the writer is not connected with us anymore but I’m sure it should be from news sources or Philippine Statistics office.

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