Getting Man’s Best Friend? Get to Know the Most Popular Breeds in the Country

For many, dogs are man’s best friend. Of course, not every living, breathing entity in the Philippines will agree. If they were asked and had a voice – cats would be the first ones to object, almost automatically by default.

dog breeds in the philippines

It’s really a matter of perspective, true. In Asia – unlike the Western more affluent part of the world – dogs constitute a strong line of defense (perhaps the only) any house owner will have. Hurrah for them hairy pugs! And yet, dogs can also become a major pain in the arse when you’re a messenger out on a bike to deliver notices and letters. Or for that matter a sneaky boyfriend wanting to close the distance between you and the love of your life. Over the years, however, it’s amazing how a hairy pooch can be at the receiving end of so much affection from our beloved kababayans – be it a Labrador, a dachshund, or a terrier. Sans the askal breed, of course.

Lovely ladies, and brave men, every Juan, let’s give it one resounding yelp and a howl, the Top 10 Dog Breeds Most Favored by Pinoys Today:

#10: Beagle

If you’re looking for a mild-mannered companion, the Beagle will not disappoint you. Loyal droopy eared hounds, many Pinoys have found comfort in their friendly nature even toward children. Don’t forget the trash, though. That inquisitive nose can sure spread mischief round the house.

Because of its playful nature, you’d require being firm yet persistent to train this energetic breed.

#9: Poodle


For its poise, intelligence and grace, poodles are the “runway models” of these popular breeds. Many have found them to be a very trainable dog, naturally pleasant and sensitive. Don’t forget the treadmills or walks though, lack of exercise can cause them to be high-strung.

Another reason why poodles are called runway models is because they may require more extensive grooming – especially for one born with solid colors (white, black, gray, apricot). Don’t worry, the fur’s hypoallergenic and are a blessing for pet owners who are prone to allergies.

#8: Pug


Americans may not have found much in the pug, but this seemingly-dented nose dogs are just a pure head-turner. There may not be a dog so close to making you laugh just by looking at its face. It, certainly is a compact dog with is square-proportioned cobbly build.

Don’t get me wrong, this dog is an extrovert. With all the energy, you’ll find him a good sport to play with and run around. Be consistent with discipline from the onset and training him will be a pleasant ride.

#7: Golden Retriever

More than any dog, this is the dog that usually comes with a stuff toy in his mouth with its remarkable desire to fetch. And with its wavy blond fur, an amiable nature and a joyful prance, you’ll easily see why this is a fave pooch for dog-lovers.

Not only is it easy to train, the golden retriever has been known for its intelligence. With encouragement and training, many have been able to master as much as 200 commands.

#6: Dalmatian

For a mid-sized, well-built dog, you’ll find Dalmatians hard to resist with its super-friendly nature and world-renowned dots. Really a sight to behold especially when you get more than one in your keeping. Of course, 101 of this breed is sure to be challenge in the feeding department – not to mention your finances.

#5: Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus may give poodles a run for their money when it comes to the well-dressed department. All those beautiful conflagration of hair is sure to wow your guests and bring your household more finesse than otherwise possible.

Just like the poodle breed, you’d need to put extra effort in keeping this breed well-groomed. Don’t worry these dogs have been known to be very warm and friendly. Just don’t forget to keep them exercised so they can let all their energies out.

#4: Chihuahua


This is one dog that tends to forget its size, more often than not. Two main varieties have been known to adorn the Filipino home, short-haired and long-haired. And if that were not enough the size and shape of the dog’s head has been a point of reference: “apple head” and “deer head”.

#3: German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Popularized by that hit flick Rin Tin Tin, you won’t find this dog breed lacking in courage. Truly a guard dog. Added to that, the breed is highly-intelligent and with a loyalty that is as outstanding as you can get, this one has won Pinoy hearts a thousand times over.

For best results, it is recommended to start training the dog at an early age with a firm and loving hand. For its uncanny ability, german shepherds have been the go-to dog for a wide array of people: the blind, the military and the police.

#2: Doberman


Like a trained boxer, the Doberman is compactly-built and muscular. Add loyalty, speed, elegance and strength to the mix and you’ll see why this one is one of the most revered and most prized dog in this side of the Pacific.

#1: Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

This one has won the hearts of millions of Filipinos the world over. No surprise. With a temperament that is legendary, Labs are a symbol of warmth and friendship – eager to please their human buddies.

As an intelligent breed, it has been known to accompany fishermen to aid them in their catch. But what makes the Lab really outstanding as a home buddy, is its playful nature and superb trainability.

Just don’t forget to harness its energy by exercise and play.

And that’s all I wrote. Hope that one hit the bull’s eye. If I have failed to mention anything or if you do have some queries, feel free to send me your 2 cents in the comments section below. And yes, to share the article via FB, Google+ or what-not please find the buttons below at your quick service!

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