Top Consumer Brands in the Philippines. Warning… Top of this list is HOT!

Branding is like putting that hot branding iron to a calf. The process is lengthy and time-consuming – not to mention financially-draining. But once brands get established, the ROI is impressive and consumers flock without question – making profits surge like water after a heavy September rain.


Marketing has done such a good job, chances are you’re going to recognize these brands even in your sleep. Taking part in the little niceties in your dreams. No kidding. And to top all that, almost every Juan – every living, breathing, Pinoy (Pacquaioincluding) – acknowledges their very existence, referring to them as a fave brand. Ask the smallest grader in your hometown or the oldest granny. Fact is, these brands have become so all-encompassing – from Luzon to Mindanao, Muslim or Christian, Ilocano, Ilonggo or Waray – they’ve ingrained themselves in our Philippine culture.And may continue to do so for a long long time.

Friends, Pinoys every-Juan, the top 10 most recognizable brands, in this side of the planet:

#10: Great Taste

Great taste

Cheers to Filipino entrepreneurs! Great Taste may be a local coffee brand but it has given long-established foreign brands like Nescafe a run for its money.

This year alone Great Taste added 3 million households to its customer base, biting a sizable chunk of market from its closest competitor Nescafe. Because of its rising popularity, the Great Taste brand is one of the top three risers moving 12 positions up the ladder of successful brands.

Manufacturer: Universal Robina Corp.

#9: Oishi


Another local inspiration, Oishi is made in the Philippines by Filipinos – truly an all-Pinoy product. Led by dynamic Carlos Chan, another success story from Fujian Province of Chian, the Oishi brand has captured millions of hearts in the snack department both here and abroad – including those in Shanghai, China.

Manufacturer: Liwayway Holdings Company Limited

#8: Safeguard


A global product, Safeguard has become a leading antibacterial soap in the Philippine archipelago known for its superior longer-lasting germ protection and affordable prices.

Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble

#7: Ajinomoto


The only Japanese offering in the rankings, Ajinomoto has become a household word since time immemorial (perhaps after the war). And rightly so, as it has brought countless smiles in many a-Pinoy home for decades now.The word Japanese Ajinomoto means “Essence of Taste”.

Manufacturer: Ajinomoto (Japan)

#6: Bear Brand

Bear Brand

One of the more enduring milk brands that has nourished Pinoy children for generations, Bear Brand has certainly become a staple in many households.

This product is another strong testament to the Swiss manufacturer giant Nestle’s commitment to world-class offerings.

Manufacturer: Nestle

#5: Milo


Garnering a total of 471 points, the chocolate and malt powder is the second product from Nestle, another proof of how enduring the company has been all throughout the years in the Pearl of the Orient.

Manufacturer: Nestle

#4: Palmolive


Another product that has accompanied – and never looked back – the Filipino nation for decades, Palmolive has become synonymous for quality-but-affordable hair care. Formulated to nurture and nourish each strand, the hair care line has been very effective in gaining adherents to its brand.

Not really surprising given Pinoys known inclination to take a bath almost every day 7 days a week.

Manufacturer: Colgate-Palmolive

#3: Surf


The one and only offering from Unilever that got the Pinoy nod, Surf is the top brand in the detergent department. Combine a superb product offered at affordable prices with aggressive marketing and you got yourself the most recognizable detergent in this side of the world.

Manufacturer: Unilever

#2: Nescafé


Formerly the top brand in 2013, Nescafe has been hands-down the best ready-to-use coffee mix you can get at a very affordable price.

Nestle once again shows it cannot be the world’s biggest consumer goods company by revenues for nothing.

Manufacturer: Nestle

#1: Lucky Me


And the winner is Lucky Me, everyone’s fave easy-to-prepare food. Whether you’re a man wanting to get out of your drunken stupor (granting you still have the sanity) or a grader who wants the delicious serving of hot soup without having to go through countless measures to prepare one, Lucky Me is the easiest, most affordable choice.

‘Twas really no surprise it unseat the fave coffee brand this year garnering 893 votes over-all.

And that means overwhelmingly 98.2 percent of Filipinos – almost every Juan – recognize the brand. Whoa! Simply astounding.

Manufacturer: Monde-Nissin

The rankings is a product of Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint 2014 report. Kantar Worldpanel is an Internationally-acclaimed firm, “considered as the world leader in consumer knowledge and insight”. If you want to take a look at all Top 50 Brands for the year 2014 please jump here.

Definitely, getting recognized by a the 100-million strong Pinoy nation is no walk in the park. Everyone of us have our own favorites. Fact is, my personal faves are not in here, sadly. My ever-faithful friends in happiness and need, SMB-RH (San Miguel Beer Red Horse) and T65 (Tanduay 65). Must be lost in the Top 100, or 1000. I’m pretty sure they’re somewhere there.

And yes please, exercise your freedom of expressions and drop us a piece of your thoughts. I’d be glad to hear from you via the Comments Section below. Also, feel free to share this info. I have specifically added share buttons for your added convenience.

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