Don’t worry. Nobody has died contacting the dead. At least nobody’s counting. This is not exactly rocket science and you can’t use your cellphone to do it. Skype for the Dead is nonexistent.


But if you are of a weak heart, you better decide to talk only to the living before it’s too late. Again, if you’re up to it, I DARE YOU TO MOVE, Brave One! It’s sure not pleasant but you’re going to be in for the surprise of your life. If you survive the ordeal.

Warning: Before you do any of these, please pray to your gods, whoever it is you worship. Or if you are no fan of praying just imagine a white light of protection covering you. That could be imaginary to you but it is as real as it gets to the spirits. Stay sober as being intoxicated or drugged could lead you to unwanted results.

You see, it does not matter if you believe or not. The problem is you may be chewing more than you can swallow. Communicating to the dead is like opening a door to your house: Once opened, you may not be able to control who goes in or who goes out.


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As a warning, this one’s every spiritistas favorite. And it’s not hard to see why. It’s so easy to prepare – and easy to mangle.

The bad news is for those who are just out there seeking cheap thrills, playing with the dead could lead you to their world. Good thing if you still can come back to the living and stay sane. For you own safety, my advice is not to push through without an expert who’ve done it before, by your side.

Method: Have the board ready. Create the right ambience by doing away with distractions (e.g., TV, loud music). Lighting a candle could hasten the spirits. Once you’ve settled down, begin communicating. Remember to be polite. You can start by simple questions as, “How many spirits in the room?” or “What is your name?” You can also ask for a specific soul to visit you.

Be patient, movement will not be as forthcoming as your brand new iPhone 6. But more often than not, it comes. Or make that, he/she comes. Once you’re done, don’t be rude. Thank the spirits.



Another super-easy way to contact your departed. Just remember, though, that movement is no assurance you are talking to the right person or in this case at least, a good one.

Method: Gather round your chosen table; round ones work best. Have everybody rest their hands flat on the table. Then after you’ve done your prayer and precautions, do your request. Voice out your desire to make a positive contact with the spirit world. After some time, you should notice an energy build-up around the table which eventually lead the table to tip.

Don’t play around. Asking stupid questions or making fun of the spirit world could lead you hanging on to a table floating above ground.



Another tried-and-tested method is utilizing a flashlight. Make sure batteries are on as expecting a Chuckie-thing – operating without batteries – could be asking too much. But you’ll never know.

Method: For best results, use flashlights with the ON/OFF switch. Set your device to on or off whichever you desire. Do your preparations. When ready, ask the good spirits to come and manifest themselves by switching your device on. Start your dialogue.

Ask nicely. Unlike the Ouija board this method is best for a YES/NO answer. Make sure to give specific instructions to your new unseen friend.



Skeptics have assailed the act as phony. However, ideas that visit your head that are way out of your league may truly be a sign of some paranormal interference.

Who knows, if you’re lucky, the next winning combination for Lotto could be in your hand in no time.

Method: With pen and paper ready, ask for the good spirits to help you. You should be holding the pen in your hand all-ready to write. Do not be so tense. Writing should come automatically.

You need to be in a relaxed state for this to work. Once ideas come popping in your head, your hand should also be moving.



If you want so desperately to talk to a departed loved one, scrying could be your answer.

A word of warning: the method is long and arduous and there is no guarantee you will find the right spirit.

Method: It’s like using a crystal ball. Instead you can use a mirror or any shiny surface. To do this, you need to do your prep and come to a very relaxed state. Conscious thoughts could come racing through your head, erasing any chances of getting through. You can use a candle while you’re at it.

Once ready, stare at the clear surface letting your eyes relax in the process. Given time, you should be seeing images. Make sure you voice out your desire to meet a particular soul as this could lead to you talking to alien spirits – other than your beloved.



An expert spiritista has acknowledged that doing meditation could not only lead you to a relaxed state, it could also give you access to the spirit world. Again, no pain, no gain. So if you expect to close your eyes for a few seconds and make it happen, you’re dreaming.

Method: Take more time than usual in your meditation. When you have gone deep enough, you may start to feel your imagination wandering off. Let it be. You may feel sentient beings visit you in your trance. Communicate with them. A voice other than your inner one should be apparent.



There are voices that the human ear may not hear but electronic recorders like those apps you have on your Android may put on record.

This method right here is a long shot but if you’re wanting to get more results, this one could a true spiritista’s oasis.

Method: Go through the same acts of preparation. Be sure you have done away with all the negative thoughts dismissing any belief of the existence of the spirit world as this could be counter-productive.

Instead of asking the spirits to manifest in the Ouija board, instruct them politely to answer your queries via your recorder. Needless to say, you should have your recorder ready to pick up the above-human frequencies.



If you want to explore with a bigger group séances should be our cup of tea. Just make sure everybody in the group is in the same page as what preparations and expectations to do.

The disadvantage with a group is you many need a tighter control to make things happen. A clown act could lead your results to an impending disaster.

Method: Form a circle with your friends. Holding hands could help, if only to increase your courage. Make sure you instruct people not to release their hold as it may cause untoward distraction and lose everybody’s concentration. When you’ve readied yourselves, let your group leader summon the spirits.

Again, be clear about your intentions of communicating with the good spirits. Unclear summons may bring the violent ones along. There goes your Haloween!



You can ask a particular spirit to visit you or give you an answer to a long unsolved personal problem. Just make sure it’s not the devil you are dealing with.

Method: Before you go to sleep, pray. After you’ve done your preparations, call out to the spirit/spirits you want to communicate with. Leave the instructions that you wish to get your answers in your dream.

And yes, sleep.



Many adventurous Pinoys have done this, replacing the glass even with a ballpen. But opening yourself up to the world of the dead has its risks. And many who dare ended up jumping out of their windows.

Before things start to brew, make sure you are not in the 10th floor as deaths due to panic attack have been reported.


By now, you should be familiar with the procedure to contact the spirit world. Same thing goes here.

Only difference is you have to use a glass to give you the answer. To give you a fast start, you could also have letters and numbers handwritten on a piece of paper to act as your makeshift Ouija.

Let us know if you got it right in the comments section below. We’re giving a new iPad if you dare. And if you ask for the iPad version, its iPad 11, the one you can make a call to Steve Jobs. Yes, that was but a joke.

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