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Top 10 Most Unique Fears You Dare Not Acquire

No man is crazy enough to claim he fears nothing. Unless he’s an oxymoron. Or just plain stupid.
Fears are a part of Pinoy life. And they are the good part. Imagine what you would be if you did not fear fire or fear drowning. You would be spending many unsung hospital-hours and nursing a sore finger to say the least.
As bad as they may seem, fear is good. But I doubt about these 10 fears, which even for an hour would sure make your existence a helluva one.

#10. Papyrophobia

For fear to manifest itself this way is rather strange to the highest degree. But even a certain percentage of this should make any child’s school life a living hell. Not to mention for those who do office work.
Meaning: Fear of Paper

#9. Ephebiphobia

Perhaps it’s the sudden burst of energy. But older people who develop this kind of alarm are but wanting to protect themselves or perhaps, theyjust don’t want to be reminded of the state that they once had and will never ever get back.

Meaning: Fear of Youth

#8. Metrophobia

Mr. Shakespeare would be fuming with anger. You see these people just hate wanting to see those metered words, much more hear them in recital. Ugh!
Meaning: Fear of Poetry

#7. Emetophobia

Who would want to be confined to bed and get sick? Nobody. Just that these people are wary about people who may just be too weak to take hold of themselves.
Meaning: Fear of Vomiting

#6. Somniphobia

Now, I believe this would make everyday a helluva existence. How do you get to find all the energy if your world is controlled by sedatives and all the drugs meant to do what should be a natural progression of growing.
Meaning: Fear of Sleep

#5. Geniophobia

In all honesty, it’s hard to imagine how these people get along with people with long faces. And yes, careful about telling the tale of the Three Little Pigs. Those tales that describes the hair on the “chinny chin chins” would be the last thing they would want to hear.
Meaning: Fear of Chins

#4. Chromophobia

What a life this would be if you go this fear. You’d rather live in a monochromatic existence and wear drab clothing. For sure, people affected by this fear won’t make a good fashion designer. Definitely not applicable to a Van Gogh!
Meaning: Fear of Color

#3. Eisoptrophobia

Well, we can identify with these people. Especially in the dead of the night when these shiny objects reflect a world that may be parallel to our own. Spooky!
But it really makes you wonder how someone ever gets dressed. Much more get his act together for a truly scary Halloween costume.
Meaning: Fear of Mirror

#2. Ergophobia

Hmmm, can you file a sick leave if the panic attacks start? Too bad. It would really be hard accomplishing anything with a phobia of something so vital. Unless everybody decides to leave the area to let someone get his act together.
Very similar to fear of public speaking.
Meaning: Fear of Work

#1. Phobophobia

And the winner is…
Yes, this one is the strangest of all. Not only because of its strange name but moreso because of its essence. Imagine just whatwould a person be without a healthy amount of alarm.
Meaning: Fear of Fear

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