Top 10 Most Expensive Tech Blings Any Pinoy Can Buy Online

So you find latest version of iPhones expensive? Then perhaps you have not heard of these latest tech blings to hit sleek stores worldwide, and online. That should give you a new definition of what’s pricey and run shivers down your spine.
Here’s 10 personal gadgets to make your mouth water and your imagination rise to the highest skies, to the stratosphere and beyond: the Top 10 Most Expensive Tech Blings any Juan can buy online – assuming you have the money to burn.

Wo,wo,wo. Want those super-fine sounds while walking at the malls or with your special someone?This brand gathered all the things you’d want your headphone to be, state-of-art etcetera etcetera. The result: a contraption that could already buy you a piece of land in the province.

Value for Money:
• premier audio tech
• multi-layer diaphragm
• electrostatic sound drive
• wide frequency response range (5 to 42,000 hertz),
• ultra-comfy leather ear pads
• aluminum casing

Product Name: Stax SR-009 Earspeakers
Like Buying: 70 headphones at PhP 3,000 each
SRP: PhP 216,400 or more U.S. Price: $5,250

Now, when was the last time you had a real comfortable experience at the comfort room? If you feel you are shortchanged and should need more pampering while you’re on to nature’s call, here’s a treat: remote-controlled toilet.

How’s this for a change. Only thing you might need to poop gold bars to pay this one.

Value for Money:
• touch-enabled remote control
• Integrated air dryer
• Built in deodorizer
• Motion-activated lid and seat

Product Name: Kohler Numi Toilet
Like Buying: 17 toilet seat bowls (plus installation) at PhP 15,000 each
SRP: PhP264,000 or more U.S. Price: $6,400

Perhaps we should rename these ultra-smart smartphones. If you want to turn heads when you get your phone out, this one should do the job just right. Though, in second thought you could be the #1 target for bad guys in the mall – without a doubt whatsoever.

Who said crocodile leather is cheap?

Value for Money:
• polished stainless steel frame
• diamond trim
• crocodile skin or choice leather

Product Name: Vertu Constellation smartphone
Like Buying: 30 iPhone 5s
SRP: PhP570,000 or more U.S. Price: $13,800

#7: DLSR
Many photo enthusiasts are turned away by all those sets of zooms and DLSRs that cost a fortune in total. Surprise, surprise. This one’s so pricey, hearing its price alone is sure to make you faint – if not 101% less photogenic. And yes, you can bet on that!

Value for Money:

• extra large image sensor
• State-of-the-art lens performance
• Topnotch commercial photo-results

Product Name:Hasselblad H4D-60
Like Buying: 30 DLSR’S at PhP 40,000 each
SRP: PhP1.36 million or more U.S. Price: $32,995

Do you feel you have a run-of-the-mill computer experience? Well, never again. Not only do you get top-of-the-line features with this computer with 3 displays to boot, you appear so futuristic, you’re like you’re an alien straight from Mars operating this one.

Or a giant robot scorpions’ tale.
Value for Money:

• (3) 21-inch LED displays
• Touchscreen control center
• Electric-powered leather seat
• Intel core i7 CPU
• Air-filtering system

Product Name: MWE Lab Emperor 200
Like Buying: 80 desktop PC’S at PhP 25,000 each
SRP: PhP2.026 million or more U.S. Price: $49,150

Get your motoring an upgrade. Electricity is in. Why rely on gas? No more monitoring of those skyrocketing gas bills.
Just be ready you won’t get a heart attack upon paying this one.

Value for Money:
• Electric-powered
• Lithium-ion batteries
• 100 mph
• Can run 100 miles on single charge
• No fumes
• Super Sleek design

Product Name: Tron Motorcycle
Like Buying: 45 scooter at PhP 50,000 each
SRP: PhP2.27 million or more U.S. Price: $55,000

No, this gorgeous watch won’t give you any poison like its namesake. Certainly it is a world-class time-piece. Nevertheless, there is aspect that may feel so much pain after you buy this rare watch: your wallet. And may never be the same again.

Value for Money:
• 18k gold accents
• 22k red gold automatic rotor
• 18k yellow gold toppings

Product Name: Poison Dart Frog Watch
Like Buying: over 500 watches at PhP 8,000 each
SRP: PhP4.256 million U.S. Price: $103,264

#3: TV
Got the best movies in tow, then this TV should fit your living room to a T. Pushing your movie experience at home a notch higher – way, way higher. Why not?

When you have bought this you will have the bragging rights: watching the most expensive TV in the whole wide world.
Value for Money:

• 103 inches diagonal
• White gold plating
• 160 diamonds

Product Name: Yalos Diamond TV
Like Buying: over 100 LCD TVs at PhP 50,000 each
SRP: PhP5.36 million U.S. Price: $130,000

And while you’re at it, why not elevate your playstation gaming to the stratosphere. That way you do not really waste time.
Just money!

Value for Money:

• Adorned with many 22-carat gold (1,600 grams)
• 58 pieces of diamonds

Product Name: Sony PlayStation 3 Supreme
Like Buying: over 900 PS3’s at PhP 14,000 each
SRP: PhP13 million U.S. Price: $316,800

This must be the reason why Apple has been identified as a classy product. Really? I’m not even sure if this is the latest version of the iPad.

However, I’m pretty sure with a price like this, you can buy a house and lot and not 1 not 2 but 8 wives. Granting you’re a practicing Muslim of the ISIS kind. (Joke)

And it’s got an apt name too with history at its last. I think I may just know just why: When you buy this one, I believe you’re truly history. Buried 6-foot deep in credit and misery.

Value for Money:

• iPad plus gold
• diamonds

Product Name: iPad Gold History
Like Buying: over 14,000 iPad 3s at PhP 23,000 each
SRP: over PhP327.45 million U.S. Price: $7.944 million

There you have it folks. Hope that didn’t give you a heart attack. For comments, please find the comments section below at your service. And yes, no need to do a copy-paste as you can easily share this little info-tainment of ours via the quick share buttons provided.

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