Top 10 Most Succesful Pinoy Flicks 2014

There is something about the movies you just can’t find at home. Perhaps it’s the prospect of collective watching or the eerie nature of cinemas – hopefully sans the rats and foul odor. Whatever it is, Pinoys had plenty of reason to visit the theaters of today, no doubt.

Going to the movies always had been a pleasant experience. Ever since my mom and dad decided to bring me one of those Niño Muhlach shows – round when he was still young and adorable. Of course, I’ve been bitten by the Hollywood bug too especially with the advent of cable. But Pinoy flicks still leave a lot of room in most every Juan’s heart. Even in its sentimentality. Or candid comedy. There is a reason why we saw a Dolphy take a commanding role in our cinemas and an alibi why we still are in the doldrums in comparison to Korean movies, much more Bollywood.
Most Succesful Pinoy Flicks 2014
Nevertheless, here are 10 reasons why Pinoys flocked to the cinemas these year, the most sought-after movies of the year.

#10: So It’s You
So It's You
Perhaps it’s the fact that the leading lady Lira was left at the altar by her fiancée Tony that got Pinoys so high-strung on this flick. And enter another wounded-heart hero Goryo.

The emotions won’t certainly appeal to an all-male raunchy, rowdy crowd of the motorcycle kind, but if it’s about the downtrodden and the underdog Pinoys – or make that Pinays – get glued to the tube.


• Carla Abellana as Lira
• JC de Vera as Tony
• Tom Rodriguez as Cobbler Goryo

Box-Office Sales: P27,234,405 ($605,209)

#9: The Trial
The Trial
Once again the Planet Philippines is witness to the acting prowess of smooth operator John Lloyd Cruz. This time he’s in for a lot of trouble being a mentally-challenged guy put on trial for allegedly raping his teacher Bessy.

Put in veteran actor Goma and stunner Greta and you’ve got yourself a circus that’s just hard to ignore.


• John Lloyd Cruz as Ronald
• Richard Gomez as Julian Bien
• Gretchen Baretto as Amanda Bien
• Jessy Mendiola as Teacher Bessy

Box-Office Sales: P53,556,660 ($1,190,148)

#8: Maria, Leonora, Teresa
Maria, Leonora, Teresa
Pretty scary though I would not put this to the level of The Ring or of Korea’s The Grudge. Still a doll out for revenge is already a burden (watch Chuckie) how much more 3 living, walking, talking dolls seething with rage.

Find out how 3 parents who just lost their children in a school bus accident get to the bottom of things and see the errors in their ways.


• Iza Calzado as Faith (parent)
• Zanjoe Marudo as Teacher Julio (parent)
• Jodi Sta. Maria as Stella (parent)
• Cris Villanueva as Dr. Manolo Apacible

Box-Office Sales: P72,922,095 ($1,620,491)

#7: The Gifted
The Gifted
What happens when 2 super-intelligent ladies fight to the death over a man, sounds like 2 horses out for each others throat over ladylove? That should be something itchy enough to be worth the time – not to mention the money.

• Anne Curtis as Zoe Tuazon
• Christine Reyes as Aica Tabayoyong
• Sam Milby as Mark Ferrer/Marco Yuzon

Box-Office Sales: P79,385,670 ($1,764,126)

#6: Talk Back and You’re Dead
Talk Back and You're Dead
This is the film that launched the career of the newest matinee idol in Philippine-landia, James Reid and the latest love duo to challenge KathNiel-dom. Dive into the world of young thuggish gangsters out to prove their worth to the world in a love triangle of sorts where a wealthy daughter Samantha gets torn between her head and her heart.


• Nadine Lustre as Samantha
• James Reid as TOP
• Joseph Marco as Red

Box-Office Sales: P80,095,725 ($1,779,905)

#5: Diary ng Panget
Diary ng Panget
The first blockbuster for this year from the JaDine loveteam (James Reid/Nadine Lustre) that is based on the best-selling novel from Wattpad by Dennis R. Although critics has panned the flick as lacking in essence and falling by the seams, the public says otherwise.
• James Reid
• Nadine Lustre

Box-Office Sales: P120,932,910 ($2,687,398)

#4: Da Possessed
Da Possessed
For a horror-comedy film, this one is a hit. Owe it perhaps to the most controversial Vhong Navarro and the alluring bod in Solenn Heusaff (just don’t mind the acting).

Take a journey to the revenge of 3 ghosts who pesters weakling Ramon, working as a gardener in the luxurious home of a syndicate leader while trying to impress the boss’ femme fatale daughter.


• Solenn Heusaff as Anna
• Vhong Navarro as Ramon
• Joey Marquez as Don Demetrio

Box-Office Sales: P126,356,175 ($2,807,915)

#3: She’s Dating the Gangster
She's Dating the Gangster
Another blockbuster that came out of the idea machine Wattpad, She’s Dating pitches the much-ballyhoed KathNiel love team (Katherine Bernardo/Daniel Padilla) on the screen and gets the Pinoy nation shouting for more.

• Katherine Bernardo
• Daniel Padilla

Box-Office Sales: P262,692,540 ($5,837,612)

#2: Bride for Rent
Bride for Rent
This maybe a story of a marriage of convenience of sorts but the film’s trailer has gone viral and the movie has become the 2nd highest grossing Pinoy romantic comedy flick of all time, 2nd only to It Takes a Man and a Woman.
That should prove a good storyline, brilliant director and the drawing prowess of Kim Chiu.

• Kim Chiu as Rocky
• Xian Lim as Rocco

Box-Office Sales: P330,670,755 ($7,348,239)

#1: Starting Over Again
Starting Over Again
Call it your typical love-hate relationship that involves a 3rd-party. Though certainly not your perfect movie as critics have pointed out the rather predictable scenes and the somewhat incoherent fusion of comedy in the backdrop of heart-stopping drama, still the movie comes out beautiful as a whole.

• Piolo Pascual as Marco
• Toni Gonzaga as Ginny
• Iza Calzado as Patty

Box-Office Sales: P409,352,040 ($9,096,712)

That should be a good bucket list for the weekends. Too bad pirated copies abound, right profits to the wrong hands. To start the conversation rolling check the comments section below. And if you’re planning to push some buttons, push the QS ones below. Short for Quick Share. That should send your social network a-buzz.

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