Top 10 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars Philippines

Cars are much like horses; you need to feed them when you want them running fine. Except for one small detail: the 4-wheeled machine can get you through a lot longer distances than the Pony Express. But on the down side, your car cannot survive on just hay and grass but on expensive gasoline.

Therefore, for the discerning motorist, Pinoy motorist to be precise, fuel-efficiency is paramount. For instance, you can pride yourself with a cheap car that your uncle reconditioned for you but if it eats gasoline like a dragon breaths fire, congratulations amigo, you have just set yourself up for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Fuel-efficiency is much a part of the car as its price tag. Lucky, Las Islas Filipinas has drawn a lot of superb car brands that would not make you break the bank when it comes to energy expenditure.
Most Fuel-Efficient Cars Philippines
Folks, here are 10 cars in ‘Pinas that are not only elegant in design but are also practical in energy consumption:

#10: Toyota Vios S 1.5 AT
Toyota Vios S 1.5 AT
To start the list is a 4-door subcompact sedan from Japanese automaker Toyota. Introduced in late 2013, the Vios has found a home in many Pinoys heart. And like its name, Latin for “to move forward”, propelling it further is one thing that will not give a major headache to its owner as it has one of the most efficient fuel consumption on the road.

To note, this car has helped Toyota gain supremacy in Planet Philippines eating up the consumer market like no other as it has become the best-selling car in the country since being launched.

Fuel Consumption: 15.44km/liter
SRP:PhP 850 K

#9: Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6MT
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6MT
Well, another offering from Toyota, the enduring Corolla Altis. Remember this brand line has been with Pinoys since way back when. And you would not wonder with its good price tag and fuel efficiency that is hard to beat.

Fuel Consumption: 15.48km/liter
SRP:PhP 836 K

#8: Honda City 1.3MT
Honda City 1.3MT
A classy car from a classy car company. You would not find any taxi bearing the Honda brand, that’s for sure. But it’s an advantage too as you would find great ride is not hard to find with the Honda City. Added to that, you wouldn’t see scowl in your face when you talk about fuel consumption.

Fuel Consumption: 20.67km/liter
SRP:PhP 970 K

#7: Hyundai Accent
Hyundai Accent
The only Korean offering in this A-lister, the Hyundai Accent has certainly become one of the most popular in Las Islas. And as a small family car, you won’t have big complains. Even North Americans and Russians have favored the car for a long time now. Though it comes by a different name in many different places (e.g., Hyundai Excel, Hyundai Pony), its performance is by far stellar.

Fuel Consumption: 16km/liter
SRP:PhP 648 K

#6: Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi MT
Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi MT
Chances are, by this time, you have heard a lot about the Focus. To boot, its mother company has been equated with luxury and style, no doubt. But you won’t feel sore with this compact sedan offering with a kinetic design philosophy embedded.

Plus nobody is complaining about the voice-activated SYNC system dashboard. Of course, Ford always commands a price.

Fuel Consumption: 21.39km/liter
SRP:PhP 1.126 M

#5:Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius
A hybrid mid-size hatchback the Toyota Prius gives you added flexibility as it could run either on gasoline or on electricity. Though electric cars have not actually caught on in Planet Philippines, the Prius is a prized car. Good thing its in-line 4 (I4) gas-electric engine is fuel-efficient and would not add to the road’s given woes.

Fuel Consumption: 24.23km/liter
SRP:PhP 1.475 M

#4:Lexus CT200h
Lexus CT200h
And if you find the Prius pricey wait till you here from another Toyota offering, the Lexus CT200h. This one is definitely a prized possession top billed as a luxury car. Good thing this 1.8 liter 16-valve I4 gas-electric engine (hybrid) is not much of a fuel-guzzler and you can rest easy while you do your driving down the country roads.

Fuel Consumption: 27.58km/liter
SRP:PhP 2.358 M

#3:Honda Jazz 1.5
Honda Jazz 1.5
One of the most popular offerings from Honda, the Jazz has certainly caught on in Philippine-landia. A subcompact hatchback, it has not only found home in the heart of Pinoys because of its price tag but also because of its fuel consumption.

Fuel Consumption: 27.58km/liter
SRP:PhP 857 K

#2:Suzuki Alto 0.8 MT
Suzuki Alto 0.8 MT
This hatchback – albeit rather diminutive – may not have that much horsepower as a transport so do not expect carrying big loads over uphill mountainous roads. But you can’t certainly find fault in the car when you talk about fuel consumption. And my, at a great price every Pinoy professional would love.

Fuel Consumption: 34km/liter
SRP:PhP 388 K

#1: Suzuki Celerio 1.0 MT
Suzuki Celerio 1.0 MT
Perhaps Suzuki want to cater to the needs of every Juan like no other, and the Japanese company has positioned its products to fit to the pockets of pretty much every Pinoy professional. The star of this A-list is no other than the Suzuki Celerio. And though it has snatched the crown from its close relative, it is good to note that it is such a pleasant companion in Planet Philippines.

Fuel Consumption: 34.34km/liter
SRP:PhP 538 K

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18 Responses

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  1. Jp reyes says:

    the new vios 2014 up consumes 7.5-8.5 km/liter. it is based on my 2015 vios j along with 150 more units from my co-employee. it should not be listed here as not to confuse buyers.

    • says:

      Thanks for sharing your insights Jp. For sure the mileage will vary depending on a lot of factors but given the sheer number of units you’ve shared, that’s definitely something to look into.

      Can you share your usual driving route perhaps so people will be better informed? Maybe you and the rest of your company have to go through unusual circumstances to get to that rather low mileage.

      I personally know a Vios 1.5 A/T owner who gets 12KM/L easy on it on city driving, although by city he isn’t in Metro Manila so of course traffic conditions are a whole lot different.

  2. Juan Dela Druz says:

    How About Kia Picanto? I’m interested to buy this car, can you share your fuel efficiency assessment for this car model? Many Thanks

    • says:

      Given the size of that car’s engine, it should naturally be very efficient. I can’t say from experience though but a Suzuki counterpart of this unit from a friend of mine can go 25K/L. About the same 1.1 engine.

      • Juan Dela Druz says:

        May I know the Suzuki model? is that the new Suzuki Celerio? 🙂
        I’m a bit worried with the Engine and chassis integrity and strength if will not give me headache for using it more than 3yrs to 10yrs?

        • says:

          A Celerio 2013 if I remember it right. I doubt you’ll have a lot of problems so long as you drive it of course on paved roads, where it’s meant to run. Take into account as well the appropriate maintenance relative to its mileage.

  3. jake says:

    vios 2015 is not fuel efficient, with 9.5 km/liter in normal traffic situation. Toyota is claiming otherwise. that is lying.

  4. Gary says:

    Im very happy that suzuki celerio is the most fuel efficient in the list…..just bought all new suzuki celerio 2 months ago..

    • says:

      Good for you Gary! Especially if you take into account traffic situations on the metro areas these days, the celerio should be a winner for most of us!

    • Beck says:

      Am planning to buy celerio too.Is there any problem you encountered? How durable is celerio?

      • says:

        I think your questions will have to depend on usage Beck. As to durability, we can’t say that yet as it’s only been like 5 years old a car model? But hoping it will last long like other japanese makes.

  5. OBM says:

    im enjoying driving my celerio 2015..a 999 cc engine… dinala ko na toh sa bicol 6 times na.. i spend 1,100 pesos only for my gas full tank ..410km na po yan. may sobra pang 4 to 5 bars.. kc ang full tank nya is 10 bars lahat…

  6. Allen says:

    Good day! I noticed you actively give response to queries which is great. Can you please advise so I could decide if Mazda 3 2004-2009 models are fuel guzzler ( km per liter pls?) as comapred to Honda civic 2006-2008? I’m trying to decide between the two and my budget is leaning more to Mazda 3. Thank you! ????

    • says:

      Hi Allen. I’m glad that you are looking for a used car instead of a brand new one, that will save you a lot. I would advise you to do proper checking though especially on the tire condition and it’s maintenance records. Then of course, I’d go have it checked at the casa overall once I have it just to be extra safe since in my case it’s for family driving.

      As for the consumption, please check on the engine size and if it’s manual or auto. The larger the size the more hungry it will naturally be. Auto will always be more hungry as well.

      With your choices, I believe it would be cheaper to maintain a mazda overall but you shouldn’t take it from me as I’ve never owned a car – I live downtown with constant threat of flooding so I’m always on an SUV.

  7. Mers says:

    How about Suzuki ertiga gl mt, is it fuel efficient also? planning to buy it this month, tnx

    • says:

      According to DOE’s fuel economy run 2016, the Entriga 1.4L A/T was able to get to 22KM/L of gas. That means you should be able to expect more than this on the M/T given of course you follow the recommended “economy” driving procedures. If you go all fast and furious with it, you are bound to get different results.

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