Top Ten Cool New Year’s Resolution That Should be on Your List

You were procrastinating; just admit it. That’s why you’re not yet done for Christmas. We understand, but don’t try it again next year. Anyway, here are some cool stuff you can put on your New Year’s resolution so you’ll have a better year.

10. Don’t untag yourself from your friends’ group pictures on Facebook.
You are already beautiful in your own page, why not let out a little reality and accept that you are not that photogenic. After all, when you get a partner, he/she will still see how you look in the morning. Accept that at times you’re the pigeon, and at times you’re the statue.

9. Think of your Halloween Costume Now!
Your costumes were lame this year, so was last year. If you’re a woman, you don’t want to end up with slutty costumes worn again after Oktoberfest right? So think.

8. Get on TV
There are now more ways to get famous, but if your YouTube subscribers have been stagnant, get on TV. Has there been news in your neighborhood? Try calling someone in the background of the reporter and make it look like it’s important. Your ex might just call you and tell you that she saw you on TV and ask if everything’s okay.

7. Start playing a musical instrument
You are dying to be a rockstar year after year after year. Guess what, you’re forever dying. Get that instrument for yourself this holiday season and start learning right after Christmas morning.

6. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
You don’t want to go there and do this, and take a picture of a jump shot when you’re already 50 years old right? To the young ones, that’s really disturbing. So get out there now. If you have a dream job but never dared try getting it, go get it. If you failed, at least you’ll get a glimpse of what’s really out there and think of ways of how you can get it after the experience. Become street smart. Intelligence is not only acquired in books. Test what you’ve learned. It’s better to have something to laugh about when you’re old than regret not trying it and become a boring grandparent because you have no adventures to share with the young ones.

5. Conquer your Fear(s)
All of us have fears. If none, then it is fear itself. Think about your deepest fears. Think of ways of conquering it. If you’re scared of rats analyze what makes it scary. Is it because it looks scary? Hey you got used to seeing yourself in the mirror, why not look at the picture of this scary thing and then look closely. Look again and again, trust me you’ll get used to it. People were grossed out with the killing and all, but now, the Hunger Games, Snowpiercer and similar films have been huge haven’t they? It’s just your mind tricking you.

4. Live a minimalist life
In finding presents, analyze first before buying. Ask yourself these questions: Will this make me or the recipient happy? Will this become a necessity or a trash after two months? Will this make the house in order or adds the pile of untouched junk? If this will be unused, will this be resold? More importantly, who owns this business or who makes this product? Is the owner helpful to me or the world or just a plain a**hole? Is this made from China? Will the owner use the money for world peace or for world domination?

3. Try living the life of your favorite character
Don Quixote complex? Not necessarily. We all do stupid things sometimes, always for the reason of fun, other than that is plain insanity. Try being in your favorite character’s shoes and see what it really feels like. Perhaps you will learn to accept yourself more. If you have an apprentice say you guys become Batman and Robin, go ahead try to become a millionaire and get your own butler. Perhaps the impossibility will make you realize you like catwoman more. Yikes!

2. Conquer your anger
Are simple negative issues urging you to voice out the boiling magma inside? Before you get the lava flowing and turn out the great people in your life, a ridiculous but very intelligent suggestion from James Altucher would really be a great idea to try. Instead of complaining, add a question mark in the end. If you want to say “The government is nuts”, say it like “The government is nuts?” If you want to yell “I hate you!” Try saying “I hate you?” Now that’s really funny. You’ll even laugh at yourself in the shower even though the water’s suddenly out and you still have suds all over you.

1. If you’re single, quit sex!
I see your eyes bulging. It’s not permanent! Besides, there are good reasons why. The reason you never end up with someone good is because a lasting relationship needs thrills in day to day agenda. Sudden body contacts ruin it. Besides, it will lessen your dating expenses, disappointments, and heart aches. Have you ever heard of love at first sex? The magic is in the wooing, not in thrusting. Get a decent life.

There you go! Expect great change in the coming year.

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