10 Reasons Why Many Pinoys Fail in Passing The Bar

They say lawyers are liars. Perhaps. But in the Philippines thousands upon thousands flock the Bar every year in the hopes of becoming an attorney-at-law. And sadly, many fail over and over again.

No profession require so much preparation, other than being a lawyer. Except of course, medicine or for that matter priesthood. But being a lawyer has been largely equated with being of superior intelligence. Perhaps that explains why many politicians are lawyers. They know the ins and outs of the law. And you hardly see lawyers get the jail sentence too. Ordinary crooks, yes but lawyers are just too smart for that. Ask VP Binay. He’s a lawyer since birth. Just kidding. With all the prestige that comes with being a lawyer, it’s disheartening why many fail in attaining the title.
Reasons Why Many Pinoys Fail in Passing The Bar
If you are to take the grand exams or is wondering why you may have failed the Bar, here are 10 reasons that should help you understand your unique state:

#10: You are too worried.
You are too worried.
Over-worrying can lead to added mental stress. What is funny about the mind is that when it is overburdened, it does not work. And you will find out that failing to relax will only make it harder for you to learn – much more digest volumes upon volumes of material.

True, you have a lot to study and that should be a major concern but getting completely stressed is a courting disaster.

You should manage yourself. Get a good night’s rest and take needed breaks. Schedule physical activities like jogging or going to the gym. That way your body gets all ready to absorb a boatful of material. The technique is not to rush things forward but be as slow and steady as possible. Remember it’s not the fast rabbit that wins this race but a thorough turtle – albeit slower.

#9: You have not learned the law.
You have not learned the law.
Did you really sturdy the law? Did you, for instance, brief cases while in law school? You can hide all you want behind some veil of pretense but you will be pulling your leg. The earlier you come to terms about where you really stand, the better your chances becomes. Stop pretending. Man up and let the legal analysis begin.

#8: You are a dreamer.
You are a dreamer.
There is a grave danger that you don’t see reality as it is and color it with your own biased interpretations. Remember assuming facts not in evidence is dangerous. Practice plowing through the data and separating facts from fiction. The faster you reduce the what-ifs the better.

#7: You have weak reading comprehension skills.
You have weak reading comprehension skills.
This should raise the red flag for you. If you are not understanding what you are reading you will never be able to pass good judgment on the subject. If you haven’t noticed, the Bar Exam is basically a test of reading comprehension. So if you have problems getting the message from the written words before you, you have one, big reason to fail.

To sharpen your reading skills, do plenty of practice tests and get to the bottom of model answers. Be critical and figure out areas where you made a mistake. A good exercise for you is to read and summarize what you are reading in one or two sentences.

#6: You resent the exams.
You resent the exams.
You have emotional issues. Is it your mom who wants you to be a lawyer and not you? You have to be 101% focused on the exams and not let anything come between.

Settle your issues ahead of time. Because halfhearted reasons will only give you halfhearted results. And if you really do not want to be a lawyer, then you should pursue your career of choice and not burden yourself unnecessarily.

#5: You have a handwriting issues.
You have a handwriting issues.
Well, let’s face it. If the examiner or grader fails to read your answers not because you have not presented any but because you write illegibly, then you had better off not answered at all. The truth of the matter is if the grader won’t be able to make heads and tails of your handwriting then passing is out of the question.

#4: Poor time management.
Poor time management.
Aha! The Bar is not just composed of one golden question and that’s it. There is not just a baby to divide just like the court of King Solomon but many cases that would require you to appropriate ample time for each.

To get to your desired results, learn to practice under timed condition using one big clock. That way, you get to have a feel on how to go about the exams to lessen its shock factor.

And yes, don’t forget to bring a watch during the exams proper. Leave that sundial at home, they’re just good for you baby brother.

#3: You fear being a lawyer.
You fear being a lawyer.
It may not be that obvious to you but deep inside you really are scared to be a practicing lawyer. The prospect of having someone’s financial future in your hands could very well get under your skin. Or you just feel like you’re way too choked up in the heat of things again right after college. And you haven’t even had a decent graduation celebration.

Well, frankly you can go ahead and take the Bar. Remember when you pass you could opt not to practice right away. As long as you don’t give your commitments.

#2: You are not worried enough.
You are not worried enough.
This is another danger. You feel you are ready and is the face of calmness even with all the analysis to do. And you may think that you’ve done enough and it’s definitely not tough.

Well, you’re wrong. The Bar is tough and if you don’t prepare for it, you’re bound to be excluded from the passing examinee list. Ouch!

Don’t set yourself up so you fail. The Bar is a lot harder than getting by law school.

#1: Simply, you are just plain unlucky.
Simply, you are just plain unlucky.
And last but definitely not the least, you are just out of luck. For instance, you may have had a bad weekend and your fave dog just died. Or whatever.

Don’t worry if you have not been able to make it the first time, you can always take it the second time. You just have to ready yourself once more, picking up all the pieces in the process.

If, somehow, the prospect of doing another Bar exam and spending again is daunting, then all you have to do is pass this one the first time.

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