If there was one word that has become a centerpiece in this smartphone industry, it’s Android: the antithesis to Nokia’s dominance. But with all the Android phones flooding the market, choosing what is best for you may be an uphill climb.

Luckily, there’s good news. Zeroing in on the Android that best fits you may be a challenge but not with this 10 timely tools to check Android phones inside-out:



Like your fave car, nothing beats knowing how fast your device can really clock in speed. That’s why Speedtest.netshould be one of your first stops for your Android device.

Already established as online as one of the most utilized networking test engine for millions of desktop and laptop users worldwide, the app is especially powerful yet incredibly easy to use. Getting into the hardcore network performance of your android device become but minutes away. Or to be precie, 30 seconds away. As claimed and as experienced, all it takes is but a one-tap connection testing which should give you results in 30 seconds or even less. Giving you such important data as Download time, Upload and Ping. Add real-time graphs and you’ve got one app that is too impressive to pass!

#9:GeekBench 3.1

GeekBench 3.1

GeekBench 3.1is cross-platform and that should be wonderful news for discerning users like you and me. What that means is you would be able to test various smartphones from different platforms, Android, iOS or Windows.

The good news is the test are done quickly and without much fuss, giving you results even if you are not tech-oriented. To boot, Geekbench 3 tests are multi-core aware measuring the full potential of any of your device whether the performance you want is single-core or multi-core. Plus with its web-based Result Browser, you won’t have a hard time accessing your benchmark results from just about anywhere.

#8:3DMark 1.3

3DMark 1.3

Another cross-platform benchmarking app, 3DMark 1.3is set to wow you, looking into your whatever smartphone you carry – from Android to iOS to Windows or even Windows RT. Cool!

And the best thing’sthis one comes absolutely free with no in-app purchase or restriction option. Built on Ice Storm, an OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark, you’d find 3DMark will look into graphics result and performance hallmarks in a cinch. To note, Ice Storm is capable or raising the off-screen rendering resolution of your device up to 1080p making the testing process for graphics even more impressive!



Want to get the focus on your fave Android smartphone? Smartbench should get you started. A multi-core friendly benchmark application, this user-friendly device should get you the overall performance of your android device in no time.

To boot, this app reports both on the Productivity and the Gaming Index of your handheld making it a fave for gaming enthusiasts and those users who want work done via their handhelds. This one definitely thrives on the fast lane. Just one hitch though, older devices need not apply as this one’s classy and caters mostly to quad-core smartphones.

#6:GFXBench 3.0

GFXBench 3.0

You might be wondering for the nth time if there was a way to test how your go-to game app would perform when used under different devices. GFXBenchshould come in handy in this respect.

Built to give you a cross-platform, cross-API 3D graphics benchmark, this amazing app gives you critical benchmark (e.g., long-term performance stability, graphics performance, power consumption). And you should not forego the Manhattan test which as a GPU-intensive OpenGL ES 3 test will give you how your smartphone’s battery would last.

 #5:Basemark X

Basemark X

Again, if you’re wanting to get a clearer picture on how your fave game would perform across different OS mobile platforms, Basemark X by Rightware should be one of your first stop – if not the first. So would know whether Android, Windows or iOS would give you a better gaming experience.

Featuring heavy graphics content, this would really put the performance of your devices at the forefront. The secret is this app’s built on Unity 4.2.2 a real-world game engine reflecting the real-world graphics performance of your hand-helds in their rendering of current and up-and-coming 3D games. And with its scoring system clear-cut and easily-understood, Basemark X fits your need to a T.



For its user-friendly features, you have to give it to Vellamo.And the best thing’s you can use this one for Android 4.0 or even higher smartphones.

Designed to look into the gist of your device’s performance, this benchmarking app tests the performance of 3D graphics, UX, memory read/write and the critical peak bandwidth performance. Equipped with 3 chapters, Vellamo is as comprehensive as you can get tackling mobile web browser performance in it HTML5 browser for instance. Definitely, a head-turner of an app!

#3:Quadrant 2.1.1

Quadrant 2.1.1

Quadrant is right on the dot when you want to look into CPU performance of your smartphone or its graphics capacity. However, though you may not find this one wanting in terms of testing, it has one particular drawback that you may be a bit worrisome especially for newbies. You can’t use this one without internet.

So if you want to look into arithmetic operations, XML parsing and multimedia decoding you’d definitely hit a soft spot in Quadrant. To note, this one cannot take in devices without a GPU (e.g., Spica, Tatoo). And yes, you may not get this app working for you just-conceived business venture.

#2:NenaMark 2

NenaMark 2

Here’s one that is anOpenGL benchmarking app, NenaMark2 is suited best for high-end mobile devices, those with higher resolution graphics and imbued with advanced graphical effects. However, with many new smartphone offerings today climbing the ladder towards astounding graphics, it’s no surprise this one should command a large following today in Las Islas Filipinas.

What makes NenaMark2 outstanding is that it measures performance utilizing realistic scenes making it a lot easier to compare between distinct devices. For instance, it you’re talking about matrix animation its Skeletal Animation effects would come out really handy. And that’s just for starters.

#1:AnTuTu  4.5

AnTuTu 4.5

If you are looking for something established, you won’t be disappointed with the AnTuTu Benchmark– one of the most popular app available right now in the market. Fact is, this app has so much star potential it has become over time an industry standard by premier tech companies and tech connoisseurs. Even hard-core hardware review sites have adopted this powerful app and has utilized it as a primary tool.

Just to give you at how useful it has become, this app has been used by over 100,000,000 users. Yes, you heard me right. That’s 100 million plus plus making waves in the recent Google I/O 2014. Know the performance details of your handheld in terms of UX, GPU, RAM and CPU with the app. The best thing is its Click and Go test suite is going not to only amaze you with its performance but also astound you with its easy-to-use features.

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