Businesses Every Pinoy Can Sart with Minimal Capital


Money does not grow on trees. True. That is why entrepreneurs must work hard to make things happen.

For 8-to-5 Pinoys who constantly work their butts out to get a decent living, business sure offers an enticing way to a better life. But as many wannabe entrepreneurs have found out, having the desire to be successful is just the other half of the equation. The other half must come with hard work, some luck and start-up cash. The last part being the most challenging. Many a brilliant idea died a natural death because of the inability to come up with the needed cash to get things started.

Good thing there are businesses that you can start in 2015 without incurring too much debt or having to withdraw all your life savings. Here are 10 of them:

#10:Ukay-ukay Business

Ukay-ukay Business

They say Pinoys are fond of second chances. That could not be any truer than when you go to the ukay-ukay business. Most definitely thriving due mainly to its super downsized prices, you may not not much advertising or any super-advantageous place to get yourself started. More often the not, the market is so lucrative gathering a sea of customers may not be much of a problem.

Don’t be too comfortable though. First stop, you need to scour your area for possible competitors and secondly you should put in a reasonable price for your goodies. Remember that Pinoys buy only after making tons and tons of discounts given. So factor things in early. As this is an open-to-all business, be ready to guard your wares as too many opportunities may pull your business to the ground.

#9: Printing Business

Printing Business

Pinoys want to put a heading in every occasion showing up all sorts of tarpaulins in birthdays, weddings, and all the other important milestones life can possibly offer. (Good thing we don’t remember our fave pet dog’s birthday).

Indeed establishing a local shop to cater to everybody’s needs would be ideal. However, don’t forget that with the power of internet you could go online too catering to customers all over Planet Philippines and beyond. And as the case maybe, election time gives the biz a boost like no other.

#8: Detergent and Soap Business


Everybody needs soap right? To take a bath, to wash clothes. Everyday right? This definitely is a good business.

You can go the generic way selling generic soaps, detergents and even fabric conditioners. Of course, you need to stretch a bit on those selling skills but come to think of it you can also organize an army of sellers to expand your horizons and increase your profits. And yes, with the cloud and social media in full strength you can actually maximize you sales even more.

#7: Street Food Business

Street Food Business

There’s a slew of them you can choose from: kwek-kwek, isaw, fish ball. You bet every Juan just can’t resist the urge to gorge on those quick chows in a stick. Not even those Makati professionals. They also give in every now and then. I really don’t have the CCTV to show it but that would be a very fair guess.

As for you if you want a great business take-off, make sure you choose a good supplier with products that actually are “katakam-takam.” Some would even give you a food cart to get you started. And if you want to expand your horizons, you can utilize a van or a moving multicab to address a bigger pool of customers.

#6: Photography Business

Photography Business

Well, why not? If you have a digital camera and a good eye, you could be a natural. Seeing picture angles nobody else can. The good thing’s you don’t have to go very far to look for market. You can actually start with your own circle of friends or relatives getting just enough fees to get your career started. Then with each magic click after magic click you can slowly build a reputation. That would sure get you the bigger clients in the future.

The idea is it would not take that much to get thing’s started. That is assuming you have a good eye for details and composition.

#5: Food Cart

Food Cart

Food carts, most especially the franchised ones, have already been tried-and-tested. So there would be not much of risk involved. The thing is you need to do your due diligence too – like every other business here. Be careful that you don’t get to buy into what’s hyped. Remember that you need a business that would last more than just a few months – if possible for keeps. So look closely and do your research ahead.

#4: Online Selling

E-commerce concept

Yup. There is money to be had in online sales. Lots of it. Remember that online presence is already equipped with all the tools to do business. Classic example: payment.

Paying online is not even much of a challenge now with tools such as PayPal. Fact is, your buyer need not be in Las Islas Filipinas to get your goods and for you to get your payment. Just PayPal and you can have your payment delivered right to your local bank. Cool, right? Now all you need is the right product to market.

#3: Rice Retailing Business

Rice Retailing

Who does not eat rice in Planet Philippines? Only a handful right? The foreigners and those who does not have the appetite. But for a country of over 100 million Filipinos, rice is the king of the eating table. You don’t even have to go to the most posh restaurant or to the smallest carenderia to know.

So there is no question about marketability for your rice business. You just have to make sure you get a good business address. So most every Juan can see it. And sharpen your people skills so your satisfied customers bring in more satisfied customers every time.

#2: Baking Business

Baking Business

If you love baking, you’re good to go. Your biggest advertisement are your baked goodies. With so many event and milestones happening in every Pinoy family, sweets and all those mouth-watering concoctions are sure to find their way to the hearts of every Juan.

Then again, factor your business essentials. For a bigger operation you need to consider professionalizing your operations. Putting all your expense to paper and consider scouring for better suppliers and better baking materials. For a steady flow of clients you may want to get yourself connected to caterers.

#1: Sari-sari Store

Sari-sari Store

And the winner is: Sari-sari store. For those who doubt, all your have to do is visit any country side. There is actually no evidence needed as this business is all over the country like mushrooms after the rain.

Of course, you can’t beat sari-sari stores. Easy to put up and easy to maintain. You can append other business too, a cellphone load business for instance would be timely. And you can close it anytime you want too. However, caution. If you want your sari-sari store business to bloom, you need proper forecasting, inventory and management skills. Turning one peso into 2 pesos is not as easy as you may think. ‘Juan Tamad’ and his proverbial apple should know!

There you go, folks. Drop us a holler via the Comments Section below. And for you social media needs, just press the Quick Share button. No biggie!

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