Backpacking in the Philippines? Leave Not Without These!

From Malapascua to Santander, from spelunking the narrow Binuthan cave to climbing the scenic Naupa Peak, from simple joys of riding a Ceres bus to diving gears that take us to the world underneath Pescador Island, Cebu offers escapades that can surely satisfy our itchy feet.


Oh! There’s a new place that everybody talks about over the social media. It’s time to take your “travel buddies” again. Be sure not to miss one of them:

1.    Backpack
Your Mr. Carry-It-All is the leader of the pack. He carries everybody around and keeps them safe. Be sure he is in perfect condition. No holes or cuts, zippers are running well and stitches are intact. You can’t imagine carrying all without Mr. Backpack.

2.    Clothes
Oh this one’s a no brainer. Bring your shirts, shorts, pants, undergarments, jacket and anything to cover your bod. Until such time the Garden of Eden opens up in Cebu.

3.    Headwear
As long as there is the outdoors, caps, hats, scarfs will never run out of fashion. It’s the sole thing that protects your expensive salon hair from harsh elements. Sorry, I meant no harm.

4.    Umbrella
Yes, I know, I know. Umbrella is definitely not manly. But it is a rain cover and sunscreen in one. Here’s a solution to that dilemma, hold that umbrella while putting your arm around her shoulder. Oh yeah! That’s it.

5.    Eyewear
There’s the sun and the dust and it’s something that will make you look cool. So better hang those aviators or wayfarers over your tee.

6.    Footwear
Never forget your feet cover. Do not just bring shoes. Bring also sandals or slippers. Footwear that will let your feet breath.

7.    Toiletry
Even if you are in the remotest area or just plainl lazy, never forget about personal hygiene. Toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes and alcohol are now necessities and not cosmetics in the modern world.

8.    Smartphone
The modern day multi-tool, smartphones are not just great communicators, they are pushing cameras, video recorder, clocks, maps, travel guides, radios & weather stations into extinction. This is your ultimate travel buddy.

9.    Powerbank
Waterproof Solar Powerbank |

Mr. Smartphone’s all-time partner gives him the boost from one battery-draining app to another. Because you can’t dare to miss a moment with a darn low batt, bring Ms Powerbank.

10.    Pocket Money
Pocket Money
Oh I almost forgot. The sole thing that will save your life when you’re in civilization and if you are shy – money. Never forget or lost it if you want to get moving.

About the Author:
@entreperic is an outdoorsman & CEO/ Founder of a local startup OutPax
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