Top (BPO) Jobs Outsourced to the Philippines

The Philippines is the world’s leading outsourcing destination with its capital Manila listed second in the 2015 Tholons International Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations Report, after Bangalore, India.

Top (BPO) Jobs

Big brands and companies around the world prefer Filipino workers, and have established manufacturing facilities, satellite offices, and carry out many of their operations here. The abundance of inexpensive but skilled labor in the country, and the availability of good quality infrastructure make the Philippines a favorite outsourcing hub.

What makes the Philippines a top outsourcing destination is business process outsourcing (BPO), a whopping multi-billion dollar industry, growing steadily from $2 billion in 2006 to $8.9 billion in 2010. (

The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) projects the Philippine IT-BPO industry to reach $25 billion, or 10% of the global market, by 2016. (

As one of the world’s most favorite outsourcing hubs, let us look at the top BPO jobs outsourced to the Philippines.

1.    Call Center
The call center sector makes up the bulk of the total BPO industry in the Philippines. Filipinos make good call center agents for the American market primarily because of the country’s strong ties with the US and its large English-speaking population. Australia, UK, Germany and Canada are some of the foreign countries serviced by the Philippines’ BPO industry.

2.    Medical Transcription
Medical Transcription
Medical transcription or MT is another huge outsourcing sector offered in the country, providing high-paying salaries to many Filipinos. Medical transcriptionists create readable text formats out of voice-recorded reports from healthcare professionals. Anyone can do MT work, but they have to undergo training and be certified to land a job.

3.    Financial Services
Financial Services
Many businesses streamline their processes by delegating mundane tasks to outside service providers. This is especially true for small to medium size firms that do not have in-house employees to handle accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, and financial reporting.

4.    Virtual Assistance
Virtual Assistance
Executive secretaries these days do not necessarily work alongside their bosses. Some of them work virtually as online secretaries or virtual assistants, exchanging emails, chat messages and voice mails with their clients. VAs can work outside the office setup, camped at home as self-employed or home-based workers. Leading VA providers in the Philippines include Virtual Staff Finder, Live2Sell and Remote Workmate.

5.    Software Development
Philippine Software Industry Association
IT and software programming are two of the most popular expertise among Filipino workers. Pinoy programmers are notorious for their craft. To help make the Philippines as the top choice for global software development services, the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) was founded in 1988. Current clients include Japan, US and Australia.

6.    Graphics and Web Design
Graphics and Web Design
Since digital products can be readily created and delivered online, many Filipino digital graphics artists and web designers thrive to make a living servicing clients around the globe.  Graphics and wed designers in the Philippines make Php200,000 to Php800,000 annually.

7.    Animation
Video editors and animators are highly skilled and have vast software knowledge, with mastery in various animation programs, graphics design and video direction. Animators earn up to Php2.3 million annually, depending on the scope of the project. Still, Pinoy animators are some of the cheaply paid in the world.

8.    Content Development and SEO
Content Development and SEO
With English as second language, the Filipinos are quite fluent in not only speaking but also writing in English. Filipino content developers and SEO specialists help companies optimize their web presence by creating bespoke content for their respective websites and other online portals.

9.    Data Entry and Processing
Data Entry and Processing
The Philippines is one of the top offshore providers of data entry and processing services because of Filipinos are notable for their fluency and mastery of the English language, as well as basic software to handle the job. The job can be as simple as copy-and-paste or as complex as researching and archiving data from various sources.

10.    English Language Tutorial
English Language Tutorial
Filipinos make great teachers of the English language, having learned it early in school and mastered it over time until employment. In fact, there is a surge of international students, mostly from neighboring Asian countries, who come to the Philippines just to study English. These students attend Philippine boarding schools offering English study packages, which combines English lessons, community immersion, and travel.

As the demand for Philippine BPO services continues to increase, it further creates jobs for Filipinos and augments their living condition. What do you think of the Philippines as the world’s top outsourcing destination? Please share your views with us by posting a comment.

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