Is Iglesia ni Cristo a Cult? You Decide!

The Iglesia ni Cristo is just one of the many religious organizations in the Philippines, and perhaps worldwide, accused for being a cult. The 101-year old group’s recent crisis seems to encourage critics to further their disparagement propaganda and accusations.
Is Iglesia ni Cristo
As outsiders, we don’t really know for sure the certainty of the allegations hurled against the INC, so we simply have to study the telltale signs of a cult and from there decide for ourselves whether or not the INC is indeed a cult.

The Marks of a Cult

1.    Prohibit Critical Thinking

Cult groups often exhibit zero tolerance for critical inquiry. They dissuade people from raising questions saying it encourages dissent and division. Members are made to believe the full authority and indisputable integrity of leaders.

2.    Isolate Members

Church leaders instill fear among members fear of the outside world, as well as discourage even prohibit members from reading newspapers, listening to the radio and socializing with non-members.

3.    Enforce Special Indoctrination

Members are told how to speak, dress, act or think without profound reason or scriptural basis. Special doctrine or special knowledge supposedly received by the leaders from God, is repeatedly taught to members despite its lack of scriptural basis.

4.    Impose Blind Loyalty

The leaders or a single charismatic leader is the sole source of knowledge and wisdom. They are always right. Other sources of learning are wicked, evil or not credible. Anything that puts the leaders or the group in a bad light is spiritually unhealthy.

5.    Dishonor the Family Unit

Members are made to chose between God (and the Church) and their families. They are instructed to prioritize the needs of the Church before their own families, causing them to lead unbalanced lives.

6.    Non-Disclosure of Finances

Cult leaders often live extravagantly, funded by the faithful offerings of the group’s members who believe must make the necessary financial sacrifices for the sake of God and the Church. However, there is no proper financial disclosure of budget, income and expense.

7.    Tolerate Abuse

Special and often secretive rituals founded on socially deviant beliefs often subject members to various forms of abuse. Some feed young girls into sexual relations with a charismatic leader to earn salvation. Some induce monetary sacrifices among members to the point of self-depravation. Some restrict getting education from outside the organization. Some castigate dissenting members and categorize deserters as outright evil.

8.    Polarize Members

Leaders put down other groups and build their own organization as the single and only organization ordained by God and its members the only ones deserving of salvation.

9.    Members Rebel against Authority

Deviant beliefs lead cult members to dishonor authority, even inspire them to violate laws they deemed are in disagreement with what they believe. This is rooted in the belief that any teaching or law outside their organization is wicked, and as God’s chosen people, they are above the law (human laws).

10.    Teach Exclusive Salvation

Salvation is solely through active and validated membership in the religious organization. Converts go through a series of indoctrination, rituals and sacrifices to become full pledge members. Anyone found in violation or disagreement with the Church and its leaders are punished (shunned and persecuted) or expelled. Gaining back membership is often impossible.

So there you have it, ten signs of a cult. Do you think the INC fits the bill as a religious cult? Why or why not? Share your insights with us by posting your comments below.


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4 Responses

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  1. Juan Dela Druz says:

    Yes they are cult. definitely. 🙂

  2. Jethro Valladolid says:

    hahahaha. Correct!!!! The characteristics enumerated in this blog are so descriptive of the INC of Manalo!!! No doubt, this organization is a BIG CULT!!!! ITS MEMBERS ARE EVEN READY TO KILL AND BE KILLED!!!

  3. F Manalo says:

    My opinion: It’s a cult, like other religious groups such as Church of God Int (ADD), Latter-day Saints (Mormons), Seventh-day Adventist (Sabadista), Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.

    In your number 3 point you said, “despite its lack of scriptural basis.” I suppose you’re talking about the Bible. Well, I don’t think that’s the real case. They actually use scriptural basis, a lot. Like all the other groups I mentioned, it uses the Bible as their authority, often citing scriptures as a basis of their belief or should I say, propaganda. The problem is, all of them are cherry-picking only those verses that will support their ideas, worse they even twists many texts to make it mean something it doesn’t really mean at all.

    The book, “Combatting Cult Mind Control” by Steven Hassan—a former member of Unification Church also known as the ‘Moonies’— is a great read. It gives great information about how cult indoctrination works without being noticed by the person being recruited and even those who are doing the recruiting.

    May many more people become educated about cults. May cults stop exploiting people’s faith. We’re all children of God. As far as Christianism is concerned, Christ is the way the truth and the life, not any man-made organizations. Christ is the ONLY mediator between God and men. Beware of those who say that you should join them and listen to them to be accepted by God. God will accept you as soon as you will accept Christ as your Savior. No need for man made rules and regulations, no need for rigid church weekly attendace. Christians are not under man made Law anymore, but we are under the Law of Christ—that is, Love. Love God. Love your neighbor. That’s enough.

    All are God’s children, not just Christians. Religion creates an imaginary division between people. A division made by man, not by God. We all eat. We all poop. And we all die. All are the same. No one is greater, no one is lesser. All are equal in God’s eyes. Be rational. Be Human. Don’t be deceived by your fellow who just want to take advantage of you. Do not be decieved. Don’t hand over your Critical Thinking ability. God gave you your own mind, don’t let others think and decided for you.

    • says:

      Wow F Manalo, your thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for taking the time to share them with us and our readers!

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