Biggest Casinos in the Philippines

We, Pinoys, are gambling aficionados, no doubt. Every street corner, funeral, or barrio fiesta almost always has a cockfighting event and card game to prove just that. And we do have several casinos and betting establishments, even very expensive ones. At there is an analysis of the Filipino market in terms of the licensedonline casinos, here you will find the top 10 land-based casinos.

  1. Resorts World Manila

resorts world manila

Total Gaming Space: 30,000 sqm (323,000 sqft)

Close to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), this gigantic resort and casino boast of 3 hotels with more than 1,500 rooms, a 30,000 sqm shopping mall, and an equally large casino. It’s the first resort and casino establishment in the country with the largest gaming space.

Resort World Manila prides itself on being one of the significantly integrated resorts in Newport city today. This resort owned by Travelers International Hotel Group has had people game in its gaming space for over a decade now. It is also a preferred destination because of its proximity to Okada Manila where the major poker tournaments in the Philippines take place recently.

  1. The Belle Grande Manila Bay nka City of Dreams Manila

City of Dreams Manila

Total Gaming Space: 19,626 sqm

This casino features six hotels – 2 L-shaped hotel towers and four condotels – with about 1,000 rooms, 350 gaming tables, and 1,900 slot machines. It also has a luxury theater, shopping mall, and restaurants. It had a budget of $680 million during its construction phase.

The Belle Grande Manila Bay tower 1 is a 12 story building located in Paranaque in the Philippines and has recently changed its name to the city of dreams manila. With over 350n gaming tables, this resort and casino have been one of the best places to spend time in Philippine.

  1. Solaire Resort and Casino

Solaire Resort and Casino

Total Gaming Space: 18,500 sqm (199,000 sqft)

Total Gaming Space: 18,500 sqm (199,000 sqft)

Its press release stated Solaire being a $1 billion casino resort with 500 hotel rooms, 1,200 slot machines, and 295 gaming tables, 8 restaurants, a spa and night club, and a 1,800-seat theater. It’s a candidate for being one of the largest casinos in the world.

Solaire Resort and Casinoremains your all in an experience that gives you a significant step into indulgence. It is a premier integrated resort and it one of the best places for poker players in Manila, where you will meet unparalleled experience in general entertainment, gaming, and dining.

  1. San Lazaro Leisure Park & Racino

San Lazaro Leisure Park & Racino

Total Gaming Space: unknown

Gaming Facility: casino and racetrack

This is Asia’s first racino facility, with a 77-hectare expanse managed by Manila Jockey Club Inc. Its casino lies on the fourth floor under the supervision of Casino Filipino, offering a good view of the racetrack below.

This resort and casino are officially called the san Lazaro leisure and business park. The park has held notable races such as the presidential gold cup and many others. This park also prides itself on the mixed-used venue featuring a racetrack in Carmona, Cavite, in the Philippines.

  1. Midas Hotel and Casino

Midas Hotel and Casino

Total Gaming Space: unknown

Gaming Facility: 310 gaming machines, 54 tables

Gaming Facility: 310 gaming machines, 54 tables

This hotel and casino establishment is located right across Manila Bay. Its hotel has an entire accommodation space composed of deluxe rooms (3rd to 7th floor) and executive offices (8th to 10th floor); 220 hotel rooms. The Midas Casino operates 24 hours a day, showcasing world-class gaming equipment, including 310 gaming machines and 54 table games.

Midas Hotel and Casino also gives its visitors a mixed glamour and the modern style in terms of casino games playing and dining. This hotel also amplifies the vibrancy of manila by giving it a bit of artistic ambiance and local flair, thanks to the cutting-edge culture experienced herein.

  1. Networld Hotel Spa and Casino

Networld Hotel Spa and Casino

Total Gaming Space: unknown

Gaming Facility: 224 gaming machines and tables

Networld follows the Japanese standards of hospitality and entertainment. It has 224 gaming machines and table games, a hotel with 89 rooms, and a spa and restaurants. The casino occupies two floors of gaming and fun – in the basement and on the establishment’s 2nd floor.

Networld Hotel Spa and Casino is also famed for its idealness for business and leisure. It is located near Ninoy Aquino international airport with merely a distance of 5.4 kilometers off the airport. You can always go here to enjoy the numerous gaming machines and tables available.

  1. Wild Orchid Resort & Poker Room

Wild Orchid Resort & Poker Room

Total Gaming Space: unknown

Gaming Facility: poker room

Wild Orchid is a luxury resort in Angeles City equipped with a poker room where gamers can enjoy all sorts of card games and slots, roulette, mini-baccarat, keno, and a lot more. The resort also offers a maritime theme restaurant, cocktail lounge, and a host of outdoor adventures.

Whether you are a gaming newbie or an expert gamer, Wild Orchid Resort & Poker Room offers you tremendous and large hotel rooms and poker rooms to suit your level of play. It also incorporates poker rooms to interact with people with distinct cultural backgrounds while enjoying their favorite poker games.

  1. Thunderbird Resorts Rizal

Thunderbird Resorts Rizal

Total Gaming Space: unknown

Gaming Facility: X number of gaming machines and tables

Its casino facility features roulette, slot machines, table games, and raffles. Its hotel offers deluxe rooms at P7,000 a night and suites at P12,000 a night. Thunderbird Resorts Rizal in Binangonan has a restaurant and 2 bars. It has a sister resort, Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point in La Union.

This resort is conveniently parched almost 210 feet above the sea level on a high valley, and it overlooks the Sierra Madre mountain range. The location of this resort alone is a source of fun for both the players and those heading to have fun in various activities taking place here.

  1. Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

Total Gaming Space: unknown

Gaming Facility: X number of gaming machines and tables

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino offers a host of 561 rooms and suites, gym, concert halls, and restaurants. Its gaming facility is run by Casino Filipino, located at the second level featuring 24-hour gaming entertainment of baccarat, blackjack, super 6, pontoon, paigow, stud poker, roulette, craps, etc.

This hotel and casino are located right at the heart of the city of Queen’s commercial and business district. The hotel is famed as a landmark all over the Philippines, and it is located just 30 minutes’ drive away from the Mactan-Cebu international airport. If you are interested in spending a little more time at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, you should check in by 2 pm and check out just before noon the following day.

 10. Oriental Paradise Casino in Subic Bay

Oriental Paradise Casino in Subic Bay

Total Gaming Space: unknown

Gaming Facility: 10+ slots and tables

This casino is one of two casinos in Olongapo and offers slots, tables, and poker games. A blogger described the interior as having about ten slot machines and several table games inside.

This casino has a proud owner in the oriental pearl entertainment and management limited. This management has ensured that all the casino visitors get the best of experiences in their over ten slot games and table games.

Soon-to-Open Mega Casinos

Once open, these two would disqualify any two smaller casinos listed above.

  • Resorts World Bayshore

Resorts World Bayshore

This one is still in the works and set to open in 2018. But considering its budget of $1.1 billion, this is no small casino. According to reports, Resorts World Bayshore will feature three luxury hotels with more than 800 rooms, a retail area, a grand theater, and of course, the casino – all of these amenities and more to cover the entire area of 31 hectares in Pagcor Entertainment City along with other giant casino resorts Solaire, City of Dreams, and Manila Bay Resorts.

Resorts World Bayshore is currently known as the Westside City Resort World. It is a gaming and entertainment complex located within the entertainment complex and entertainment city in the Philippines.

This is a gaming complex operated by the Philippines amusement and gaming company and strives to serve the players with the best of casino games around the Philippines. This complex, other than the casino games, also provides you with residential houses and report where you can live and enjoy your entire time in the Philippines.

  • Manila Bay Resorts

Manila Bay Resorts

Manila Bay Resorts has a $2 billion budget and was set to launch in 2015, but moved to 2017. Although its opening might be put on hold (again) after Japan’s Okada Group had a slight disagreement with Pinoy businessman Antonio O. Cojuangco early this year.

Manila Bay Resorts is an ideal wonderland in the Philippines. The destination popularly known for its best casino games is an excellent venue for fun making and leisure experiences. It has been recognized as a world-class entertainment venue due to its diversification of the Philippines tourism provisions beyond the casino gaming and playing.

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