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Best Caffeine Sources in the Philippines

A cup of coffee is not your only source of caffeine. Well, you probably know that Coke, tea and chocolate also contains this kick-ass energy booster that we crave for every morning and even in the afternoons and evenings when we need to stay alert, awake and enthusiastic.

Kidding aside, there are other sources of caffeine, which may surprise you. And when you get bored with your usual brew or instant mix, you’ll know where to find a good measure of caffeine to start your day and to keep you going.

  1. Pre-Workout Supplements

Ever wonder why you feel so energized and ready to hit the gym after taking your pre-workout supplement? Yup, it’s the caffeine in action right there. Many pre-workout supplements contain amazingly high levels of caffeine.

Among all pre-workout supplements listed here, Mr. Hyde by Pro Supps contains the highest level – high enough to be toxic for two adults. So whenever you need that extra boost before your workout regimen, make sure you don’t go overboard with your pre-workout supplement, especially when you’re going for Mr. Hyde.

  1. Energy Drinks & Shots

It’s pretty obvious – energy drinks and energy shots can give you additional superpowers in times when your body seems to give up already. Again – it’s caffeine. According to Caffeine Informer, the top 5 energy shots with the highest levels of caffeine mg/floz are:

  1. DynaPep 714.3mg/floz
  2. Vital 4U Liquid Energy 305.6mg/floz
  3. Sreamin Energy Max Hit 303.9mg/floz
  4. ALRI Hypershot 250.0mg/floz
  5. Cocaine Energy Shot 140mg/floz

And the top 5 energy drinks are:

  1. Redline Energy Drink 39.5mg/floz
  2. Spike Shooter 35.7mg/floz
  3. Cocaine Energy Drink 33.3mg/floz
  4. Monster M3 32mg/floz
  5. Redline Princess 31.2 mg/floz

While these are mainly imported brands, many of our local energy drinks such as Redbull, Cobra and Sting have substantial amounts of caffeine, as well. So drink only as necessary.

  1. Caffeine Pills

Although not many Filipinos are into taking caffeine pills, there might be a reason for you to do so. Just make sure that you don’t overdose because it can actually kill you. A caffeine pill works faster than the strongest cup of coffee. So don’t believe marketers when they say that the pill is safe as coffee or something like that, because truth be told, it isn’t. Here is a record of deaths caused by caffeine pill overdose/abuse.

This is not to frighten you, but remember, when it comes to caffeine pills – avoid doze with the right dose. Or better yet, hit the bed already.

  1. Soda Drinks

Whether it’s dark as Coke and root beer or clear as Sprite and 7-Up, expect soda drinks to contain some amounts of caffeine. Yes, non-cola drinks also have caffeine in them that makes them addictive and satisfying. But apart from the caffeine, don’t go too far with drinking soda drinks because their equally high sugar content is just as bad.

  1. Chocolate

We all love chocolate. And the raw material for chocolate, cocoa beans, naturally contains caffeine, which makes this gooey, yummy food so stimulating and pleasing. To understand the level of caffeine in a chocolate product, note that the darker (or purer) the chocolate the higher the caffeine unless caffeine is artificially added. Most dark chocolate bars have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of tea or a can of coke. So it can get risky when you find yourself consuming bars upon bars of them in one sitting.

  1. Desserts

Again, some of the most fulfilling and indulgent things that life has to offer are desserts! It’s hard to avoid them altogether despite all the sinful sugars, fats and caffeine they contain. Tiramisu has chocolate and coffee. Chocolate desserts, even more so. Chefs purposely add strong brewed coffee to chocolate desserts to make the chocolate taste stand out, but in return, it just makes the sweet treat a little too much when you intend to consume more than one serving. So easy on the desserts.

  1. Weight Loss Pills

Beware of weight loss pills and supplements. They may contain high dosages of caffeine, especially when the raw material is green tea extract and when manufacturers decide to overload their products with the stimulant. Weight loss pills have added caffeine because it helps consumers to fight the physical strains of fitness training, and it aids in increasing calorie burning ability of the body.

  1. Pain Relievers

Pain relievers available in the market today contain not just the usual mefenamic acid, ibuprofen or paracetamol, but also a good amount of caffeine. Caffeine is found to curb simple body pains and headaches, but only in small amounts. When taken in large quantities, caffeine may actually cause you more pain and make you sleepless. So always follow the prescribed dosage when taking pain relievers. At times, a good amount of rest may be all you need to get rid of that headache.

  1. Breath Fresheners

Ever heard of caffeinated mints and gums? Yes, they freshen up your mouth but they also contain surprising amounts of caffeine. Actually, they are not plainly sold as breath fresheners but as energy mints because some of them contain caffeine that are the same amount found in at least a cup of black coffee. So the next time you want to freshen up, make sure you know what type of mint or gum you are taking. Well, at least the caffeine in the candy can help you stay awake and perhaps bring on that kiss, eh?

  1. Decaf Coffee

Decaffeinated or not, coffee will always contain traces of caffeine. Based on the article “The Dangers of Hidden Caffeine” a cup of decaf contains up to 20mg of caffeine, about 20% of a regular coffee. It may not be much, but when you want to avoid caffeine altogether, don’t be deceived with the decaf label in some coffee products.

Ready for a cup? If you have something to share about coffee and caffeine, please let us hear them by submitting your comments in the space below. If you know of a caffeine-phobic person, you might want to share them this article to let them know that the food or beverage they’re having might actually have traces of the stimulant they hate so much – they might as well have a cup of espresso with you sometime at your fave café.

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