The Most Expensive Resorts in the Philippines

Luxury may be a farfetched word for many of us Filipinos who are in lack and who are struggling financially. But the country is not devoid of the luxurious and indulgent, at least not for those who have deeper pockets and better lucks.

At any rate, no one can ever say that a poor man of today may not be able to set foot on a rich man’s haven tomorrow. These resorts may be the most expensive in all of the land, but it doesn’t do you any harm if you strive to one day be able to give yourself and your family a luxurious holiday in any of these resorts.

[Prices are in Philippine peso, and prices published in other currencies were converted using current exchange rate at the time of writing. The ranking is based on the price of the cheapest accommodation offered as published on the website.]

Misibis Bay – Cagraray Island

  1. Misibis Bay – Cagraray Island

Misibis Bay is a private island resort that offers a stunning view of the grand Mayon Volcano. Covering 5-hectare property, the resort offers various activities both land and on water. Guests can go on swimming with the whale sharks, diving, open sea kayaking, ATV rides, windsurfing, sailing, private boat tours, and a lot more.

Perks: spa and wellness center, 3 pools, varied accommodation choices, modern amenities, eco-friendly, special tours, land and water activities

Price: P 9,250 – 23,257

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa – Mactan Island

  1. Plantation Bay Resort and Spa – Mactan Island

If you are to visit the “Queen City of the South” and crave for a luxurious treat, head to Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, renowned for its expansive grounds and waterways that offers tranquil respite from the pressures and hustles of city life. There are so many ways to enjoy the waters at Plantation Bay – the beach, lagoons, pools, and the undersea.

Perks: water features, wall climbing, day packages, tours, diving

Price: P 10,500 – 47,500

Hyatt City of Dreams - Manila

  1. Hyatt City of Dreams – Manila

City of Dreams has several hotels in its premises, but Hyatt Hotel is perhaps the most charming and most luxurious. Nestled in the heart of the international hub for retail and enterprise, City of Dreams offers guests and tourists all the modern entertainment and conveniences within their reach while providing utmost relaxation and repose.

Perks: shopping, entertainment, nightlife, dining options right in the city

Price: P 11,000 – 18,100

Discovery Shores Boracay– Boracay Island

  1. Discovery Shores Boracay– Boracay Island

Discovery Shores Boracay is a Hall of Famer, and is consistently recognized for its utmost luxurious service and amenities. It is strategically located in the white beach of Station 1 Boracay, offering guests direct access to the world-renowned beach.

Perks: directly on white beach, modern styling, dining options, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom suites

Price: P 13,500 – 27,300

Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa – Boracay Island

  1. Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa – Boracay Island

Shangri-la in Boracay has the most expensive room in the country, but since it’s cheapest room is below that of four other resorts listed here, that makes it rank #5. Nevertheless, if you want to have a vacation with style and utmost luxury, without being so remote, Shangri-la is the place to be. Boracay has some of the most vibrant night life and beach life in the country, and perhaps around the world. You can relax in your private abode in your five-star resort or mingle with the crowd along the beaches and in the bars of Boracay.

Perks: white powdery sand, kid’s play area, the only deluxe resort in Boracay, spa treatments

Price: P 21,000 – 149,000

Monaco Suites de Boracay

  1. Monaco Suites de Boracay -Boracay Island

The resort is on Boracay Hills, providing a great view of the island from atop, although it also offers a private beach with a docking port. It is an eco-friendly resort with solar-power facilities. It offers brightly colored architectural styling reminiscent of Mediterranean villas, but much more playful and inviting.

Perks: spacious rooms at least 90sqm, kitchenette in every room, private beach with docking port, amazing ocean views

Price: P 13,600 – 52,000

Lagen Island Resort – El Nido, Palawan

  1. Lagen Island Resort – El Nido, Palawan

Lagen Island is one of the exclusive island destinations in El Nido, Palawan with a verdant forest on one side and a shallow lagoon on the other. The island is home to a very luxurious and exclusive resort, named after the island’s name. There are 51 rooms in the resort, but they are priced almost similarly featuring two kinds of ambience – forest and water.

Perks: biodiverse location, limestone cliffs, calm lagoon, bird watching, mangrove exploration

Price: P 22,082 – 28,792

Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa – Panglao Island

  1. Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa – Panglao Island

This 16-hectare property is right at the heart of the finest beach in Panglao, and throughout the country. It is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World with 15-Philippine styled villas, all fitted with the most indulgent furniture and décor. Published rates are exclusive of 12% government tax, so they can go higher. The resort offers packages for a more relaxing and convenient stay.

Perks: Asian spa treatments, Bohol tours, wedding and vacation packages

Price: P 25,000 – 89,000

Dedon Island Resort – Siargao Island

  1. Dedon Island Resort – Siargao Island

From northwest we go southeast where lies the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” and one of the most expensive resorts in the country. Dedon Island Resort is in the southeastern tip of Siargao Island, 4 hours from Manila. It boasts of being a barefoot resort, where guests best wander and explore the magical refuge without any footwear. It is the creation of a notable outdoor furniture company, so the resort is dotted with amazing furniture including the famous hanging lounge chair, Nestrest.

Perks: Magpupungko rocks, Mangrove Pagoda, Sea Pagoda, organic farm, close to Cloud 9, white sand and pristine waters,

Price: P 30,400 – P55,100

Aman Resort – Amanpulo – Pamilacan Island

  1. Aman Resort – Amanpulo – Pamilacan Island

Whenever you look or ask around for the most luxurious resort in the country, you’re sure to be told to go to Amanpulo. The resort is nestled in the private island of Pamilacan in the Cuyo Group of Islands in between the islands of Coron, Palawan and Panay. It’s so remote and exclusive, and is the consistent choice for tourists who want a private, serene place to relax and enjoy the tropical weather and the white, sandy beach. For the price you pay, you get the most indulgent treatment you can imagine.

Perks: Sugar-white sand around the island, clear seawaters, year-round sailing and windsurfing, abundant reefs, exclusive airstrip

Price: P 65,000 – 86,000

Ready for some luxury and exclusivity? If money were not a problem, you won’t think twice in visiting any of these resorts on some occasion. Absolutely – youdon’t need to go very far or abroad to taste world-class indulgence because right here in our beloved country, we can find replicas or even better versions of Mediterranean or Caribbean resorts, plus, you get to appreciate the luxurious touch of Filipino flair (think bahaykubo or Filipino cuisine), which on most occasions may just appear ordinary and mundane.

What do you think of these world-class resorts in the Philippines? Are they truly at par with that of their counterparts overseas? Or are they better? Let us know what you think of this list. Type your comments in the space below. Also, help us spread the word. You might know of someone who is looking for some indulgent respite within the country, share the good news to them!

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