Why It’s the Best Time to Switch to Inverter AC

A TopTen Summer Giveaway

Are you feeling the heat already? Summer is already here. In fact, the Holy Week is kind of early this year, don’t you think? And every Juan and Juana are busy making plans for the summer. Those who can go to somewhere cool and relaxing, great. Those who need to stay in their urban homes because of work, summer classes, or other reasons, a reliable air conditioner should suffice to tame the summer heat.

As a summer treat for you, here’s a couple of reasons why you should ditch your traditional aircon and go for an inverter.


  1. Viable Replacement

If you are planning to buy a new aircon unit or needing to replace an old one, you now have a more viable option. The inverter system in aircons is a technology, widely used in Japan. In fact, the variable refrigerant flow (VRF), which uses AC inverter, is an HVAC technology (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) invented by Daikin, a Japanese company, in 1982. And you know how Japanese are – they always go for greater efficiency, higher performance and better productivity.

Quiet Operation

  1. Quiet Operation

The first thing we hate about an aircon is the noise. Noisy operation is attributable to unmaintained, low quality, or old AC units. Those with regular motors often produce noise, but those with inverter technology offers quiet operation because the inverter compressor that produces the noise is located in the outdoor unit, so you can enjoy peace and quiet inside your room. Inverter system is currently available only in split ACs.

Ozone Friendly

  1. Ozone Friendly

The refrigerant used in many inverter systems, which is R410a, contains only HFC, not the HCFC in R22 refrigerant used in regular aircons. HCFC is an additional chlorine compound that can cause damage to the ozone layer of our beloved planet. Although R410a may cost more, it’s definitely worth it when it can help minimize damage on the ozone, plus you’ll learn later that inverter technology actually helps you save more money in the long run!

Greater Efficiency

  1. Greater Efficiency

Notice your regular aircon unit goes on and off or start and stop? Whenever this happens, it uses so much energy. Traditional aircons regulate air temperature by controlling the compressor in two ways – making it run at maximum capacity or turning it off completely. The inverter technology in aircons eliminates the stop- start cycle, resulting in greater efficiency.

AC Cooling Time

  1. Cooling Time

Another thing we hate about aircon is that it takes too long for it to cool down the room. An inverter AC provides faster time to reach the desired room temperature because the inverter technology within the unit gives the compressor more power as necessary. Unlike in a regular unit, the inverter remains ON, but determines when it needs to draw more or less power, depending on the temperature of the incoming air.

Stable Temperature

  1. Stable Temperature

You can experience lesser fluctuations in the room temperature when your aircon has inverter technology. As mentioned before, the inverter is always running, so it keeps on checking the temperature but only using enough energy needed to keep the temperature at the desired level, automatically adjusting its capacity depending on the size and cooling requirement of the room.

Startup Power

  1. Startup Power

Inverter motor requires 3 to 4 times less current at startup than a regular motor and runs at variable speeds so that it can start up gradually and consumes less energy. A regular 1.5 ton fixed speed aircon that runs at 10 amp current may need up to 30 amp current at startup and a 5 kVA generator, whereas an equivalent inverter technology aircon needs only up to 7 amp at startup and a 2 kVA generator.


  1. Solar Power Compatibility

Are you planning to use solar PV cells to run your aircon? Better use inverter technology aircon and ref because it doesn’t require so much energy from startup to operating mode. Also, inverter aircon doesn’t need a huge size of inverter to be installed along with your PV panel. Inverter system AC is more compatible with solar energy!

Acquisition Cost

  1. Acquisition Cost

Prices of inverter aircons are now at their lowest with promo prices going even lower than Php20,000 for some brands (excluding installation fees for inverter types). At that price, it’s almost cheaper than some non-inverter type aircon brands!

Energy Savings

  1. Energy Savings

If used 8 hours a day in an office setting, you save around Php5,000/month (if using just 1 HP inverter type aircon) and this savings alone will get you the price difference of buying a non-inverter aircon by about 2 months!

We’ve tested inverter technology aircon in the office, and it worked wonders for us. All the energy savings and power efficiencies mentioned here, they’re real, at least for us. We hope you, too, can enjoy the same especially this summer when the heat is just so much, aggravated further by rising electricity bills.

To sum up our summer giveaway: Save energy. Pay less. Go for inverter technology AC.

We invite you to share this to your friends and loved ones, who like many of us, have been ripped off miserably by traditional fixed speed aircons. It’s about time. Have a cool summer y’all wherever you may be!

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