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10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines

March doesn’t just signal that summer is here, it also means that graduation is here. And with that we all now fresh graduates from colleges and universities, even high schools, are now facing the most uncertain period of their lives – what’s next?

After all the celebrations and the brief stints at the beach or anywhere else, new graduates now rush to hunting jobs, sending applications, and doing job interviews. They officially become part of the unemployed population of the Philippines – and along with those unemployed, underemployed and discontented with their current jobs – they are out there in the real world, perhaps for the first time, getting a taste of what it feels like to be seeking for work.

So, here’s a list that would surely inspire if not challenge our fresh graduates and other job seekers today. A list of the country’s top paying job positions for 2016. We hope that as the country is about to enter another chapter with a new president this May, our workforce also would enter another chapter of their lives with a new job that will make them productive, effective, well-compensated and, best of all, fulfilled.

  1. Customer Service-Related

Fresh grads: Php19, 036

1-4 Yrs Exp: 27, 890

Junior Management Level: 38, 082

Senior Management Level:

Becoming a customer service representative or call center agent is perhaps the most common entry point of today’s working class. The IT/BPO industry is the fastest growing sector in the Philippines, said to overtake OFW remittances by 2017. Valued at $18 billion in 2014, the industry, according to Jose Mari Mercado, president of the Information Technology-Business Process Association of the Philippines, will experience growth of 15% to 18% year on year, providing more and more jobs for the people.

A third of job openings for fresh grads are in customer relations and this year, the industry is projected to offer 1.3 million new jobs, reaching a 17% yearly growth. This means that much needed assurance for many first time job seekers and those with little to no experience in employment.

  1. Merchandising

Fresh grads: Php19, 095

1-4 Yrs Exp:

Junior Management Level:

Senior Management Level:

Sales, marketing, merchandising and retail departments offer a vast array of open positions for fresh graduates. Merchandising jobs usually entail college education or degree in business administration, management and related courses. This is the stepping stone for those who would like to take up managerial positions later in life.

  1. PR/Communications

Fresh grads: Php19, 242

1-4 Yrs Exp: 27, 050

Junior Management Level:

Senior Management Level:

Another area in marketing is communications and public relations. College graduates with degree in mass communications, marketing or equivalent degree may apply for the position. Those great in communicating with people from all walks of life, those with excellent interpersonal skills, coupled with proficiency in computer operations and marketing are highly recommended to take such position.

Individuals who handle the PR aspect of the company need to sustain business relationships with every stakeholder including internal and external parties. They also may be required to handle the collaborations with different media channels to promote the company’s brand.

  1. Quality Control/Assurance

Fresh grads: Php19, 337

1-4 Yrs Exp:

Junior Management Level: 38, 644

Senior Management Level: 73, 574

Positions in quality control and quality assurance is the 7th highest paying job for fresh graduates, the 3rd highest paying job for those with at least 5 years of experience and the 4th highest paying job for those with senior managerial qualifications.

Being in charge of product and service quality is a demanding job – you need to make sure that the output is of optimum quality upon exiting the company’s doors and entering the customer’s premises. When something goes wrong along the way, it’s all in the hands of the QC in charge.

  1. Training & Development

Fresh grads: Php19, 723

1-4 Yrs Exp: 27, 471

Junior Management Level: 34, 081

Senior Management Level: 64, 651

A training and development officer handles the training and development requirements of the organization, designs programs based on those needs, and works with different parties to create and implement those programs. The development of the organization’s workforce, most of all, is the primary priority.

Qualified candidates are those individuals with education and experience in business, psychology, human resources, and information technology. For entry level applicants, they can expect to earn around Php19, 723 each month and triple that earning by the time they reach senior management level.

  1. Journalist/Editor

Fresh grads: Php19, 808

1-4 Yrs Exp:

Junior Management Level:

Senior Management Level:

People who like to do intensive research, documentation and editing, and with the appropriate work and education al background may take up journalism and editorial career. The work entails conducting interviews with different respondents, writing copy for publication, establishing contact networks, checking facts, and creating blogs.

A journalist or editor works both in the field and in the office – and this may mean working long hours within unpredictable schedules, depending on the times when news-worthy events happen. Entry level applicants earn almost Php20, 000 each month as a journalist or editor, keeping themselves and other up to date and informed of current events.

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  1. Healthcare-Related

Fresh grads: Php20, 048

1-4 Yrs Exp:

Junior Management Level:

Senior Management Level:

The healthcare industry is catching up with the other industries in providing great first salaries, specifically to clinical nurses, healthcare assistants, and medical representatives. Starting salary for these professionals is now at Php20, 048, making it the fourth highest paying job throughout the country.

For those with more years of work experience and specialization, they may eventually go abroad as in the case of a number of our OFWs, others may set up their own clinics and laboratories combining both business and profession at the same time, while some remain employed with larger organizations and hospitals.

  1. Law/Legal Services

Fresh grads: Php21, 132

1-4 Yrs Exp: 30, 324

Junior Management Level: 43, 128

Senior Management Level: 61, 310

Individuals with law background and newly installed lawyers, they can apply as legal assistant, paralegal, contract management administrator, and junior lawyers. A starting salary of a little more than Php20k may be minute considering the many years of toil and the hardships of making it through the dreaded bar exams, but being a lawyer remains the third highest paying job for fresh graduates, second for those with at least 1-4 years of experience and those at junior management levels, and the 10th highest paying position for those at senior management levels.

Lawyers with ample experience and court winnings under their belt normally set up their own law firms or create partnerships in order to attract better paying clients. This makes their earnings more unpredictable, but definitely more promising than the Php61, 310 per month.

  1. Actuarial/Statistics

Fresh grads: Php21, 391

1-4 Yrs Exp: 28, 406

Junior Management Level:

Senior Management Level: 75, 784

Actuaries work in banks, investment firms, finance, and insurance companies, and rarely work as freelancers. They assess risks and determine the most viable corporate pricing for different finance instruments and products by creating and using math modelling techniques and statistical concepts.

Actuaries earn the 2nd highest salary at entry level and the 3rd highest salary after gaining 1 to 4 years of work experience. When they reach senior management position, they remain the top 3 earners in all the land with a monthly income of Php75, 784. Indeed, being great in math does pay!

  1. IT-Related

Fresh grads: Php22, 567

1-4 Yrs Exp: 38, 149

Junior Management Level: 63, 485

Senior Management Level: 86, 550

For several years now, IT jobs remain the highest paying positions for all levels, particularly entry-level.  Those with at least one year of experience can now enjoy a 7% increase in monthly paychecks as compared in 2015.

Jobs in the field include web developer, Android developer, business security assistant, system administrator, IT support engineer, and computer hardware troubleshooter.

So there you have it every Juan – the top ten highest paying jobs in the country! Although this list is largely based on the entry level salary, understand that you could earn lower or higher than the presented amounts depending on your hard work and the opportunities that come your way.

We do hope that you find this list helpful and factual. If you have anything to add to our report, we invite you to start or join in the discussion below. Also, share this list with your friends by hitting the corresponding social media button.

This list is based on the Ph salary trends report and on actual salaries posted by employers at the said website. Basic salary does not include monetary and non-monetary benefits.

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