11 Summer Workshops for Kids

Nanays and Tatays – do you want to keep your kids productive and busy this summer? Then enroll them to any one of these summer workshops. Now that they have all the time in the world to play, why not make playtime a lot more meaningful and enjoyable for them like helping them develop a new skill and aptitude? Although classes are over, children need to stay physically and mentally active. And these workshops are sure to help energetic and creative kids develop their bodies and minds.
11. Swimming
Swimming is a lifelong skill that’s beneficial to develop at a young age. Learning to swim could be a life saver. It won’t be difficult to urge your kids to take up swimming lessons because swimming is fun. Children love the idea of going to the swimming pool, the beach, and other water features. It’s always fun for them to take refreshing dips in the water. If your kids have not learned to swim just yet and you’re not keen to teaching them on your own, consider enrolling them to a summer swimming workshop.
10. Food
Help your kids learn the art of creating and serving delicious food. The kitchen is no longer exclusive to cooking mothers or fathers – they can be an enjoyable productive corner in the house for young ones, too. Sure it can get messy, but don’t we adults make a mess, too, when we prepare food? At the end of the day, developing your children’s appreciation for making and serving delicious (and healthy) food will always benefit you and your family.
9. Dance
Kids as young as a few months old already have inclinations to dancing. But not everyone become graceful dancers when they grow up. If you or your child identifies an opportunity to develop the skill at such an early age, have them take up formal lessons in dancing. While ballet may be the first thing to come in mind when it comes to dance lessons, there are actually other forms of dances that your child can learn this summer.
Musical Instrument
8. Musical Instrument
It’s awesome to see your child create music by banging pots and pans at home, never mind how noisy it may seem. Kids love to make music. Help them do more than just banging pots and pans – unleash their full potential in making good music by helping them play musical instruments such as drum set, keyboard, piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, flute and many more.
voice lessons
7. Voice Lessons
Does singing come natural within the family? Do you observe in your child a special interest in singing? Let them enhance and develop this talent by letting them take up voice lessons this summer. A voice coach or instructor can help in nurturing your child’s innate talent in singing, reading musical notes, learning proper vocalization, and developing stage presence among other things.
6. Theater
As parents, it can be both annoying and fun to watch our children put on some drama whenever they want something. Rather than punishing your kids for putting on such a show, let them hone the talent in performing arts. Many child actors and actresses start their careers learning theater and drama from summer workshops. If you believe this is the path for your child, enroll them to an acting or theater workshop this summer.
5. Sports
Nurture the athlete within your child – let them play sports and learn the art of true sportsmanship and discipline at the same time. Summer sports clinics and workshops are always offered by schools, clubs and even sports drink brands to help develop children’s young bodies and minds to adapt to the world of sports.

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4. Martial Arts
Today, learning self defense is an essential tool for keeping one safe as well as others. It can also be another avenue to help your children stay physically and mentally active this summer. More than the idea of kicking butts and fighting bad guys, learning martial arts is learning discipline and respect.
3. Entrepreneurship
Yes, it’s never too early to teach your children about managing and growing money. The Chinese have done it for many centuries and it proved helpful for them for many generations. Learning about business and developing entrepreneurial skills as early as now can help your kids dream beyond becoming mere employees in the future. It’s common for most of us Filipinos to encourage our kids to study hard so they can land a good job, but then again, employment is not the only option out there for our kids. They can become business owners if they want to.

Little girl reading pile of books. Isolated.

Little girl reading pile of books. Isolated.

2. Academic
Some kids just can’t get enough of school. They’d rather study than play. Although it is important for them to have a balanced life, they may find more meaning when they continue developing their skills in the academics. We encourage parents with academically gifted children to enroll these young ones to any one of these summer workshops. But we also encourage parents to never neglect carefree play time to help kids lead well balanced lives.
Total Personality
1. Total Personality
Your child has unique sets of traits and talents that make them one of a kind. And to help develop your child’s multiple skills and intelligence, you can enlist them at a total personality workshop that targets not just one or two but multiple facets of your child’s personality and inclinations, helping them cultivate respect for self and others, and become self-motivated, expressive, and confident.

This list is simply a guide to parents. We don’t have direct connections to organizations, instructors and clubs that offer summer workshops. For more information on how to enroll your kids and have them join a summer workshop, feel free to visit the helpful list at Mommy Practicality or at Primer. Also, contact regional and local clubs in your area as it’s highly likely that they too provide summer workshops for kids this 2016 and the succeeding summers to come!

I’m sure you know of young tots who have so much energy and passion in them that needs proper guidance and development. Perhaps they are your nieces and nephews, or young cousins, neighbors or children of your barkadas or officemates. Please share with them this helpful list to help them and their kids decide how to spend their summer more meaningfully and wisely.

As Tom Peter’s quotation goes: “Everyone has a chance to learn, improve and build up their skills.” And this particularly includes children who are the most adaptive and receptive to learning new skills.

Have a great summer everyone!

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