Top 10 Items Found in a Nerdy Girl’s Bag

It used to be that nerdiness equals weirdness, but not anymore. Today, being geeky and smart is no longer weird. If anything, it’s acceptable and more importantly fashionable. Nerd is the new cool that’s why fake eyeglasses sell like hotcakes because a lot of men and woman want to look “smarter” than they really are.

But it takes more than a pair of nerdy eyeglasses to look the part. We all can be smart looking in the outside, but geeks? Only they have the brains that actually work better than most of us.

Nerdy bags – they all have a few things in common: statement bags with impeccable prints that describe the nerd, as well as lots and lots of pockets and compartments to house the nitty-gritty must-haves of a typical nerd.

And yet, today’s nerdy girl isn’t just a slob or a bore. I mean, we’re talking here of nerdy gals who are not just onto solving mathematical problems or measuring the distance between the Earth to a particular heavenly body. We’re talking here of nerdy gals who also care about how they style and project themselves. In short, the nerdy fashionista.

So how does a nerd styles herself? First, let’s have a look at what’s inside her bag.

Eyeglass or Contact Lenses

  1. Eyeglass or Contact Lenses

We have to qualify this. A real nerd doesn’t necessarily have poor vision. And she definitely doesn’t have to don fake eyeglasses just for show. But when she does wear eyewear, she’s keen about taking care of the very instrument that helps her see better. When necessary, the nerdy girl wears a pair of trusty eyewear and inside her bag is a decent eyewear case with wipes and/or lense cleaning solution.

Pen and Paper

  1. Pen and Paper

She loves taking down notes or writing down her thoughts. She’ll never know when her next eureka moment would be, and so she’s ever ready to jot down her ideas, no matter how absurd or how simple they may be. I mean, she’s smart at remembering things, but since there’s too many things to remember and many ideas coming her way, a handy pen and paper (or a tiny notebook or journal) is her reliable companion. Actually, she may bring with her a couple of fairly sharpened pencils, too, along with a sharpener and eraser, so she can solve Suduku or crossword puzzles whenever she has the time.

Smartphone, Notebook or Laptop

  1. Smartphone, Notebook or Laptop

Whether she’s playing that mind-boggling app, studying or preparing her report, our nerdy fashionista knows how much effective when she uses a trusty device like a smartphone or a laptop. But unlike regular gadget-loving individuals her age, she isn’t as much into posting selfies or spying on her exes. She actually uses her devices as leverage for greater productivity. And yes, she might insist that her playing a game and topping the scoreboard is simply her way of relaxing her mind.


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  1. USB Flashdrive and Portable WiFi

She can’t have enough of data storage. She could be extremely passionate about photography and travel, historical readings, scientific mysteries, and such other things that only nerds like her truly have the potential to fathom. Then, too, she knows that the best source of reading and research material is the Internet. And because she’s smart, she knows which sites and authors to trust and which ones are trash.

Pocket Magazine or Book

  1. Pocket Magazine or Book

As if she has 30 hours in a day, the nerdy gal seems to have lots of time to read. Those days when she wants to divert to more traditional reading materials, she turns to her handy pocket magazine, manga or novel that she purposely brings along inside her bag. At least, these printed guys don’t need batteries and WiFi to work when she’s off the grid or simply running out of power.




  1. eReader

In addition to bringing printed books or magazines, she also brings an ebook reader to work as her portable library. After all, a lady’s bag can only hold so many books, and an ereader keeps her all her favorite titles in just one device.

Wallet with ID

  1. Wallet with ID/Card Holder

Her wallet may be as simple and traditional as can be, or surprisingly posh. What’s important is that it can hold her most valuable stuff such as money, IDs, library cards, and other personal documents she holds dear. Well, she may have a couple of special passes to the city’s top-secret research labs for all we know.

Compact Powder

  1. Compact Powder

Nerdy or not, she is a woman who hates looking too glossy or shimmery on the face. She puts on face powder and maybe light makeup to get that everyday pretty, nerdy look, and she’s back to her studies, apps, and whatnots that make her the nerd that she is.

Gum and Candies

  1. Gum and Candies

That ton of reading and studying can surely make her hungry, and so a pack of candies keeps her hunger pangs on halt until she’s ready to grab a more substantial meal. Gums on the other hand helps keep her breath fresh when she’s on the go. Nerds do care about their bodies and overall hygiene, and perhaps more deliberately than most – thanks to their implicit knowhow about germs, bacteria, viruses. So besides gum, they also pack a couple of personal hygiene products like tissue and sanitizer. No, they aren’t OCs at that, just only applying what they know.

There you have it, guys. Ten items usually found in a nerdy girl’s bag. There could be more. What do you think of this list? If you or someone you know is a certified nerdy fashionista, help us improve this list by sharing with us the things you generally stuff in your bag.

Just remember, being a nerd is cool. No amount of high-end styling or power dressing can ever conceal a person’s lack of wisdom.

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