The Scariest Magandang Gabi Bayan Halloween Stories

Growing up in the 90’s, you’d probably remember waiting for the special Halloween episode of Magandang Gabi, Bayan. Magandang Gabi, Bayan (MGB), which directly translates to “Good Evening, Nation!” was a weekend program on ABS-CBN that was anchored by Manuel Leuterio de Castro, Jr., better known as “Kabayan” Noli de Castro. I mean, sure, MGB was a pioneer on investigative journalism in the Philippines with its interesting weekly episodes, but those special Halloween episodes are the ones we really anticipated and completed our undas. The Halloween special is usually shown during the sunday closest to November 1 (since the show only aired on Sundays).  The urban legends and  horror stories featured in Magandang Gabi Bayan’s Halloween special has caused many sleepless nights, sissy shrieks, and fewer trips to the bathroom.

For those looking for a trip down memory lane, or are curious at what kept their older siblings up at night, here are 10 of the scariest Magandang Gabi Bayan Halloween special segments that’ll chill you to your bones.


Campus Horror

We all have some kind of school horror story. It usually starts with how the school use to be an old graveyard or that it was used as a dumping site for dead bodies during the second world war. This MGB story features University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), which is one of the oldest school campuses in the Philippines. The school was already around since before the second world war, and a part of the campus was even used as a concentration camp during the war. In this segment features a student as he tells his paranormal experience in the Baker Memorial Hall of UPLB.


Multo sa Dormitoryo

Something about students makes them prone to see supernatural beings and experience out of this world happenings (maybe it’s all the stress they’re constantly exposed to). This feature talks about the scary experiences of students living in a dormitory and how a lady in white haunts them during the night.


Multo sa Manila Film Center

The Manila Film Center has always been known to be haunted. Then First Lady Imelda Marcos had the structure built in 1981 and was finished in roughly a year. The building has been the subject of controversies because of an accident that happened during the final stages of its construction in 1981. The scaffolding collapsed and at least 169 workers fell and were buried under quick-drying wet cement. Some of those unfortunate construction workers were never retrieved from the accident. Because of this, many say that the ghost of those who died during the accident still haunt the film center, till this day.


Lahing Aswang

Talk about having weird relatives. In this episode, a woman talks about her experience of seeing an aswang, only to find out that she actually knows who the aswang is. It’s a pretty common thing here in the Philippines to hear stories around the neighbourhood that one of the neighbours is related to an aswang. Sure, that neighbour might be a bit strange, but not unless you actually see them flying around in the middle of the night, we suggest you keep your cool and put the pitchforks away. Hearsay could get you into a lot of trouble.


Bahay sa Tanay

This is not your typical haunted house story. It’s bad enough that you experience the scare of your life by seeing a ghost, but what if the ghost follows you around the house? This segment features a caretaker’s nightmare as she talks about how the many ghost in this particular house in Tanay, Rizal terrorizes her. Turns out, the house actually has a dark past involving the murder for the previous caretakers.


Kababalaghan sa Aklan

When you think about Aklan, the first thing that often pops into your head is usually the stunning island of boracay. However, the province actually has a couple of scary stories that’ll keep you up at night. The majority of Aklan is still very rural, so it’s no surprise that you’ll hear stories about manananggals and aswangs in the area.


White Lady ng Loakan

Baguio is a beautifully haunting place (more on the haunting in this context). Other than being the summer capital of the Philippines, the city is also known for it’s many haunted areas were lost spirits, as well as those who can’t cross to the other side often show themselves to passersby. Loakan road is known to be haunted by a white lady, who is said was this beautiful youth who was raped in the area. However, there’s actually more to her than what the tragic story says.


Mga Kaluluwang Gala sa GSIS Village

A haunted house is creepy enough, but what about a haunted subdivision? The GSIS village in San Pedro Laguna may be a bustling residential area, but a number of strange and unexplainable sightings has happened in the site.


Multo sa Video

Ok, so this one isn’t as scary as the others, but it’s still really creepy. This segment is about a ghost or some spirit was caught on film. One of the sports coordinator took a video of the neighbourhood kids playing basketball, when all of the sudden, a figure of a child runs into the frame. No one could explain who this child was and none could remember seeing the child during the event. The video is even sent to a professional to check its legitimacy and help explain who or what that figure was.


Demonyo sa Sementeryo

The Halloween special not only shows scary and haunted places and stories, but it also features is about how one person asked to have a statue of the devil, instead of the usual angels, placed on top of his grave. odd places and things that are a bit strange and creepy. This segment

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