Siargao’s Dedon Island Resort is Named Tablet’s Coolest Hotel

Siargao has once again made it in the international spotlight after its Dedon Island Resort was listed as one of Tablet Hotels’ coolest. Not many years ago, Siargao was such a laid-back and unfamiliar vacation spot, until renowned photographer, John Seaton Callahan, visited Siargao in the 1990s, named the island’s tubes Cloud 9, and featured Siargao in Surfer magazine .

Now, Siargao’s Dedon Island Resort was handpicked by Tablet Hotels as one of the best. Tablet Hotels is known for selecting the most extraordinary hotels and resorts in the world – those that “offer something memorable and unique” to guests.

We’ve heard critics praise our beaches and resorts in Boracay or in Palawan. This time, we’ve received praise for a Siargao resort. So what’s so cool about Dedon Island Resort in Siargao?

  1. It’s cool because it’s located in the Surfing Capital of the Philippines

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Dedon Island Resort isn’t actually located on a private island, but on a beach front in the island of Siargao. Siargao, an elongated island off the eastern coast of Mindanao lies on Pacific Ocean, where its surf-worthy swells come from. But Siargao isn’t just a surfer’s paradise. Even non-surfers will fall in love with Siargao.

  1. It’s Cool because its shores are covered with powdery white sand

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Because most of the beaches in the island are covered with very fine and blindingly white sand, walking barefoot is a must-do when in Siargao. In fact, Dedon Island Resort offers the so-called barefoot luxury, encouraging guests to enjoy the resort’s amenities and Siargao’s natural wonders without putting their shoes on.

  1. It’s cool because it’s surrounded by coral reefs and clear seawaters

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Surfer or not, anyone who fancies great beaches and rich marine life would naturally be captivated by Siargao.  Again, Siargao isn’t only for surfing, but also for all sorts of water and island adventures, including diving, kayaking and swimming. Unlike the long stretches of sandy shores in Boracay, Siargao’s coral reefs are mostly only a few meters from the shore.

  1. It’s cool because it’s a sustainable and luxurious beach resort
Dedon Island resort

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The resort is designed to blend into the natural landscape of the island. It incorporates the local community in every way possible – from its architectural design, to its materials sourcing. It relies on local fishermen and farmers, and maintains a vegetable garden for its food supply.

  1. It’s cool because it offers nine free-standing, spacious villas
nine free-standing

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Dedon Island Resort is an all-villa establishment that provides barefoot luxury. Each of the nine villas is generously spaced from each other to offer utmost privacy. Each villa is surrounded with lush tropical gardens and grass covered yards with a great view of the sea. Guests may relax within the covered patio or frolic in the nearby garden. Indoors, guests are treated to indulgent and spacious living spaces.

  1. It’s cool because it’s decorated with verdant tropical gardens
tropical gardens

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The resort is seamlessly integrated into the immediate surroundings. No trees were cut unnecessarily. The villas, pagodas, pavilions and other structures were tastefully and mindfully created so as not to disturb the natural habitats of the local flora and fauna. To top it all off, the resort grows exotic and fragrant orchids and flowering plants.

  1. It’s cool because it’s villas have private porches with designer furnishings
designer furnishings

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What makes Dedon Island Resort unique and from all the other resorts in the area are its fixtures and finishing.  Each was exclusively created for the resort, including Dedon’s NestRest and Swingrest designed by Daniel Pouzet.

  1. It’s cool because of its opulent, spacious bathrooms
spacious bathrooms

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According to Jim Dobson, contributing writer to Forbes and author of the article Tablet Reveals the 25 Coolest Hotels in the World, the bathroom is perhaps the most striking part of the villas. Spacious, opulent, and uniquely designed – the villa bathroom is nothing short of extraordinary. With hanging shower head, sunken stone floor, modern fixtures and wooden accents – the bathroom is an impressive living space on its own.

  1. It’s cool because it serves fine dishes using seasonal ingredients

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Did we mention that the resort’s restaurant offers unique gourmet dishes made from seasonal and local ingredients? Yes, Dedon Island Resort source its ingredients from the freshest catch or harvest of the day direct from local fishermen and farmers, as well as from what the resort’s kitchen garden. What they come up is a refreshing, ever-changing menu with Filipino and pan-Asian influences.

  1. It’s cool because it showcases local craftsmanship and materials
craftsmanship and materials

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Although the designers behind Dedon are foreigners, they made use of the creativity of local craftsmen and local materials to build the structures, fixtures and accents found within the resort. The outcome? A cozy, delightful and truly indulgent traveller’s oasis right within Mindanao, Philippines!

Sadly, for all its opulence and exclusivity, Dedon Island Resort isn’t every-Juan’s hotel. An overnight stay at the resort would already cost about USD1,300 or PHP65,000, excluding mandatory fees (around PHP15,000). Although the nightly rate already includes meals, snacks and beverages, as well as use of onsite facilities, still only the rich and famous can ever afford Dedon Island Resort and experience the barefoot luxury that side of Siargao Island.

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