12 Gifts That You Should Not Give to Your Girlfriend

There are things that can spoil not only the holiday, but also the relationship with the girl. What gifts for girlfriend do not have a place under the tree on New Year’s Eve? Today we will reveal this secret to you. If you’ve already bought something from the list, it’s time to throw it away and buy something else. We warned you.

A Pet

Take the girl to a psychiatrist. Get a medical opinion that she is completely healthy. Make sure she is sober. After all these manipulations, ask her: are you sure that you do not want a new iPhone? If she answers negatively three times, then you can give her an iguana.

Photo Frame or Photo Album

If you add to this a mug and a candle – you can easily do without a fancy dress. It will already be clear that you are “Mr. Banality-2018”. Wouldn’t you agree that this trait does not help in dating girls at all? If you have no idea of what to give, there are many gift ideas for girlfriend on Internet, do not be so lazy.

Epilator / vibration massager, etc.

Undoubtedly, these are cool and important things. But it will be difficult for a girl to get rid of the feeling that you are so delicately hinting that it’s time to get rid of whiskers / fatty sides, etc.

Set of Pots, Pans

Well, just don’t do it, mate. She is not a cook; she is a Woman. If you know that your girlfriend is not very fond of cooking and you still give her kitchen accessories – you are either an idiot or you hate your girlfriend.

Money in an Envelope

This is an excellent gift to a servant, a nanny, a masseuse, a concierge and so on. But only not to the girl who is in intimate and romantic relationships with you! She can make a conclusion – and she will make it, you can be sure – that you are not in principle ready to bother yourself with searching-choosing-buying a gift.

Unintelligible Thing, Made by Your Own Hands

If, of course, you are not 4 years old or you are not a unique artisan recognized all over the world. Gifts for your girlfriend should have at least some price.

Bed Linen, Towels, Blanket

A gift is for her, and for sure you will both use it. It is not good. And in general, let the grandmothers, aunts and relatives from some remote place give such presents to the girls. Your gift must express something and belong only to her. If you talked with a friend about cute gifts for girlfriend and he or she advised you to give linen, towel or blanket…well, he or she is not your friend anymore.

Soft Toy

Especially all sorts of bears and giraffes at 1.5 meters. Such synthetic accelerators are created to punish criminals, and not to please your favorite girls. If you really want to give a soft toy, let it be special. For example, a teddy bear with a secret pocket. This at least reminds a normal gift.

Vibrator or Any Other Sex Gadget
This is not the worst gift, but better save it until Valentine’s Day. For the New Year, give something more romantic.

A Book

There are three types of gifts: good, bad and a book. And even if your girlfriend likes to read, she would like to get from you something else. Believe my experience, mate. Think about other good gifts for girlfriend.

Fake Stuff

Fake “Louis Vuitton”, Chinese “Tiffany” will please only the very inexperienced and unpretentious persons. If you want to give the girl something chic, but you do not have money for that, just give up this idea and wait for a more convenient opportunity.

Something That You Already Gave Before

Worse than that is just to re-give what she herself presented to you a few years earlier. This is a real insult to the woman’s heart.

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