Is AdvoCare a Scam? All Truth about AdvoCare

Drinking dietary additives is the trend of the past. Today, manufacturers of products for losing weight offer another way to attract customers and promote their merchandise. The essence of the contemporary trend lies in developing a diet plan based on a certain dietary additive. Such brands as Herbalife and SlimFast have already introduced their vision of a proper nutrition in the pursuit of a perfect body. In the present article, we are going to look at the AdvoCare’s attempt to join the cohort of the new stream. Read AdvoCare review.

Meal Replacement Uncovered

First, let’s take a glance at the core element of the Advocare 24-Day Challenge to be reviewed below. Though the bundle of items for the diet plan includes versatile diet products, the meal replacement is the principal component. The shake is created for weight management. It can boast of more than 50 components along with the protein consisting of several sources. Actually, it is more the flaw rather than advantage since the quality of the core nutrient leaves much to be desired.

Another issue observed with the shake is the sugar content. I suppose you would agree that 12g of this unnecessary ingredient is too much, especially if your aim is to cut weight.

Now, let’s back on track and see what is inside the package.

The Challenge

 If you got on the hook of AdvoCare marketers and decided to try the challenge, be prepared to consume versatile supplements within the next three weeks. By the way, the package consisting of versatile supplements for two phases of the diet plan costs a serious sum. Be prepared to give around $220 for your dream to become slimmer.

Now, the phases. Certain merchandises are intended for certain phases. Thus, the first 10 days are covered by the Cleansing Phase. This stage of the diet plan comprises the following items of the bundle: OmegaPlex, Spark, Fiber, and Herbal Cleanse System. As you understand, the remaining MR shake and Metabolism Nutrition System are for the Max Phase.


The web is filled with disputes regarding the actual performance of the diet plan. Multiple users claiming that they managed to cut around 10lbs. On the other side, there is a plenty of disappointed customers failed to get any positive result. So, where is the truth?

In fact, the developed ration of the challenge stipulated the abandonment of sugar, processed foods, refined grains, alcohol, soda and other victuals stimulating the accumulation of fat. It is a proper way to reduce weight. Still, the quality and potency of supplements included in the plan are arguable. Besides, most of such short-term weight loss programs are known for a temporary effect followed by the subsequent regain of weight. It is probable that the most of positive feedbacks posted on versatile web resources are the result of the appropriate and wholesome nutrition rather than the effect of dedicated supplements. Still, it is only an assumption. You can find out the truth only if try the challenge by yourself.

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