Top 10 Reasons To Start Online Freelancing

Online jobs are a not new to our ears anymore because for sure, we all know a friend or two who basically works at home but earns dollars! Since the start of online freelancing in the Philippines, more and more people quit their full-time, corporate jobs, to risk it in the online world. Is it worth it? It sure is! Most clients who are looking for people to work with them are from abroad, which makes it a big opportunity for Filipinos to earn in dollars without leaving their families behind.

So, what is online freelancing and how is it different from regular office-based jobs in the country?

Online freelancing is generally just like an office-based job where you are required to stay online for a specific amount of time, talk to your client via video call, send reports and whatnot. However, in online freelancing, you can take your tasks anywhere else. What’s good about it is there is freedom about where you want to work and when you want to work. You can spend time at the beach while finishing up some reports, or maybe write articles while feeding the baby. That is just one advantage.

Everything else is just very similar. Some people think that going virtual is easier than that of a traditional work, but that is not true! In fact, it is more challenging because you are your own team. You can’t really ask anyone for help because, who would you ask?

To break it down for you, here are 10 reasons why you should start online freelancing!

Filipinos are skillful, hardworking and can communicate well in English

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Yes, you are exactly that: skillful, hardworking and can communicate well in English! I have to tell you this, though, freelancing is not for everyone. But if you do have the proper skills and the will to learn new skills along the way, this can actually work to your advantage. Clients all over the world search for Filipino workers because we are always willing to learn, we accept constructive criticisms, and we can talk to them in English!

Fluctuating dollar

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Since you will be paid in dollar (in most cases), your rate will vary from time to time. Sometimes, you get to hit the jackpot when the exchange rate is higher than expected. Sometimes, you also get the land a job that offers better pay than most jobs in the country, because clients don’t look at your country’s minimum rate, they charge per skill.

Work from home

There is nothing more convenient than being able to work right from your bedroom! This is most useful for parents who can’t leave their kids yet. They get to work while tending to them or doing something else such as cooking and doing the laundry. You can also take you job to the coffee shops if you wish, but of course, it depends on the line of work.

You can decide on your own time

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Since freelancing is a business, you are not entitled to stick to certain work hours. You can pick your clients, and you have the right to decline jobs that you don’t want to do. Is your birthday coming up? Then take a break! Clients are more likely to approve since in their culture, breaks are important.

You can be whoever and whatever you want to be no matter the age

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Clients will never ask you for a T.O.R., proof of employment or other documents that they sure won’t be needing to hire you. The downside of office-based jobs is they pick employees based on background and not on skills and potential. In freelancing, you can be a writer, a graphic artist, a social media manager and a virtual assistant (even with no experience) all in one day! Rates vary so you are free to decide how much you get paid.

Helpful online community

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The support that you get from the online community is very overwhelming. You won’t expect to have that kind of support and help from people anywhere else. On Facebook, there are plenty of groups, some with over a hundred thousand members, where you can post a question and people would just flock you post with answers.

More time with self, family and friends

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Since you can manage your own time, you will be able to spend more time with yourself or with family and friends. You can do so much more because you won’t be stuck in a regular office at a designated time anymore.

More opportunities for learning new skills on your own

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Since you will not be managed by anyone but yourself, you get to have the opportunity of exploring your hidden skills and hone them. Many clients hire people to do things that require uncommon skills which is a great opportunity to practice.

No more office politics

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We rant to our friends about the amount of office politics we encounter every single day of our lives. You won’t have to deal with this anymore! Your home, your rules. This is more in favor of the introvert freelancers who care less about gossiping in the workplace.

No need to commute everyday

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Braving through heavy traffic is one of the most tiresome and time-consuming parts of the day in the life of an office-based worker. You get home late at night, hungry and tired. You have maxed out your travel allowance, too! But freelancing won’t require you to move from one place to another which is always a plus because you get to save time, money and effort from traveling daily.


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