10 Reasons Why Joshua Garcia Is The Next Big Thing

Joshua Garcia hit stardom when he entered the PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) house, the Filipino version of the high-rated reality TV show, Big Brother. Looking from afar, Joshua seems to be just an ordinary boy but once he got out of the house and started accepting TV shows and movies, he instantly gained recognition from Filipino audience for his charm and acting skills!

Here are some of the hundreds of reasons why he is the next big thing:

He is a natural actor


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His first big role was in a movie called Vince and Kath and James, where he was partnered with Julia Barretto, his now girlfriend. Then, he landed another project with KathNiel in Barcelona: A Love Untold where he had very touching scenes with his mother. He then gained more popularity when he was shown in MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) with Julia. More projects came such as Love You To The Stars And Back and The Good Son proved that he is worthy of all the fame!

He has humble beginnings

Unlike many Filipino artists, Joshua gained his fame by working hard, starting from the bottom. We all know how exhausting it is to audition for PBB if you are just a regular dreamer, right? Joshua finished the process and ended up being one among the 17 housemates in the national TV show.

He is charming


???? Why so Serious?

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Charm is innate. You just can’t do workshops to gain it! Joshua naturally has this irresistible charm which led him to magnetize two girls in the house– Jane and Loisa! It can be recalled that the two pretty girls were trying to win his heart but he couldn’t choose!

He is “pang masa”

Joshua fits so well in the many roles that he have played. After proving his worth to the film industry, he was tagged as the John Lloyd of this generation. He is slowly becoming a household name since he gained the trust of many big brands!

He loves his girl


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The guy is not shy to show his affection towards his girl, Julia Barretto, who is a booming star herself. The two started showbiz separately but gained so much recognition when they were paired in  Vince and Kath and James. They have a movie coming up where Joshua plays a gay role.

He is sweet

He is sweet to everyone. He shows his love to his family and friends through social media and interviews and is vocal about how much he loves his family. He also takes time to thank his co-workers by showing his appreciation through his social network accounts.

He is hardworking


Some actors landed a spot in the industry simply by being born into a family of celebrities, but Joshua did not. He created his own path and is pretty much successful with his career. He sure still has a very long way to go!

He respects his supporters and bashers

Surely, he wouldn’t be where he is right now if it wasn’t for his supporters since day one. He shows much respect to the people behind him by working harder and by thanking them in any chance he gets. He, as far as we know, has not slammed any of his bashers.

He loves his family

Happy Father’s Day Papa! ♥️

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The young man has not forgotten his roots. He is currently living with his father, stepmother and two half siblings and have a great relationship with them. Due to financial difficulties, he was not able to finish high school so now, he makes it a point to give back to his family.

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