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10 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Buy the Latest Phones!

Christmas is fast approaching for most humans but if you’re Filipino, the moment the “ber” months start and Jose Mari Chan songs start playing radios, you know the season has begun. And for most of us, this means gift giving (including self given gifts). And for sure many are already thinking of what phone to buy for themselves at the moment and that’s the reason why I’m writing this article because quite frankly, YOU DON’T NEED TO and here are 10 reasons why:

1. They all look the same!? If you’re buying another rectangular bar soap phone just like the 10 others you’ve already had, why do you even bother?!

If only Nokia wasn’t too proud or too dumb to adopt Android OS on their phones, I’m sure the smartphone market these days would have been a lot more exciting. Check out how Nokia phones used to look:

2. New body colors? New shinier “material” perhaps? Sure! All the better for your phone casing to hide them!

3. Better cameras? I know many mobile photographers with supposedly “lower end” mobile cameras than mine but my shots never come close to theirs. Need better pics, join mobile photography workshops or study online!

4. Bragging rights? Why not walk around like you own a jewelry store while you’re at it?

5. Did you ever notice all new phones improve on their specs but will only stay alive as if it was your phone 10 years ago? That’s right. Getting the newest smartphone is like buying the fastest commercial car available and by the time you take it out of the dealership, you’re stuck in traffic.

6. Your latest smartphone, no matter how expensive, can never get you better shots compared to a dedicated camera (even ones much cheaper than your phone). Of course, if used by the right hands.

7. PHP 40-50,000 (about $1,000) for a phone that does almost everything your previous one does before, isn’t really the smartest move. Smart is the new sexy. You want to be sexy, don’t you?

8. No matter how new your phone is, you won’t get any attention for it these days unless of course you walk around wearing a “my phone is newer than yours you suck” shirt which of course will get you the wrong kind of attention.

9. The cost of phones keeps going up year on year. At PHP 50,000 (about $1,000), you can start a small business with that already. Sure 90% of small businesses will fail in the next 5 years of its inception but the experience is going to be priceless! Something that can help you your entire life – which no phone will ever come close to.

10. You having the newest phone money can buy doesn’t make you unique at all. If anything, it will make you gullible to the works of marketing professionals like myself.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy newer phones at all. Just be smart about it and buy only if you really NEED it (say for work/business) OR there’s a smartphone that’s REALLY NEW like one with foldable screens already (I’ve been waiting half a century already). Trust me, you’ll end up helping yourself and the planet.

You’re welcome. ????


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