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10 Possible Causes Of Your Unhappiness

Filipinos are generally a happy-go-lucky type of people, but underneath all those bright smiles are broken souls who cannot sleep well at night.

While many of us pretend to be strong during the day, worries, unhappiness, and discontentment lie and wait for us to break down at the end of the day. What is worse is that many of us do not know what is wrong.

In any case, we need to find out what is going on in our minds so that we can find a solution.

So here is a list of the most possible reasons why we feel this way:

Insufficient funds

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Money changes everything; including our outlook on life. You may be struggling in your workplace because you hate your job but you have no choice but to go to work every single day to put food on your table. It is also possible that you feel sad for not having enough finances to support your dream business. The lack of money may also have caused to you worry so much because of the fear of not having enough by the end of the month.

Here in the Philippines, the minimum wage per day is almost equivalent to 2 orders of McChicken. Imagine if you are a family of 4. Life can get really complicated.

Being undervalued at work

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Going to work is already tough for those who hate their jobs, how much more being undervalued at work? Employers should give more than money. A simple “thank you” and “good job” would make a whole lot of difference in the mood and sanity of the worker!

Broken family

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For Pinoys, the family is the reason for all the hustle. We work hard to provide for them but what happens if they are gone? Filipinos still struggle from belonging in a broken family and sadly, there is no way to fix it than to accept the situation wholeheartedly.

No work-and-life balance

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Workers deserve a break! Spend time with your family at the beach or find a new hobby. Who says you can’t have fun while taking a full-time office job?

Quarter-life crisis

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You have no idea what to do after college or what career to pursue and that is okay. To be confused is part of the process. Be patient with yourself, go with the flow and eventually, you will bloom into the person that you are destined to be.

No support from family and friends

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We all have been in an awkward position of wanting to follow a dream that nobody wants to support. It is natural. It is your dream, not theirs. Do not require anyone to support you; rather, learn how to support yourself. You will be happier without depending on anyone’s satisfaction and happiness.

Attitude problem

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You may have fame and money but if you do not have the right attitude, you will fail wherever you go. Instead of seeking for other reasons why you feel neglected, reflect why people dislike you. This may be the reason why people keep avoiding you.

Mental illness

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Mental illness is real. Anxiety, depression and even eating disorders are real problems that are being taken lightly especially here in the Philippines, where everybody is taught to smile and act happy all the time. Go get yourself checked first. Do not self-diagnose and never self-medicate.

You hate your physical appearance

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Skinny, fat, tall, short, however beautiful you look, you always have that one thing that you want to change in your appearance. Learn to love yourself. You would be a lot happier!

You feel unloved

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You feel unloved because you are unloved– by yourself. If you have all or majority in this list, then you need to understand that above anything else, self-love is the most effective way to change things up. Love yourself first and all else will follow.

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