10 Safety Reminders For New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is always a huge celebration whether you live in the Philippines or not. By welcoming the year with a bang (literally, too), we set a positive view on life for the year to come. It is also the best time to gather with family and close friends in a reunion!

Although we love to have fun, do not forget to keep your family, your home and yourself safe at all times. There have been several reports year by year of people getting hurt by firecrackers, stray bullets and even victimized by electrical issues that causes a fire.

We all want to start the year right- happy and unharmed. To make this happen, follow these simple safety reminders for New Year’s Eve.

Turn off your appliances

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If you plan to leave the house to attend a party, make sure to check the wirings of your home appliances to avoid starting a fire. It would also be appropriate if you turn off or unplug all unused electronics to make sure that your belongings and the people around will be safe.

Check your gas tanks

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Gas tanks are a huge culprit in starting fire accidents at home. Before you leave, make sure to check for leaks and if they are turned off.

Lock all the doors and windows

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Make sure to close and secure everything before you leave. Thieves come in the night so you must keep them away.

Never let social media know that you are away

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Since updating social media every second is a thing, avoid this trend this coming New Year’s. Never let anybody know that you have left the house or that nobody is at home. Otherwise, you will be sending a signal to potential burglars who might have been eyeing on your home.

Never drink and drive

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There will be hundreds or thousands, even, of people out in the streets, drinking and having fun, and that may include you, but never drink and drive. Stay sober for the whole duration of the party if you are driving to avoid causing road accidents.

Stay indoors

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Firecrackers and stray bullets are rampant during this time, and these may unknowingly be a cause to a whole year of distress. As much as possible, stay away from getting involved with these things to ensure your safety and the others’ around you. Keep children away from lighting a firecracker and give them something else to make noise with, such as a whistle.

Do not accept food and drinks from suspicious strangers

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Suspicious people, especially those that you do not personally know, may take advantage of you during this time. This is not to make you paranoid, but to advise you to be aware of your surroundings and the people that you are with, even if you are with your own family.

Eat before drinking

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Drinking alcohol sure is inevitable during this occasion, but keep in mind to fill in your stomach with something to digest before drinking to avoid toxication.

Drink responsibly

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Drinking may be fun but not when you are already wasted! Drink responsibly especially if you are celebrating the occasion away from your home. If you are already drunk, go home with a family member or a trusted friend.

Keep an eye on your children

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Kids may have easy access to alcohol especially if you are too busy partying all night. Make sure they get to eat properly and that they still get to enjoy the night away from firecrackers, stray bullets, alcohol and the like.

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