Philippines has the three Best Islands in Asia according to Condé Nast Traveler

The world’s most influential media company known for producing topnotch quality content once again checked the pulse of the audience by ranking the readers’ best island choice. However, deviating from the usual ranking,    the 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards was broken into region categories: Asia, Australia and South Pacific, Caribbean and the Atlantic, Europe, North America and the rest of the world.

Ruling over the top 5 in Asia are the islands from the Philippine archipelago. Read on to know why the country earned the first, second, and third spots.

  1. Siargao, Philippines

This tropical island of Siargao is known as the “Surfing Capital” of the Philippines. Long before social media publicized newly-discovered tourist sites, Siargao has been long welcoming local and foreign adventure seekers. It offers a perfect balance of adrenaline rush through surfing and relaxing, chill vibe with its deserted beaches, lagoons, and unlimited supply of coconut refreshments. What really makes Siargao totally stand out from all other islands in the archipelago is the wide array of surf breaks like the legendary Cloud 9 that can be found around the island – that’s 15 of both on and offshore!

For those who want a break from the toxic of the city and social media life, Siargao is totally a must-visit. With its chill vide, cheap accommodations, and incredible surfing and tourists sites, it is of no wonder why Siargao landed first among the list.

  1. Boracay, Philippines

After its closure for rehabilitation, Boracay remains as one of the best islands in the country. With its power-like white sand and alluring sunsets, visitors continue to flock over the island even with all the requirements needed for the visit. Though moderated, the islands still lights at night and provides a calming vibe to everyone in the island. Its shallow cerulean waters gives total enjoyment for those who know and don’t know how to swim and snorkel. This friendly ambiance makes it even more inviting to visit over and over again.

Water adventures, hiking, and cultural exposures are also made available to guests who want to learn more about the island and the people dwelling on it.

  1. Palawan, Philippines

Home to UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, Palawan landed as third of the best islands in Asia. With its more than 1,000 islands composing the archipelagic province, Palawan provides the best mix of inland and underwater adventures. From the thrilling peaks of Mt. Tapyas to the sharp edges of Taraw Cliff, and the hardcore favorite of mountaineers Mt. Mantalingajan to the prominent diving sites of Kalambuyan Reef, Kayangan Lake and Coron Wrecks, truly, there’s so much more to do in this beautiful province.

  1. Langkawi, Malaysia

Malaysia is more than just its Petronas. Away from the busy streets of the city lies a gem left untold to many, “The Jewel of Kedah”. Langkawi is an archipelagic collection of 99 islands. The ecologic and geologic topography of the islands display the purity of nature that is often not seen on the mainland. Aside from admiring the natural wonders of these islands, visitors are also encouraged to taste spicy peanut satay. Why? Try to find out why. (No need to thank me later.)

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Nothing compares to the uniqueness of Bali – from eating the best cooked fish to enjoying family time, or being robbed in daylight by the monkeys of Uluwatu Temple. It’s quite amazing how, even with the growing number of visitors, the country was able to preserve their rice paddies, gamelan ensemble, and many other cultural traditions passed on from generations to generations.

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