Europa Yachts to Launch New Bénéteau Ultra-Luxury Cruisers in 2021

Philippine yachtsmen can look forward to a twin launch from French boatbuilder Bénéteau come 2021, thanks to Europa Yachts Philippines, the brand’s exclusive distributor in the country. The two massive passagemakers are Bénéteau’s maiden offerings from their new line, which is currently codenamed “Project E.” Both are large boats—with one model being more than 20 meters in length—and are especially built for opulent long-distance cruising.

The Bénéteau brand is already associated with high luxury, but you can expect the Project E passagemakers to be in a class of their own,” said Richard Sarinas, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Europa Yachts.

There’s a marked difference between these and the brand’s previous models in terms of their aesthetics, size, feel, and cruising capacity. Yachting enthusiasts in the Philippines will be treated to the ultimate liveaboard experience. It will be like being in a private hotel while at sea,” he added.

The Project E yachts made their first public appearance at the international boating show Boot Düsseldorf, which was held in Germany in January 2020. By then, there was already talk of a new product line that would expand on the successes of Bénéteau’s popular Swift Trawler range.

Bénéteau’s Director General Luca Brancaleon expressed the brand’s vision to make something different from their previous models. In an interview with Bénéteau America at the Miami Boat Show held in February 2020, he said that the brand responded to customers’ needs for more spacious, relaxing boats. To Brancaleon, the two Project E yachts check off on three particular customer demands: comfort, more time with family, and more time to refresh.

Project E is the latest challenge of Beneteau. As a company in the avant-garde of the boating industry, it is on our roots to listen to our customers and their needs and to launch a new kind of thinking for the new decade,” he said.

The two boats sport all-new displacement hulls designed by naval architect Amedeo Migali from MICAD. They are enhanced for better seaworthiness and greater efficiency at cruising long-range. Their interiors, on the other hand, were conceptualized by longtime Bénéteau collaborator Nauta Design, under the guidance of yacht designer Massimo Gino. The design firm’s signature style can be discerned from the yachts’ wax-finished wood details, leather interiors, and textile accents. These create the ideal atmosphere to relax and let loose.

A hotel-like experience awaits passengers of the first model, which measures a generous 18.95 meters (over 62 feet) long. She can comfortably accommodate between 6 and 8 people, plus crew. Bénéteau markets this model as having one of the largest flybridges among comparable vessels today. There’s the option for the galley to be completely enclosed, and she also possesses a VIP guest cabin for when an important or cherished guest needs to be accommodated.. Her crew will also find her a pleasure to steer from the central raised helm station. She can cruise at a range of 900 nautical miles, but such a journey is surely best completed at a slow and leisurely pace.

The second model, on the other hand, measures a phenomenal 22.28 meters (over 73 feet) in length. She can house up to 8 passengers and 4 crew members with ease, but the way this yacht utilizes her large space actually makes her comparable to an 85-foot-boat. That works to her advantage, as it makes the movement of crew and passengers even easier. Her pilothouse is strategically located mid-ship, in between her main deck and her equally impressive flybridge. She, too, will be perfect for long and introspective blue-water cruises.

These boats are called passagemakers because they are built to cross whole oceans,” said Sarinas. “For those who’ve dreamed of luxury travel at long distances—where you really savor every moment—the Project E Yachts will be the perfect watercrafts.”

More information about Bénéteau’s Project E yachts is forthcoming. For updates on the Bénéteau Project E range, or for inquiries on other Bénéteau yacht models, please get in touch with Europa Yachts today. Visit Europa Yachts’ official website, email [email protected], or call (+632) 553-2027.

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