Philippines – A ‘Rising Star Destination’ after COVID-19 according to Forbes

Philippine tourism may have taken a huge toll during this pandemic but sure the future is gleaming on this tropical paradise as the international magazine Forbes name the country as ‘one of the major tourist destination in a post-covid world’.


In an article written by Forbes travel contributor, Jared Ranahan, he emphasized how each country may take this ‘unprecedented downturn of events as an opportunity to establish as a prominent regional force for tourism’. He further specified that the countries may not be world-class as of the moment, but they all have the ingredients to be classified as one: pristine natural beauty, historic ruins, and fascinating cultural experiences. Everything found in the Philippines. Philippines as a Potential Major Tourist Destination in a Post-Covid World With 7,641 islands to choose from, Philippines has surely everything a tourist could as for – no matter how finicky they are. It has the island of Luzon which hosts the National Capital Region – a truly massive metropolis consisting of 16 cities that will make one deeply immerse into the mainstream Filipino culture – and the Visayan archipelago where the country’s finest white sand beaches and endemic plants and animals species are located. The Seven ‘Rising Star’ Countries in Travel after Covid-19 Pandemic Together with the Philippines, Ethiopia, Iran, Myanmar, Georgia, Slovenia, and Tunisia also made it to Ranahan’s list of countries that may pave to be potential major tourist destinations once this COVID-19 pandemic is over. With this promising headline, the Department of Tourism and other tourism officers are now gradually working on the revival of domestic tourism with the easing of quarantine measures – of course, with the public’s health and safety in mind. Businesses are also coming up with affordable and attractive deals in order to entice the market once leisure travels are already allowed. In line with this new normal, travel destinations are to adhere strict health regulations such of regular sanitation and disinfection to control the spread of the corona virus.


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