TESDA is now offering FREE Game Development, Animation, and High-Tech Skills Programs!

To survive the 21st century, one must have be equipped with the 21st century skills as well. However, not only that many young Filipinos are deprived of proper education to pursue their passion, they also lack the finances to study for highly-technological courses. For this reason, many Filipinos are forced to settle with other courses that are totally not related with what they want to pursue.

But this may not be a hindrance anymore as the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority is now offering assistance to those who can’t afford to send themselves or their children to school. The government has duly supported programs of ALS and TESDA to help students better improve their education and pursue what they really like – by providing an alternative program to the normal college/university education.

FREE Game Development, Animation, and High-Tech Skills Programs with TESDA

Seeing the rising need of high-tech skills in the market, TESDA is now offering free Game Development, Animation, and other high-tech skills to those who aspire to study more about technological skills. This is the best option to those who are looking for similar programs but couldn’t afford to complete a four-year bachelor course.

High-tech Skills Program offered by TESDA

Some of the high-tech skills offered by TESDA includes:

  • Game programming
  • Electrical installation and maintenance
  • Animation and mechatronics

Upon completion, these programs are equivalent to National Certificate 3 (NCIII). It is also important to note that only applicants who have NCII can apply for these programs. NCII can be earned upon taking an exam – provided that the applicant has adequate experience on the field. The administrative officer of TESDA HRDI also recommends that those who will apply have to finish the program and not go beyond six months.

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