Top 10 Laptops for Pinoys in 2013

Yes, laptops may have fallen out of favor with all those proud iPads and tablets and things in between (phablets) hogging the limelight these days. But when you talk about getting the job done, nothing beats a laptop when you’re on the move. At least, not today.

In fact, it’s funny how things have turned out. To note, Cupertino-based Apple launched the mighty iPad with all the glitz and the bravado (no offense to the late Steve), marketing the keyboard-less device as the next big thing for people “on the go”. Wow! Everyone was impressed.

But along the road, users started feeling the pinch of a keyboard-less i-tablet and their apparent drop in productivity. The result: the birth of iPad keyboard cases (and a slew of related products).

‘Nough said. Here are the most sought-after laptops in the for the year 2013:

1. ASUS X401U
Starts at: Php17,995

Easily, this is the least to disturb your hard-earned cash in this A-list. Powered with a reliable processor, AMD E2-1800, you will be getting more bang for your buck with this 14.1” display mini-laptop that carries 500GB of storage space and 2GB RAM. Perfect as an entry level device.

2. Samsung ATIV Book 2
Samsung ATIV Book 2
Starts at: Php18,995

This offering from Samsung is quite humbly an easy favorite for Pinoys. Equipped with 2GB RAM and 500GB storage, you’d be amazed at its DVD-ROM drive which makes your DVD movies come alive. Truly a dependable carry-around, for office and the socials.

3. Acer V5-122P-42154G50n
Acer V5-122P-42154G50n
Starts at: Php20,995

This one will not disappoint you. Nifty, with a 11.6” Touchscreen display, this hits a home run for AMD fans and those who is looking forward to a wonderful Windows 8 experience. Ideal for people constantly on the move.

4. ASUS Vivobook X202E
ASUS Vivobook X202E
Starts at: Php20,995

As officially the first touchscreen notebook in the Philippines, the Asus Vivobook packs a lot of punch starting with its Windows 8 11.6” Touchscreen display. Powered by Intel Celeron 847, bundled with a 4GB RAM and 500GB storage you’d be surprised at this laptop’s full-metal body which comes in with three color options. And if you’re rooting for a Core i3 variant you can have that one too, for an added Php 6,000.00 piggyback fee.

5. Acer Aspire V5-431P-997B4G50
Acer Aspire V5-431P-997B4G50
Starts at: Php25,995

Acer ran a very popular series in 2013 with their Aspire One and this is no exception. Again with a touchscreen that stretches to 14.1” this is priced just right for you packed with DVD-ROM support and 4GB RAM and 500GB storage. Powered by Intel Pentium 997, this is an Acer that fits right to the budget.

6. ASUS X450CA
Starts at: Php26,995

For those who fancied the ASUS Zenbook, then this younger brother is sure to get the attention. With a full-metal body, a clean finish for a very professional look, a powerful Intel core i3 processor, swamped with a 4GB RAM and 500GB storage, you won’t feel shortchanged with a DVD-ROM and a 14.1” non-touch screen. You could even get a Core i5 version lumped with a dedicated INVIDIA graphics card for a clean Php 32,995.00

7. Lenovo S400T
Lenovo S400T
Starts at: Php27,990

This touchscreen notebook powered by an Intel Core i3 is reminiscent of the ever-popular, high-end Yoga line-up and by its look and feel you’re getting more of the premium in a brand.

8. Aspire V5-471G
Aspire V5-471G
This notebook can be in the running for the most affordable complete with a dedicated graphics card. Not only does it don an Intel core i3 processor, you get a 1GB INVIDIA GT710M to give your gaming a more serious appeal.

9. ASUS VivoBook S400
ASUS VivoBook S400
Starts at: Php29,995

Coming in a sleek full-metal body, the VivoBook S400 is truly a stunner. Blessed with a powerful Intel core i3 processor this baby shines with a 4GB RAM, 500 GB HDD together with its 14.1” Touchscreen display. What it flaunts in its look may make up for its lack of a dedicated graphics card.

10. HP Pavilion Sleekbook TouchSmart 14-B132TX
HP Pavilion Sleekbook TouchSmart 14-B132TX
Starts at: Php29,995

For starters, this one boasts of an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 750 GB memory and an NVIDIA GT630M 1GB graphics card, very neat. Very light for travelling purposes as it’s made of plastic, this head turner is complete with a 14.1” Touchscreen display. This maybe petite for some standards but its packed with serious fire power. Of course, it’s but 5 pesos away from a straight Php 30,000.00 off your savings.

These laptops may not necessarily be the top of the class or the best in terms of functionality as there are more capable devices out in the market today. However, they stand out more because of their affordability to the masses with prices ranges less than Php 30,000.00. For more of the details please check here.

That’s about it, folks. A little techie topic we got in here. Please feel free to share your 2-cents if there’s anything you want to clarify or acknowledge. I welcome your thoughts, even when chances are, it may not be in total agreement with this article. Please use the comments section below to speak your mind.

And lastly, please share this article when you can, if it pleases you. Other people may see it as a treasure-find. Who knows? There lies the beauty of technology. You don’t even have to leave the room, to get things done.

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