Hospitals, one of the many things in life that you wish you’d never need but you’ll eventually have to. Kinda like insurance policies, don’t you think? When that that comes, you’ll wish it’ll be the last time you’ll ever visit it and of course, you’ll want to be on the best one.

For the most part, hospitals are a scary prospect. But don’t get me wrong, certainly, our beloved Philippines can hold its own against the best countries in terms of medical expertise. Fact is, the Philippines is fast becoming a medical tourist destination in this side of the world – minus the hefty price westerner’s have to endure. Though perhaps not on the level of Thailand yet: the land of sex reassignment surgery. Tummy tuck and butt enhancement maybe. As our very own Dra. Vicky Belo and Dr. Calayancan can attest.

For most every Juan, however, being admitted in a hospital is like robbing a bank. For starters, you’d never want to do both. Secondly, both involve a huge stash of cash – and carry the stigma of death. Only thing’s in the latter you gain, in the former you lose.

Enough pleasantries! Gentlemen and fine ladies of the hour, allow me to present to you with pride, the Top 10 Best Hospitals in the Philippines!

#10: Philippine General Hospital (PGH)

More than most hospitals, PGH has become a household word, and rightly so. Administered and operated by globally-recognized top university in the country, University of the Philippines, the hospital can certainly boast of the best and the brightest medical personnel in the region.

As a public hospital, PGH is regarded as the national public hospital of the Philippines, and because of this, it has been known as the hospital of the indigents.

Address: Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila 1000,Metro Manila

Contact Numbers: (02) 554-8400

Qualification: Tertiary (state-owned)

#9: UST Hospital 

University of Santo Tomas Hospital

Founded as San Juan de Dios Hospital in 1577, UST Hospital is one of the oldest – if not the oldest – hospital in the country. And since the institution is the clinical training ground of University of Sto. Tomas, it’s no surprise the center has produced world-class medical practitioners.

Address: Manila City, Manila, Metro Manila

Contact Numbers: (02) 731 3001

Qualification: Tertiary

#8: World Citi Medical Center

At the heart of Quezon City and sharing the city’s history even way back WWII, this 15-storey, 276-bed hospital has grown into a world-class modern facility complete with the right expertise to serve a discerning clientele.


Address: Aurora Blvd, Project 4, Lungsod Quezon

Contact Numbers: (02) 913 8380

Qualification: Tertiary

#7: Manila Doctors Hospital 


Recently acquired by MetroBank Foundation, Inc., Manila Doctors has certainly become a premiere health-care destination inside the country and right at the tourist district of Manila.

Address: United Nations Ave, Ermita, Maynila, KalakhangMaynila

Contact Numbers: (02) 524 3011

Qualification: Tertiary

#6: Cardinal Santos Medical Center

Named in the honor of Archbishop Rufino Cardinal Santos, the medical center is a 235-bed tertiary general hospital. Though the private hospital caters specifically to the upper class, a special section has been allotted for indigent patients. This institution is managed by Colinas Verdes Hospital Managers Corporation (CVHMC) operating under Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC).

Address: 10 Wilson, Lungsod ng San Juan, KalakhangMaynila

Contact Numbers: (02) 727 0001

Qualification: Tertiary

#5: The Medical City

With a medical staff of 1,100 physicians and a whopping 2,200 support staff, The Medical has certainly brandished a quality image of providing quality health care services. Unfortunately over the years, this has gained them the reputation as elitist – catering only to the upper class of society.

Address:Ortigas Ave, Pasig City, KalakhangMaynila

Contact Numbers: (02) 635 6789

Qualification: Tertiary

#4: Asian Hospital and Medical Center

Founded in 2002 by Jorge Garcia, MD – an alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery of the University of Santo Tomas – Asian Hospital has been synonymous to advance medical facilities that are at par with international standards of medicine.

Address: 2205 Civic Dr, Muntinlupa City, 1780 KalakhangMaynila

Contact Numbers: (02) 771 9000

Qualification: Tertiary

#3: Makati Medical Center 

Makati Medical Center

With a 600-bed capacity, Makati Medical has risen to the tough challenge of providing world-class hospital services. Over time, the hospital has been identified with the well-offs and the lucky few who have insurance gaining a reputation of being again, an elitist hospital.

Makati Med is owned and operated by Medical Doctors Inc., a subsidiary of MPIC (Metro Pacific Investments Corporation). With the same owners, it has certain ties with Cardinal Santos Medical.

Address: 2 Amorsolo Street, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1229 KalakhangMaynila

Contact Numbers: (02) 888 8999

Qualification: Tertiary

#2: St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City 

St. Luke's Medical Center - Quezon City

Considered as one of the best in Asia and renowned the world over, no hospital in the Philippines has gained so much attention over time as St. Luke’s. It’s no surprise as the medical center is complete with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and topnotch doctors. The down side? The hospital has been notorious as being the most expensive of the bunch and has been branded as the “hospital of the rich and famous” or of course, politicians with possible plunder cases.

Address:Kalusugan, New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Contact Numbers: (02) 723 0101

Qualification: Tertiary

#1: St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City 

St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City

And finetuning itself, St. Luke’s in Global City pushes the envelope some more. If you want hospital service that would rival a 5-star hotel, this is it (e.g., grand hotel-like lobby, front desk officers, helipad, etc.). No question, quality service at its finest.

It’s for this reason that the 628-bed medical center has captured the Top 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the world. Top that!

In hindsight, St. Luke’s tagline of “We love life” may be falsely construed as “We love life… For those who can afford it.”


Address:Bonifacio Global City

Contact Numbers: (02) 789-7700

Qualification: Tertiary

There you have it folks. There goes another leaf in our A-list collection. Hope that went well like a glass of Remy Martin XO on the rocks. If you feel I’ve done you or anybody you know an injustice – no matter how small, please let me know via the comments section below.

And if you will, do join us in our little dissemination campaign. As in that anti-smoking slogan printed on shirts: The ashes you save could be your own.

Before I end, let me share a spark of wisdom I personally heard from a great speaker Anthony Pangilinan which says: “Your body is your vehicle. If you don’t prepare your body to be healthy then you are preparing your body to be sick.”

Damn right!

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98 Responses

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  1. James Dower says:

    I just went to St. Paul hospital in north luzon Tugeagarou . I am so disappointed. I have a compression fracture of my spine and a pilonital cyst. The doctors there told me that i need to goto a surgeon and i passed out on the road trying to find transport to get to the surgeon. Maybe this is criminal malpractice.

  2. Rv says:

    Though i’m not really sure but i think ust hospital was not named first as san juan de dios hospital.

  3. jo says:

    Whats the criteria? Bkt #10 lng pgh!

    • PPCINC says:

      Hi Jo! Thanks for dropping by. Please take note that this is based solely on the author’s opinion coming from what personal experiences and of course, research. If you believe PGH should be higher on the list, please feel free to cite your reasons and sources if any.

      I’m sure however that many of us will have different opinions on this subject especially given our experiences with these institutions so best if we all share what we think about it so we’ll also be able to consider revising the content.

      Keep your thoughts coming!

  4. Rj says:

    sorry, but PGH shouldn’t even be on the list. I’m a doctor who has worked in most of those hospitals. Currently I’m in PGH and sorry but no. Greatest minds and talent, yes. Service hell no! Labs take forever! You can’t schedule any imaging tests aside from xrays on week ends. Nurses are for the most part incompetent, over worked or plain lazy. No accountability for the mistakes the allied hospital staff make, no proper code blue system and apparently most nurses are not ACLS trained, or poorly trained, and all this, is in the pay wards. Not the charity, but the pay and private wards. It’s worse in the charity. As a physican in PGH, i respect the hospital and staff but no..not in the top 10.

    • PPCINC says:

      Wow Doc RJ! Thank you so much for your insights especially coming from someone with insider information.

      If it’s not too much to ask, what other hospital in your professional opinion should be on the list other than PGH?

    • Eliza Raymundo Lesniewski says:

      Sorry I beg to disagree about comment on nurses. I learned so much about ICU care from the surgical ICU nurses as a resident. When I did my fellowship in the US my colleagues were fairly surprised at what I knew about management of ICU patients (I’m not saying this to brag); 40% of that I learned from RNs. Trauma and surgical RNs were likewise well trained. But the charity wards are horribly understaffed and this may be misconstrued as incompetence at times. Of course there will always be bad apples in any bunch, but I was fortunate to have worked with well-trained RNs during 6 years of surgical residency. The head nurses of ward 2 taught me how to compute TPN (total parenteral nutrition) even. When I became a consultant I did realize the charity RNs were actually better than the ones in the pay service. Oh by the way PGH also used to have very experienced OR nurses who would give us newby residents tips on which instruments are actually better for certain types of dissection. Too bad 80% of these highly experienced nurses are already abroad.

      • says:

        As what others have pointed out, PGH is manned by highly competent staff and it stands out as the training ground for the best medical professionals to be. Then again, their are still issues they do need to address and you’ve pointed one out here – understaffed. Thanks for your thoughts nurse Eliza!

  5. RP says:

    St. Luke’s hospitals are really serious about everything within the hospital. Everything there has a basis, they have research of all the services they offer. They even send all their staff from manong/manang of the linen section to all doctors to training on how to properly attend the needs of each patients. They have research & biotechnology for any scientific papers who needs financial assistance. They have all the category of social service patients who are very lucky to avail even the very expensive diagnostics and treatment for free. They dont stop searching for the best solution. And most of all the hospital is clean & dont smell like a typical hospital.

  6. kelly says:

    wcmc #8?seryoso?eh laging sira ang ct scan nila,at madaming procedures ang kailangan pang gawin sa labas dahil hindi sila nagca-cater ng ibang procedures!kulang din sa equipments at ultimo ckmb us send out pa!wow!pahirapan din sa pag kuba ng dugo,kung di mo pa itatanong hindi sila magmamadali maghanap,wlng blood bank,take note po,ang prices ng gamot nila jan ay doble sa presyo ng nabibili sa labas,pti po dugo na kinukua nla saan man sila mkahanap,doble amg price selling sa patient!panu ko nalaman,nurse po ako jan at kakaresign ko lng dahil sa npka babang sweldo at kwalan ng benepisyo,ultimo annual medical nmin kami ang nagbabayad!at ang mga may ari monthly may bagong sasakyan,karma nalang bahala sa mga guico!

    • PPCINC says:

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts nurse Kelly! Again, insider comments like these will inform our readers better no doubt. We’re taking notes.

      Please keep your thoughts coming for the benefit our the thousands who have come to our site for information.

      • kelly says:

        the best thing can be proud of,is the quality care given by the wcmc NURSES,but not the service given by the hemodialysis,and alot of medicines are not available in the pharmacy,when you need iy,they will purchase it from mercury drug or other hospital and will sell it to th patient doubled or triple the price.there is only 1 icu facility for medicine,ob,surgery,and pedia cases,so very easy to acquire nosocomial infectiona feom on patient to another,from an elderly patient to pediatric patient,they are all mixed up!

  7. Rj says:

    Sadly, i only find Makati Med, St Luke’s and The Medical City to be up to par. They are ridiculously expensive but they follow international guidelines, JCIA, when implementing procedures and systems. All the staff are trained for quality control as well, they have back up equipment when things go awry and are for the most part complete when it comes to diagnostics and therapies. Yung nga lng, mahal! Can’t say about the rest though but i hear cardinal is ok and so is UST. La salle medical center in cavite is pretty good. Complete and i think the only trauma center in the south, i think.

  8. GC says:

    fishing expedition lang pala

  9. macie says:

    Hi! Agree with St. Luke’s. I worked there before, and all my relatives go there for their check-up and admissions. The staff are well-trained and ‘not masungit’ They follow international guidelines, that is why they are at par with world-class hospitals.

  10. Ang says:

    Are you serious? World-class doctors from USTH? Some doctors in that hospital are so rude and disrespectful (thumbs down). Anyway, this ranking is quite true since there are only few good hospitals in the country.

    • says:

      Hi Ang,thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. What hospital do you reckon can take the place of USTH?

  11. Viral says:

    It’s kinda sad that all of the hospitals here in this list are all in the NCR. What about the provinces? Don’t these places deserve the same type of quality healthcare service that is offered in Metro Manila? There should really be a proper program or at least implementation of decentralization of healthcare services and not just focusing it in the NCR. Besides, this list only validates a known fact that here in the Philippines, healthcare or at least, quality and proper healthcare is a very difficult thing to attain. People with very deep pockets are the only ones who get to have a chance at proper and quality healthcare. Another sad thing is that of all the hospitals included in this list, only one is considered to be at least friendlier to the masses in terms of price. Quality healthcare should really be a right to all and not a privelege. I really hope DOH will do something about it someday.

    • says:

      Hi Viral, this is indeed in our minds and we’re looking at 2 hospitals outside NCR but we’re still trying to validate it. Hopefully others can suggest which ones should be included?

      I don’t think DOH or any government agency can do anything about this though since most of the hospitals are private and private hospitals go with the flow… Flow of people and since NCR has the biggest market of people, well, you can fill in the blanks.

      • Viral says:

        In retrospect, I also believe that the government can’t do anything about those private hospitals, after all, they are “private”. They can at least do something about those hospitals in the provinces. Improve their facilities and medical staff. It’s so sad that compared to other countries, our healthcare system is favorable for only those selected few. Sorry if I’m getting a little off-topic. I’ve seen and experienced the delivery of healthcare services on both sides of the spectrum. Really disappointing.

  12. Nils07 says:

    PGH, also serves as a training hospital. Its trainings and educating on medical professionals act as a venue of excellence in various fields of medicine and nursing. Most of medical professionals on various hospitals ( all in your top 10 above) seeks education/training in PGH because of its excellence thats why its the TOP hospital in the philippines.o

  13. Eliza Raymundo Lesniewski says:

    Dear Author: I suggest you place at the start the criteria used for this article. Opinion mo lang ba? Ano basis ng opinion mo? Experience? Paano mo nakompara ng patas? Na-ospital ka na ba sa lahat ng 10 ospital na ito? Kung ang sagot mo’y “oo” pareho ba ang sakit mo habang naospital ka sa bawat lugar? Kasi diba iba naman gamutan ng LBM sa nasaksak or nabaril. Basis ba ng ranking ay kung gaano ka-advance ang gamit? Kung yun maganda kung nakasaad. Maniwala ka sa akin, kapag may kilala kang nasaksak o nabaril (called trauma in medical terms) dalhin mo sa public hospital gaya ng Jose Reyes, East Avenue, o PGH. Ganun din kung may kilala kang nasunog ng matindi. Ang kakayanan nila para magpagaling ng mga ganyang katitinding kalagayan ay di hamak na mas magaling kesa sa mga mamahaling pribadong ospital.

    • says:

      Again this is based on our personal experiences, and research. This includes equipments and of course feedback from others as well but is definitely not the final word on the subject since there are so many factors that should be considered as what you’ve said.

      Anybody’s experience with 1 hospital is going to be so different so it’s very hard to conclude which ones should be here that’s why it’s best we all help each other in keeping this piece as informative as possible and so far, everyone’s doing great at sharing their thoughts for everyone to read.

  14. JL says:

    I think some hospitals that should be considered are Chong Hwa hospital, National Kidney & Transplant Institute & the Philippine Heart Center.

    • says:

      Thanks for the inputs JL! We’re considering Chung Hua indeed knowing many from the Visayas and Mindanao go their to get world class medical services and from the feedback others have on some of the hospitals included on the current list, it sounds like Chung Hua is more deserving to be on the top ten.

  15. Joe says:

    Hi. Some hospitals outside NCR maybe better than some of those in this list. Some that come to mind are AUF Medical Center (Pampanga), Sacred Heart Medical Center (Malolos), Lorma (Ilocos), Mediatrix (Lipa), Chong Hua (Cebu), Riverside (Bacolod), Davao Doctors, CUMC (CDO)…

    • says:

      Thanks for the inputs Joe! Definitely keeping tabs on votes for other hospitals outside the NCR.

      Anybody else had direct experiences with any other hospital outside of this list than you can share?

  16. cyd says:

    Please name the top 10 worst hospitals in the Philippines. East Avenue Medical Center should be on the top worst, they deserve it. Or just to be fair with the other sections of the hospital, try to be specific. The top 10 worst maternity hospital in the Philippines. Sorry if obviously I feel so devastated about EAMC. I am speaking based on my experience at OB section of that hospital. Have a surveillance so you can prove what I am saying. Thanks.

    • says:

      Thanks CYD! That is indeed a handy list no doubt however, I believe proving which ones are the worst would be very tricky not to mention it’ll be too hard for any public owned hospital not to make the list compared to of course the more expensive private ones.

  17. Dr. Gary says:

    I’ve been to some of these hospitals and I have to say, Chung Hua Hospital in Cebu or Cebu Doctors hospital can certainly take a spot on this list.

  18. Mark says:


    Thank you for this helpful information.

    I have a relative that has a Serious form of colon cancer (Stage 2, 3). What hospital would you recommend in this instance?

    • says:

      Thanks for dropping by Mark. Your question though will depend on a number of factors. Of course if cost is not an issue, most would say St. Luke’s cancer institute would be the ideal centre.

      What do you guys think?

      • Russian roullette says:

        Go to Benavides Cancer Institute UST hospital for cancer concerns. They have one of the best, if not the best, facilities and healthcare workers in the BCI-UST. Also, look for ISO certification. It may help you choose the best hospital; if its ISO, JCIA or TUV certified.

  19. jaydee says:

    these hospitals are mainly around the metro.
    De La Salle Medical Centre in cavite is fairly well known in catering trauma cases around the south and services are very good as well.
    It’s also a training ground for the medical students of la salle which is also based in cavite.

  20. an-an says:

    What about Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu? and there’s also a new hospital in Cebu called UCMed

    • says:

      Thanks for the comment An-an! Yes Chung Hua and Cebu Doctors Hospital of Cebu is being considered for the next update on this list no doubt. UCMed given the fact its too new, needs more feedback and time to gather those.

  21. Joan says:

    May I know what is the personal opinion of the author on rating World Citi Medical Center Top 8?
    Thank you 🙂

    • says:

      Hi Joan and thanks for dropping by! Personal opinion plus research formed this list that’s why we are always all ears for what our readers are saying as you can see on the comments on this subject.

      Do you think WCMC should be somewhere higher on the list? Nowhere maybe?

      It sounds like you might know something more than most of us regarding WCMC so if you have direct experiences to share, please do enlighten us. You never know who you can help with what you’ll share… 🙂

      • Joan says:

        Regarding the rate that the hospital was given, I have no comment with that, because being considered to be just a part of the Top 10 is already a privilege to the hospitals.

        Since you clearly stated that the ranking was based on research and opinion (based from experienced may it be first hand or what not). Generally, all service providing facilities, may have their strengths and weaknesses. In which they are given the opportunity to improve.

        From the recent experience and bond that I created with WCMC I must say that, they are striving to be better servers to their patients in all aspects in which they could deliver.

        Thank you 🙂

        • says:

          There it is! Not as juicy as we thought but at least you shared your thoughts about WCMC. Thank you once again for taking the time Joan!

  22. May says:

    Hi I would like to share my experience. Last March 2015 my dad had his first stroke attack, we brought him in (***) I wont name the hospital)… because at that time we need the nearest hospital as possible. He lasted for 4 days until my mom was so worried because my dad wasnt able to respond until the 4th day come. It is his day two when he suddenly have pneumonia but his internal doctor there wasn’t able to detect. until my mom ask the nurse if my dad could have an xray test because he can hardly breath. That time only they detected he have pneumonia. Also, his neuro doctor doesnt recommend us to transfer him in icu.. That made his condition very critical (horrible hospital) Its private hospital very disappointing… Then my mom insist to transfer my dad to Medical city in ortigas because she was very worried, my dad is in state of 50/50 that time. He breath hardly,,unable to respond.. I saw his pain and it was very traumatic for me and my family. Staffs, nurses in medical city are very polite.. Doctors are excellent. My dad had 4 doctors there… My dad lasted in icu for 1 month curing his pneumonia and stroke attack. He was able to survive though he had a very hard time struggling for his life… He’s now still recovering, having his weekly therapy. Medical city is the best for me though it is very pricey… But the price is right because of their quality that serves for the people. ☺ 5 star for TMC.

    • says:

      Thanks for sharing and we pray for your dad’s full recovery May. Medical City is indeed among the best in the country.

      • May says:

        Thanks ☺im just not sure about PGH and WCMC if it should be in the top 10. Indeed, very imformative site! More powers ☺

  23. angela says:

    TMC & St.Lukes Global are the best..both hospitals are world class based on my experience. They’ve got world class facilities, competitive physicians & doctors. Plus the fact, that nurses & staffs are very kind & polite to everyone, rooms & toilets are very clean. Price is really expensive but the service you get is really great, just like in a 5 star hotel.

    • says:

      Hi Angela and thanks for sharing your inputs as well. St. Louis Hospital at Baguio didn’t really show up to our team’s research when we made this and if you read some of the other comments, it’s actually the first time it was mentioned. It could be the location and population of Baguio City relative to where the other hospitals in the list are. Of course that’s not to say that this particular hospital isn’t up to speed with the ones on the list of course, it could just be that not as many could get to it.

  24. angela says:

    May I ask, how about St.Louis Hospital Baguio city? What do you reckon about this hospital?

  25. tomasi says:

    wala bang list of best gov’t hospitals para naman sa mga di rich dyan?

    • says:

      Good idea tomasi. We’ll look into it no doubt cause it’s not fair to compare private funded and gov’t funded hospitals.

  26. lopez says:

    Para malaman ang best…. look for the best accreditation, JCIA. Kung sino ang pinakamataas na score sa surveys, yung ang the best. Clue: 9.9 out of 10 ang score nung hospital na yun. 😉 Hindi lagi kung sino pinakamahal siya ang best… nasa Scoring and diskarte yan. 😉

  27. Jonny J. says:

    Since it’s been mentioned on the comments, I figure I’d share as well. I had a visit in both Chung Hua and Cebu Doctors Hospital in Cebu City. I have to say I liked Cebu Doctor’s emergency room treatment much better than Chung Hua although I like Chung Hua’s “accommdations”. But yeah when it comes to an emergency, i’d rather be at Cebu Doctors.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Im having problems with hyper acidity. I been going bakc and forth to UST. Could you recommend where i can get best help and medical assistance? How much also are their consultation fee’s? If you would know.

  29. Zyna says:

    Thanks for info 🙂 Really helpful

  30. Paul says:

    Philippine Heart Center–State owned institution with a culture of excellence; known to be manned by only the best ones.

  31. Rotch says:

    Hmm… Bakit wala ang NKTI dito? They have good diagnostic facilities, rehabilitation facilities and their big rooms aren’t that expensive. Their charity ward are air conditioned. And they treat patients equally… And nicely. All smiles and all people there feels they care. Paying ka man or charity ward or out patient. I don’t know if other people feels the same way but I got hospitalized there as a paying patient twice in two months(totally different cases), pero pagdating sa diagnostic, if di emergency case, nakapila ang wheelchairs namin kung sino nauna, kahit anong klaseng patient ka pa. And the nurse kept asking if we are comfortable, including the charity patient beside me na parang hirap sa sakit nya. Kaya extra nice sila sa kanya. Doctors are very kind too (I was treated by 5 doctors), and thorough sila mag check. Hindi nagmamadali katulad ng ibang doctors, parang naghahabol ng benta. And welcome sila sa thought na nagtitipid ka, Hindi ka mahihiya magtanong ng price or kung San ka makakamura… Wala lang… Just a thought…

    • says:

      Rotch thank you for taking the time to share your insights and experiences on NKTI. This will definitely be helpful for those who are near this institution and for us when we revisit this list.

    • Ruth reyes says:

      Hi what is NTKI? means, sorry not realy familiar of most of the hospital in philippines

  32. Vincent says:

    Gud evening San po murang hospital na diagnostic ng cancer

  33. honeylette reyes says:

    how about philippine heart center?its not in the list?

  34. Rosvie buan says:

    Hi everyone I just wanna ask about my sister case. She had a mild stroke last month and she just got out of the hospital I think 2 weeks ago. But it seems like she’s getting worse mentally. She had a ct scan in peninsula Bataan 3 days ago and the doctor said her brain is swollen and got fluid too. And possible lesion. They went to pgh for second opinion bUT they said she need a another brain ct scan again and she need to make an appointment. We’re kinda worry about her situation because she seems getting worse. Saan po ba may magandang neurologist na recommend na affordable po. May time po na hindi nya maalala ginagawa nya at iba iba yung emotion nya. Dahil po ba yun sa fluid sa brain dahil sa pressure? Please help us. Sa Bataan pa po kasi kami. Thank u in advance

    • says:

      Sorry to hear about your sister’s condition. PGH in my opinion should be a great place to get your 2nd opinion.

  35. Alphonse says:


    I urgently need spine surgery/discectomy and I wish to go to one of the hospitals mentioned above next month. Can someone here help me to contact one of the hospitals above for appointment? I can be contacted on email: [email protected]

    • says:

      Sorry to hear about your condition Alphonse. Which hospital on the list are you closest to and we’ll help you with the details you need.

  36. Yantoyski says:

    I think you should change the title to “Top Ten Hospitals in Manila”. Consider Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu City – once accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) but unfortunately withdrawn a year ago – but still one of the best hospital in the country.

  37. Anthony Derey R Salvador says:


  38. Hi,i brought my brother into the hospital to find out why his having pain on his stomach. The doctors did a lot of things like x-ray, ultrasound then they gave him a lot of medication so the finddings is he’s having Gerd it’s been few months now but it won’t go away, i did all the research by using all the symtoms that his facing right now he thought that his having a colon cancer and that’s what i was thinking too.where do you think best hospital that i can go just to find out what kind of deseas he’s having, so we could ask the doctor to diagnose him to a colon cancer. It’s better around Q.C are you be able to help me please?to get an appointment? Thank you!

    • says:

      Hi Analyn. So sorry to hear about your brother’s condition. If it’s just GERD, then there should be plenty of Gastroenterologist around QC. Best you rule that out first before going to more serious ailments like cancer.

  39. ALDO says:

    St Lukes Medical Centre Global city is the best. I went there for lumber decompression surgery a month ago and I am recovering slowly and getting better each day. The services there is world class.

  40. MLA says:

    I believe that PGH has a very competent Doctors since they were more exposed to the most critical condition of patients. We were admitted at Ward 11. My sister has viral encephalitis and I witnessed the services both the Doctors and the Nurses during our 2 months stay. I will give my very good rate for the Doctors because even for the worse condition In the ward they were still eager cHeck the patients and find the cure. And for the Nurses of PGH….. we’ve got the most rude service that we have in our entire stay. They are lazy and careless were they make the situation worst for the lives of their patients. They don’t know the term “consideration” when they are turning OFF the electric fan for the entire ward even if the patient is intubated. That is for 2 hours in the afternoon. There were also a time when they have to put vial or medicine on the tube and they forgot! The vial was already lapse and it means that we have to buy a new one since it was already expired when it is ooen for certain period of time. We have a tight budget and buying os very important to us. We are just lucky that the Doctors were very competent and my sister is now better.

  41. Mariza says:

    Hi there, I agree that ST. LUKE’S is one of the best hosital in the country but it is a DOLARS hospital. The hospital it self are very nice cleaned and big but the DRs not so sure. I’ve bee a patient St Luke’s Qc since 1999 til currenly this yr. My Dra. is this famous one on tv talking about IVF? I was her patient for my Endo laparoscopy, hsyteroscopy and IVF (twice but the 3rd time I’ve to moved to Global) bcz she failed me twice and she was costing me arm and leg! After failing me twice of IVF. She sugested me to have a “surrogate”? I was too exited and too stupid that I’ve just assumed IVF was now very open in the country thinkinh so for surrogate! Anyway, I’ve all prepeared for the 3rd try with my eggs and my husband semens ready for my own sister to bearing pregnancy for me when I so happen asked this famous Dra. about the birthcertificate? Apparently, my sister will be me. From the star I told her my sister’s only 17 and I’m 37. I’ve asked the begging if she will be ok to surrogate and her face was all smilling yes yes! Anyway, on the day of the embryos transfer, she all the suddent said that, oh by the way, you just have to adopt your own child after your sister give birth bcoz “surrogacy” is not yet legal in the conutry! Serously!?? All my exciments has collaps!! Not every patients are aware of all those laws and hospitals rulles. Why can’t a hospital like “ST Lukes Drs can’t explained all the consequenses procédure before starting rubbinh off their patient?? They also said IVF cost only 350,000 only. Here I am with a big hole on my pocket with these 3rd atemp and yet in trouble bcoz surrogate is not legal and I have to adopt my own child (will cost me more!) – Why the hell she suggested it without explaining it properly?? It isn’t just 350,000 bcz once transfer is done you have to have all those medicins that cost the world not just for a month but throughtout the pregnacy! I did have to move to ST. LUKES Global lucky I’ve found the best Dra. who’s care and do explain things but, one thing she couldn’t change is my sister and I’s name. It is more likely that I’ve really need to adopt my child otherwise I wouldn’t be the mother of my own child (actually twins) goodluck to me but my sister’s name on birtcertificate. So unfair and it’s just make me cry all along! I’ve been trying for a baby for decade and now there it is on the way (3 months) now but I connot affored the adoption preparations and the times consuming bcoz I do reside abroad and only come home for IVF. My point here is, such a hospitals like ST. LUKE’S messes my life and my IVF. Now I’m left with twins on the way and I should be happy and not worrying but no. I could also end up in court bcz of this famous Dra.’s mistakes!! She hadn’t give me fix figure but just keep saying 350,000. Now I couldn’t even pay my household bills bcz she already rub off all my money that I’ve been saving 4 yrs for a 3rd IVF try. Someone actually suggested me that I should take her to court!? I’m sorry my txt is too long. Thank you creating this site. Mybe can some here suggest a hosp. not too prisey but also SAFE for my sister to to give birth for my twins?? Thanks in advance..

  42. louise says:

    your article is okay. but if you intend to educate anyone who needs to know facts about the top performing philippine hospital, i agree with one comment above that it is better to state your objective basis. example: based on service, price, facility, equipment, type of health service they are good at,management, treatment towards employees, etc, put rankings then get total. in my humble opinion, it makes your article reliable reference to use and quote to anyone who is doing research. and the inputs of your readers can be put in perspective.

    • says:

      Thanks for the very useful insights Louise, they are definitely right in making these article a lot more informative however, I’m sure you will also understand that we have limited resources to be able to come up with a more in-depth research on this subject.

      When the time comes though, we will definitely improve on it.

  43. E says:

    Manila Doctors Hospital is my hospital of choice. I was confined here for 2 weeks a few months ago pero 4 days pa lang ako sa hospital may diagnosis na sila. I had 5 doctors (internal med, hematology, nephrology, gastro and infectious diseases), one for every aspect of the disease. Masayang masaya ako kasi I made the right choice. But I realized that in our country, you really need to have money in order to experience quality healthcare. Walang kwenta yung Health card ko.

  44. Saida says:

    I want the best uroogist doctor?..which hospitals i can find them?

  45. MC says:

    Hi I am looking to helping someone out who has had a firework go off so close to her that she is going deaf and now loosing her speech. I would like to find out a rough cost of this to see if it is possible for me to help. Thankyou for any advice

  46. CJ says:

    hi how about for best hospital for giving birth?

    • says:

      Giving birth is but natural these days so I reckon you don’t need any particular hospital to do that especially if your pregnancy is normal (no complications, etc.). Best consult your OB though to be sure because they will tell you if you need special care during child birth or otherwise.

  47. Aslam says:

    I want to consult the best internet doctor (cardioligist)?..which hospitals where i can find them?

  48. Jaja says:

    Hello everyone! I am planning to go to Manila for my daughter’s ( 11 years old) eczema treatment. She had it since she was 4 years old but only this year it got worse. Which hospital and Doctor can you recommend? Thanks in advance guys!

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    Greetings from World Cardiology and Cardiologist Meeting!!!
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  50. John Kupa says:

    Hello my uncle has mouth cancer so which hospital is good at treating Cancer from the top ten listed above, Anybody??

    • Apple Prieto says:

      Hi! Cancer is a serious condition but St. Luke’s is one of the best hospitals we have in the Philippines, you might want to try it out.

  51. Cassandra says:

    Hi im making a positioning map of hospitals in philippines as my project and i wonder which hospital have a quality service yet less expensive compare to the other private hospitals. Thank you

    • says:

      Hi Cassandar! This is going to be a very difficult question but I do have a somewhat general answer to it that you can use to find local hospitals of the sort. I noticed those hospitals run by Christians/baptists/adventists are pretty advance as they are mostly from the US while the costs are quite reasonable. You should check what hospitals near you are run by these orgs.

  52. Aldo says:

    St Lukes Medical Centre Global City is the best.
    Went there in June 2016 for spine surgery and came back a relieved man. Just everything is first class. More than a 5 star Hotel.

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