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Advanced Archaeology Review Magazine and sponsors announce: The ASEAN Advanced Archaeology Symposium
Balanghai Hotel in Butuan City, the Philippines
April 26 to 30, 2017

Advanced Archaeology Review Magazine is proud to announce the ASEAN Advanced Archaeology Symposium 2017 has been confirmed and will be held at the Balanghai Hotel, Butuan City, in the Philippines. The conference will include Archaeologists, Geologists, Researchers, and Authors from across the world as well as from the Philippines that will be presenting their research on advanced archaeology discoveries, new theories, and discussing new technical scanning equipment that is being used in the archaeology arena.

There will be a demonstration of the new Satellite Radar Scan technology at a nearby dig in the Agusan Del Sur area of the Caraga Region of Mindanao.  The Scan Technology penetrates up to 6K into the earth.  It shows the chambers, materials, minerals, etc. that are there. It is truly  the future of Archaeology and it is highly recommended to attend.

We would like to invite all Universities and Societies with Anthropology, Geology and Archaeology programs in the ASEAN communities of S.E. Asia and Pacific Rim area to join us for this exciting event.

Dr Sam Osmanagich, the Director of the Center for Archaeology & Anthropology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids will be presenting on “Archaeological Tourism” that he has helped to promote in Bosnia helping to substantially  increase tourism incomes for many communities there.  We highly recommend Tourism Directors from all LGU’s from all over SE Asia to attend.

The Balanghai Hotel and Convention Center will have a package deal for all staff and representatives from interested Universities and Societies.

The list of presenters for the conference is now available at: &

For more information please contact:
Bruce Cunningham
Ancient Mysteries International LLC
Email:  [email protected]
Phone: 63 905 355 9891

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