Google I/O Extended Cebu 2017

Are you ready Cebu?

If you think GDG DevFest and Cebu Code Camp was action packed, this year’s I/O Extended Cebu 2017 is expected  to be more awesome and bigger to cater the technology enthusiasts of Cebu. The event is composed of a series of keynotes, talks, Codelabs, and workshops organized by Google Developers Group Cebu (GDG Cebu), a non-profit group of amateurs and professionals in Cebu’s developer community who are passionate about Google technologies. The I/O Extended Roadshow is made possible by its General Sponsor: Google, Event Partners: ASUS and Accenture, In-Cooperation with Kyocera Document Solutions Development​ Philippines Inc., with support from Symph, Event’s Official Internet Provider PLDT InnoLab and its Official Media Partner, PR Works.

The I/O Extended Roadshow will happen in numerous locations in Visayas, starting from Cebu. Comparing I/O Extended Cebu 2015 and 2016, where the number of participants grew from 50 to 500 attendees. This year, GDG Cebu is expecting around 1,000 developers, tech enthusiasts, students and other techie participants.

The theme for I/O Extended Cebu is focused  on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  Other major topics covered will be: Firebase, the Cloud, Material Design, Internet of Things, VR, Android, and 2017’s Web Trends. Local and international speakers  and experts will be imparting their knowledge and experiences with these technologies; sharing information and tips to students, designers, developers and tech-savvy individuals.

Number of participants for this event is limited, and final attendees will receive a confirmation email for further instructions for the event. For more information about I/O Extended Cebu 2017, you can go to their website at or the event site at You may also follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ under GDGCebu.

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