10 Hugots From Boracay’s Rehabilitation

The entire world has lauded Boracay for being one of the most beautiful islands in the world. But what many do not know is that many business owners dig deep to bury the dark secrets that only they can trace. Unfortunately for them, the government is not buying their lies anymore.

While many of us did not agree to the idea of Boracay being closed for 6 whole months, for tourism reasons, its outcome has turned frowns into huge smiles. Boracay is now slowly recovering from human abuse.

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But just a quick update, though, some local and international tourists still have not learned their lesson as trash was seen everywhere just a few hours after the island allowed some visitors in. It seems that responsible tourism is lacking in the Philippines.

Enough with the rant, because today we will be talking about some HUGOTS that we learned from the rehabilitation of the country’s pride.

Only the truest friends will appreciate your healing

They say that you will only know who really cares for you when you are at your lowest. Boracay was indeed a mess, but how many of us really loved the island for its natural pristine beauty, the people, and the memories? Many did not want Boracay to be rehabilitated but there were some who appreciated and approved of its time to heal.

No matter how much beauty you radiate, enemies will try to put you down

Boracay was awarded multiple times for being the way that it was. But instead of maintaining its beauty, many chose to abuse the island and use it to their advantage. Even after its temporary closure, people still throw trash everywhere.

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Moving on takes time

“6 months is too long”, they say. Have you ever tried cleaning up your chaotic room in only 10 minutes? If so, that is not really cleaning, that’s just hiding the dirt under the rug. Rehabilitation includes learning the causes of the problem and fixes each one from the roots.

Some people will only take advantage of you

There are people who will only like you for your looks; for what you are popular for and for what you can offer. Not many really care if you are happy, sad, winning, or losing.

Money is everything for most people

Many of these business owners strongly disagreed on the rehab only because they will lose so much from the business. Sadly, some people only care about what you can give, and not what is best for you.

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While you were gone, your friends were already looking for your replacement

A sad reality is that while people waited for Boracay to re-open, they secretly searched for other islands to go to as a replacement.

One needs to go through pain in order to shine more beautifully

Like Boracay, only then will you be able to appreciate the beauty in every pain once you are out of it. Trust the process and everything else will fall into place wonderfully.

Happiness is deceiving

Not many can see the cuts and bruises that irresponsible tourism brought to the island. They will love you for what they see on the physical, but not on what is going on inside.

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Everybody gets tired, sometimes

There will come a time when you will get tired of giving happiness to the people around you. When that happens, focus on yourself.

You can’t heal yourself

Are you feeling helpless? Ask for help. It is a tough challenge getting back to the way it used to be but with the help of those who truly love you, you will, in no time.

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