10 Strange Ideas You Can Experiment With Durian

Durian is all sorts of stinky and is infamous because of its foul smell. But those who are brave enough to take a taste of this heavenly fruit would know how good it actually is!

The King of fruits can be found in South East Asia, including the Philippines. It is expensive. So if you are lucky to have this fruit grow in your backyard, you can make a unique business out of it!

Here are 10 strange ways to experiment with durian:

Fried Rice

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Durian is very strong in flavor (and smell) and is tricky to use in any dish. It can be too creamy and sticky– which makes it perfect for a sticky fried rice. This concept is not actually new because it already exists somewhere in Singapore and its neighboring countries, but not in the Philippines.


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Since durian is also savory, it can actually go well with savory food. You can create a unique tasting burger by incorporating durian in the patty!



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Give your regular biko a twist by mixing in some durian syrup, mixed in the usual latik. The fruit would give the regular biko a whole new flavor without making it too durian-y. This is also a nice way to promote Filipino food by using a locally-grown produce.


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Turon is made of banana, jackfruit, and a little bit of sugar, wrapped in a lumpia wrapper. You can change the jackfruit into durian and see how it turns out!


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To make the durian chips, thinly slice the fruit and deep fry them under high heat. You can export this by packaging it nicely. You can even make a durian dip if you want!


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Durian’s pungent smell is not friendly especially to the kids. If you want them to eat the fruit without their knowledge, you can add it in a pancake mix! Add chocolate chips for more flavor and texture.


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Making durian coffee is easy. You just need a cup of hot espresso, condensed milk and durian jam! That unique blend will definitely waken up your sleepy senses!


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Durian toppings could be the default idea but why not mix it with the dough to give every bite an exciting flavor? The fruit has very interesting flavors of savory and sweet and others that you can’t explain, maybe it’s a good thing!


Taho is every Pinoy’s favorite breakfast. It is made from soy, caramel, and milk with some tapioca. We currently have the classic, strawberry, and ube but does durian taho exist? Eating durian taho could be a nice introduction to the fruit.

Milk Tea

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Since milk tea is all the rave, why not squeeze a little durian syrup on top of your homemade milk tea? It is a great way to add a Filipino twist to the Taiwanese drink.

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