10 Life Saving Travel Hacks You Need To Know

It can be very expensive to explore the world. Accommodation, food, fare, new clothes, everything can really add up and if you are not wise enough, you will eventually want to break a bank in order to fulfill your travel goals. Traveling to our dream destination sometimes remains a dream for some who have no idea how to use life hacks. Are you one of those who do not bother researching about how to make traveling a lot better? Or are you someone who takes the time to know more about traveling secrets?

Below are just some of the travel hacks that not many people know of, but you will if you scroll down!


Compare airfare

Save up a couple of pesos simply by comparing prices before booking flights online. You can use third-party websites and apps that can do that for you, or go to the cheapest airline first before searching for anything else. There are several other airlines that operate in the country, don’t just settle for the company that you already know.

Hand-carry a huge travel backpack

Do you see those huge backpacks that a lot of backpackers use when they travel? Use that. Not only is it easy on the back, but it also fits all of your stuff as well. You can conveniently tuck it in the carry-on compartment without thinking about losing stuff along the way. Also, if you need a tiny backpack to take with you on your short trips, you can sneak one in, too.

Thrift shopping

Living in a tropical country also means that going to cold places will have us spend a hefty amount on thick sweaters and all things warm. Instead of heading to the mall, try strolling through the nearest thrift shop and try on quality winter clothes for more than have the price!

Roll all your clothes

This trick never gets old. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them nicely and you will be surprised by how much space you are saving just by doing so! You will be able to fit a lot more items in your luggage. Be careful not to overpack, though.

Only pack clothes and shoes that you can mix and match easily

Stick to plain nudes if you want to travel light. Also, only pack shoes that are very comfortable to wear and you know that would be very useful when you walk around the city. Make sure to have some sneakers or rubber shoes in your luggage and also some flipflops.

Bring at least two pieces of 1-piece swimsuit

In case you find an enticing beach unexpectedly, it is just proper to have an emergency swimsuit at hand at all times. This will also help eliminate packing more things in your bag because 1-piece swimsuits can double up as body suits. You can wear them with shorts, skirts or jeans, or alone (only if you are swimming).

Do not book hotels

It’s the best time to travel. Before mobile apps, booking hotels were the biggest thing. But now, you can stay in a nice home with complete facilities with just one click. Also, if you are trying to save money, use Airbnb and Facebook marketplace. You now have more (and cheaper) options than booking luxurious hotels! Remember, you will not be staying in the room for most days so your temporary home needs not to be fancy. Just make sure that the location is safe, accessible, and has a strong Wi-Fi connection.

DIY your itinerary

Instead of booking group tours, plan out your own itinerary and do it yourself. You will save a lot more money, and you get to do whatever because you are in control of your time.

Walk around your block

The best transportation is walking. Try not to book Ubers at times when you really don’t need to. Google your destination to see if it is just walking distance. If not, use public transportation. Also, it is fun to just walk because you get to appreciate the place a lot better than riding a vehicle.

Try the digital nomad lifestyle

If you have not heard of the digital nomad lifestyle yet, it is the rave of this generation– to live a lifestyle without being stuck in an office. This lifestyle is basically just working using a laptop and a stable internet connection. You can work and earn from anywhere in the world; allowing you to work and travel at the same time.

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