The Ultimate Life Hacks for Parents

As parents, you’ve seen firsthand how parenting changed in this time of the pandemic. From lockdowns to travel restrictions, work-from-home setup to online class, and face shields to vaccine cards. It’s like a never-ending trial-and-error, only that you’ve got little ones to consider in every inch of the way.

With millions of to-dos on your list, how do you manage to accomplish tasks – both at work and for the family? How do you squeeze in some ‘me time’? Below are some of the genius life hacks shared by some parents that we thought could be helpful to you as well.

5 Life Hacks for Busy Parents

If you are struggling as well with the demands of parenting in this new normal, know that you are not alone in this journey. Here we have listed a few tips that we hope to help you adapt to these constantly changing times.

  1. Create a schedule.

Plot out what you would want to accomplish for the day – not only for you but as well as for your kids. Creating a schedule will not only keep things organize at home and promote a smooth workflow, it will also enhance the children’s organization and time management skills. Help your children identify the important things that must be accomplished, like online classes and assignments, before allowing them to enjoy the things that they prefer to do. Set time for them to unwind or plan out some recreational activities. You may even include them in food preparation, assign them some household chores, or encourage them to give suggestions on what else can be included in your family schedule.

  1. Communicate with your children’s teachers.

While the intention is to ensure that the children continue to learn despite this pandemic, we have to admit that online learning takes a toll on parents like you. On top of your unending list of household chores, you are now obligated to help your child understand lessons and practice skills that are expected to be learned by them.

By now, you’ve probably learned how challenging it is to teach. Aside from simplifying those abstract concepts, you also have to unearth lessons that you’ve learned decades ago. Instead of stressing yourself with all the thinking, don’t hesitate to communicate with your children’s teachers. Ask them how to go about things and check your children’s progress. Help strengthen your parent-teacher relationship by keeping both ends of the line open. This way, you get to monitor and ensure that your children are learning.

Special note: We know it takes patience to teach. And sometimes it can get frustrating when they tend to not understand what we are trying to teach them. But please don’t answer your children’s module on their behalf. This is also for your children’s good.

  1. Challenge your children to get a reward.

If you find it difficult to get your son or daughter to clean their room, use your cleverness to get them moving. One mother enticed her children to clean the room by telling them that she hid a generous amount of money in the room – and the only way they can get it is to clean, organize, and find it!

  1. Hide candies inside a healthy snack pack.

No matter how many times you warn and limit your kids from eating candies and chocolates, they will always find means to sneak and get more than they are allowed to. Make use of those healthy food packs that you have – say, those beans and vegetable plastics – and place those candy and chocolate stash in them.

  1. Cover your electrical outlets with baby wipes package adhesive.

The news about that two-year toddler who died after inserting spoon in an extension cord must have caused you to worry so much about your children’s safety. To ease your worries, you may utilize the adhesive top of that baby wipes package that you have been using and place them over the outlets that you have at home. This can be a good precaution but also don’t stop reminding your children about safety and precautions at home.

You can also help limit the screentime of your children by introducing physical games and sports to them. Play games alternately and allow them to explore what they are good at. You can also encourage them to read books and reward them once they get to finish them – or after they answer a question related to what they have read.

Life these days maybe a little more challenging but no matter how difficult life may get, there’s always a reason to keep going: your beloved children.

Do you have other life hacks that you have been effectively implementing at home? Share them with us and let’s help other parents manage their homes, especially in this time of the pandemic.

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