10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Creating a list of New Year’s Resolution has somewhat become a habit of ours before starting a whole new year of chances. This season is the best time to jot down our dreams, goals, and how to achieve each of them. Sometimes, our goals may not always be feasible but honestly, nothing is impossible if you believe.

So to start the year, we have listed down a guide for you as inspiration for your own personal goals:

Use less plastic

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All of us are aware of the disadvantages of plastic but unfortunately, completely getting rid of it is hard to do especially now that we use the material on almost everything. However, it is not impossible. We can start using less of the material from our own little ways such as avoiding straw, bringing your own eco bags and keeping a food container handy.

Feed stray dogs

We are not a stranger to seeing poor dogs in the streets, wandering around in search for food and water, and a nice shade they can rest under, right? Living without a home is sad, and although these animals have no choice since they could not help themselves, why don’t we extend our help to them? Take a small bottle and fill it in with dog food. Take it with you all the time so when you spot a hungry dog in the streets, you know you have something to offer.

Be kinder to people

People can be a little too tough to handle sometimes especially when times call for it (e.g. heavy traffic). We burst and yell at everybody when we can’t control our temper. Let’s be kinder to people. Before getting mad, count up to 10, breathe in and out and remember this: What goes around, comes back around.

Start a healthy lifestyle


Avoid eating too much pork and start cooking your greens. Eat more fruits and vegetables, walk around your subdivision and drinks lots of water. A healthy lifestyle also includes mental and spiritual health, so don’t forget to nurture those as well.

Build a business

Not everyone was born business-minded, but we can all start somewhere. Building your own business is even more important than landing your dream job. Why? Because being your own boss means being able to express your creative ideas, produce income from your own sweat and blood and be able to take that legacy with you even after you retire.

Stay away from bad habits and vices

Bad habits such as sleeping late, partying all night and vices such as heavy smoking and drinking are some of the things that you might want to lessen, if not totally avoid. These will do more harm than good so it is best if you start now.

Read more books

Books are and will always be better than most tools for learning. There are so many great books out there, you just have to find your niche– be it learning a new language, knowing how to cook or reading an exciting story– books are good for you.



Not unless you were born a tree, travel! Be it around the world, within your continent or just in your own city, it is always a good time to walk around, explore and see the world from a different perspective. There is always a lesson after every travel.

Be debt-free

Getting loans and other debts are good because they help us in a way, but staying in that position of owing someone money blocks us from feeling free. This year, aim to pay all your debts so that you will be free from bond and you will begin to enjoy life to its fullest.


There are several schools, orphanages, and other charities that are in need of volunteers. Go for it. You are free to help in bathing a rescued dog or feeding children, or even one of those few people the elderlies in the nursing home bid farewell to. It is never a sad experience to be part of somthing bigger.

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