Working on Your Research? Here are Some Legit Sources and References for Your RRL

It’s not there just for requirements. Review of Related Literature serves as the backbone of your study – a quick overview on what is the current knowledge on the topic being studied; a framework upon which the hypothesis is built.

With millions (literally millions in one click!) of results spouted from Google Search, it can be truly overwhelming to dissect through and find out which among the data gathered is legitimate from those that are actually just made up by unauthorized individuals.

List of Online Research Resources for Your Review of Related Literature

In case you’re working on your research and you need more resources for valid studies, here are some of the references that you can freely access:

Probably one of the world’s most voluminous search engines that are dedicated to academic web resources. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine allows you to access more than 240 million documents curated by more than 8,000 content providers. Operated by Bielefeld University Library, even outsiders can access the whole text around 60% of the documents under open access.

Launch in 2003, this community-curated online director indexes a huge list of high-quality, open-access journals. This is maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access and has grown to more than 300 open-access journals.

Find it difficult to navigate through all your resources? Calm down. Get all your references in one place, at the DeepDyve Digital Library. Here, you can access more than 100 million papers, projects, and collaborations coming from Springer, Elsevier, Nature, IEEE, Wiley-Blackwell, and many others.

Education Resource Information Center is a comprehensive and easy-to-use online digital library sponsored by the Institute of Educational Sciences. It provides support to those who are working intently on their studies by making available Internet-based bibliographic and full-text databases of research to inch further the learning and teaching practices, decision-making, and research making.

In case you’re doubting the results, you’re getting from the Internet, you may consider gathering data from Infotopia – a reliable and Google alternative safe search engine that offers free access to information and references related to art, social sciences, social issues, social problems, history, and other community concerns.

This Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations makes available more than 6 million studies that you can access for free. Simply key in the keyword and get all the related studies that you need in just one click.

Aimed to provide a simpler way to broadly search for legitimate and scholarly literature, this Google feature allows you to search studies across many disciplines, including resources coming from articles, theses, books, abstracts, and even court opinions. It literally allows you to access a wide array of publishing formats, like those coming from academic publishers, professional groups, online repositories, and official sites of universities.

This website allows you to search and explore many services, including librarian authors, research content, and research guides from the community of 53,731 librarians in 3,856 libraries worldwide.

The ultimate guide to effective catalog search, LibGen allows you to literally find everything that you need. Not only that you get to access textbooks, articles, and studies across disciplines, LibGen also allows you to download free story books, novels, self-help, fiction and non-fiction materials, and magazines!

Why settle for local research when you can access the researches in other countries, like Ohio’s college and university libraries, including the State Library of Ohio! With more than 65 thousand Master and Ph.D works that you can read and download, you’ll surely get guided on how to move further in your study.

With over 205 million books available for downloads, PDF drive is surely the favorite to-go website of many researchers online. Scanning through the available resources will also not be that taxing for you as there are no annoying ads and download limits that will discourage you from focusing on your project.

The world’s largest website that provides researchers like you unlimited access to scientific documents, such as journals, books, series, protocols, reference works, and proceedings – even those paid researches and books – for free!

Advancing through your students? Read through the science-based theses and diaries for students and researchers alike. Get into the shoes of how professional researchers think and dig deeper into your studies to get the answers that you have been long wanting to get.

With more than a billion sources to access, Refseek allows researchers to gather data from across different directories, including almanacs, atlases, codes, dictionaries, educational videos, encyclopedias, literature, quotations, visual arts, and many other helpful resources.

Last-minute verification? Don’t sweat out. SweetSearch is the ultimate website to go! This website allows you to quickly gather information, by identifying the most relevant findings from a credible and verified list of resources. In one click, you are automatically directed to sources that give you the answers that you are looking for – and keep you protected from unwanted sites that lack academic rigor.

Virtual Learning Resource indexes thousands of the best academic information across verified sites frequented and recommended by teachers and librarians around the world. Enhanced by Google, this website provides researchers, teachers, and students alike the necessary information needed for academic projects in schools and universities.

Get access to more than 60,000 epub and Kindle eBook resources for free! Visit The Project Gutenberg and find the world’s greatest literature that was digitalized and diligently proofread by academic scholars for you to enjoy. For 50 years, students and those who are fond of reading have been able to access all resources without a cost.

Your labor will soon bear fruits. Keep going. You’ll get that research published soon!

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