7 Appliances You’ll Need for Your First Apartment

Moving into your first condo and living on your own for the first time is an undeniably exciting experience. However, keeping track of all the essential items you need to purchase can be stressful if you don’t have a solid plan in place. For one thing, figuring out what furniture, appliances, and supplies to buy is just the first step. Unless you’re one of the rare few with deep pockets, you’ll probably need to decide what to buy first versus what to save for.

When it comes to appliances, it makes the most sense to prioritize functional items that can help you meet your basic needs first. Things like flat-screen TVs and fancy coffee machines may be cool to have, but you’re better off forgoing them until you’re fully settled in. Focus instead on home electronics that you’ll need immediately and will likely use almost every day, such as the following:


Many people fantasize about whipping up elaborate meals in their new apartments, but realistically speaking, you’re probably not going to have the time, energy, or resources to cook from scratch every single day. Meal prep can really eat into a busy schedule, even if you’re only cooking for one. A good microwave can help speed up your food preparation by leaps and bounds and will be especially useful for reheating leftovers.

But how does one go about choosing the right microwave? Googling “microwave oven price Philippines” will probably show you a wealth of options at different price ranges. If you’re just starting out at your new place, there’s no real need to invest in a very big model or one outfitted with fancy extra features. A dependable basic microwave oven with a timer and basic defrosting and heating capabilities should suffice.

Stove and Oven

Of course, you’ll also want a stove for your more involved cooking endeavors, but what kind you get will largely come down to preference. For instance, while gas stoves are typically cheap to maintain and will still work during power outages, they pose some measure of safety risk and will also require you to change the gas tank once it empties. Electric stoves and induction cookers, while they may cost you more upfront, are generally safer and more user-friendly alternatives to gas stoves.

Ovens are another cooking essential that can elevate the quality of your meals and make it easier to cook and eat healthy. But while buying a large stove with a built-in oven makes for an ideal cooking setup, it’s not always feasible if you have limited kitchen space or a relatively small budget. Many people instead choose to buy standalone stoves and ovens that can be stored on countertops or inside kitchen cabinets. If you do choose to get both of these appliances, it makes the most sense to immediately buy whichever one you see yourself using more and save up for the other.


A functional fridge is a must for storing food and keeping it fresh, so you’ll definitely want to buy one as soon as you’re ready to move in. Don’t pressure yourself to get something extravagant or large, especially if you’ll be living alone or are moving into a relatively small apartment. An entry-level two-door fridge will give you the refrigeration and freezer space you need without breaking your bank account. If you keep your fridge organized and clean, it will last you for years.

Air Conditioner

There’s no shame in admitting that it would be difficult to survive condo life with just an electric fan and some open windows, especially in the summer months. Given the Philippines’ unpredictable, often sweltering weather, air conditioning has basically become a necessity for comfortable living. Just a single aircon may suffice for a basic condo unit, but larger apartments with multiple rooms may need two or more AC’s to cool them thoroughly.

As for aircon types, a basic window-type AC unit is probably your most affordable option, but inverter or split-type aircons are worth the investment if you have a bit more to spend. These devices are built for greater energy efficiency, which makes them last longer and will help you save money on electric bills in the long run.

Vacuum Cleaner

As you introduce more furniture into your apartment, you’ll also be creating spaces and crevices where dust can accumulate. A quality vacuum cleaner is a must for keeping your apartment fresh, airy, and free of bothersome dirt and dust. Choose a long, slender model that will allow you to reach and clean tight spaces.

Washing Machine

If you’d like to avoid spending large portions of your income on laundry services but don’t have the time to hand wash all your clothes yourself, a washing machine is a must-have appliance. You’ll always need just one, no matter the size of your household, but it’s important to choose a washer whose size and capacity work for your needs and lifestyle. Those flying solo, for instance, can get by with a compact washer with a capacity of under five kilograms.

Investing in these essential appliances early will help alleviate the stresses of moving into a new apartment and make your life there more convenient and comfortable. Once you have all your basic needs locked down, it will be much easier to enjoy having your own space.

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